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Chapter 13

Ashley was still not breathing but Gregory assured us it’s normal. When a change occurs the body will stop its functioning, the person will seem dead but he’s not. It’ll be like that until that vampire virus fully spread all over her body and would most probably take 3 to 4 days. Gregory took Ashley with them saying that she needed her own kind around her when she wakes up, they were in the city somewhere. William promised to take me there when the pack business is finished.
I personally think he wants to get rid of me.
I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do when setting up a ward. Seriously anyone can place the stupid boards in equal distance. I really wanted to be there when Ashley woke up.

So now I’m currently travelling on William’s car with Nate beside me and Claire next to him and a wolf I didn’t know at the shotgun. Of course William was driving; I really think he doesn’t want me or Nate out of his sight.
Nate tried to talk to me but just nodded half heartedly to everything he said not wanting to talk to him. There’s too much in my head. I closed my eyes and leaned on the window. On I heard Claire ask about dead bodies and William said
“All the dead bodies and drugged people were officially listed run away teens. The drugged people were sent to the hospital, their medical fees were covered by the coven and an additional amount is given to their families for keeping it quiet. The building will be burned down most probably will be a bad circuit in public’s eye”

“What about Ashley” I asked talking for the first time.

“She will be listed dead in the building. Not like we can send her home as a newly turned vampire”
William let out a dry laugh. No one said a word to that even if anyone said I wouldn’t register.
Ashley lost her humanity because I couldn’t save her in time. Now she’s going to lose family, friends and everyone she knew of just because I couldn’t make it in time.
Seeming to notice my Nate took my hand that removed in the next second. He looked hurt but ignored him trying to move away from him pressing to the car door. He didn’t do anything else just looked at me with hurt filled eyes. True, I like Nate but I will not let him to lead me on. I’m grateful of the things he done for me. I will not let my feelings stray again and I perfectly understand stand why he would choose her over me. She was beautiful and was werewolf just like him and more than that she not a demon. I clearly understand that but doesnt undestand why he is giving me attention and calling me his mate. If I was really his mate he wouldn’t have anything to do with Claire who was clearly interested in him. I rested my head on the window; it was just half past one so I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

Someone was carrying me and he was running so fast that I clutched my tiny hands on his shirt for dear life.
“Everything will be alright princess. Papa will save you"
He said pressing my head against his chest and hugging me tight while he ran. He ran through the dark place and I saw the monsters watching from the shadows. Without warming he fell over and in the split moment I snatched away from him.
“Gillian give me my child back”

“Who said she’s yours. She’s mine. My little demon”
The lady who clutched me sneered. I started to cry suddenly missing papa. Papa looked at me desperately. She put me down and was beside papa in instant.

“You think you could steel my things”
She said twisting his hands she grinned at his pain
“How may I kill you lover, how may I kill your dad, dear”
She asked the last to me. I cried even harder scared to move.
“Should it be slow or fast?” She asked him trailing her knife along papa’s hand. He yelped in pain.
"Arghh... I need to feed her”
She said mischievously and grabbed papa’s head twisting it and yanked it off his body.

Someone shaked me furiously I grabbed her arm as fast as could twisting it in the process and she screeched in pain. Someone grabbed me from the side and I instantly recognised him
“It’s all right, I’m here”
he said from beside me and I leaned on him letting go of the hand I grabbed. I slowly opened my eyes to see Claire glaring at me. I was standing in front of the car door facing outwards and Nate was hugging from beside. I must have gotten out of the car when I grabbed her. I let myself calm, my heart was beating furiously and tears streamed out of my eyes. This was the first I saw the man.
Was it just a nightmare or a memory? Was he my papa? Did she really kill him?
Dr.Charles materialized from somewhere and started to look at Claire’s hand which she was gripping in pain but still glaring at me. William had taken a protective stance beside Claire who too was glaring at me. George and Lynn were standing beside them looking at me warily. Looking around, everyone was looking at me with a mix of emotions surprise, anger and mostly fear.

“Nate, it’s ok. I’m fine”
I said turning to look at Nate. He had an unreadable expression on his face, a mask which I couldn’t see through but nonetheless beautiful. Standing near him he looked more handsome. I started to reach for his face and recoiled when I remembered his face when I almost killed Claire. I took a step away from him and looked at him.
“Thank you”
He just looked into my eyes seaming to search something. I broke his gaze and looked at Claire
“I’m sorry”

“Bitch” was the only thing she said walking away with William and Charles hot on her trail. All the people around us parted making way for the trio.
Lynn enveloped me in an instant saying
“I was worried sick about you dear”

“Like someone should worry about someone like me”
Lynn broke her embrace and looked and looked at her. I sensed everyone onlookers starting to disperse leaving Lynn Nate and George.

“What world are you talking about dear? I need to know each and everything happened today”
Lynn said sternly.

I looked around
“Another time, Lynn. When are we going home.”

“We will leave first thing in the morning and there’s something I need to tell you”
And before she could finish what she had to say I heard a familiar voice say.

“And the demon started giving misfortunes to people other than my daughter”
Ian Bingsley approached us calmly from the darkness.

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