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Chapter 15

Nate's house was similar to the pack house, white but decorated by wooden furniture. It too had a perfect homey feeling to it. But unlike the pack house there were pictures everywhere. I scanned as many pictures as I could. There were pictures of Nate in different ages, from toddler to the Nate I knew. There also pictures of George and a woman I didn't had the opportunity to meet, Nate's mom. Nate looked nothing like his mom but her bright blue eyes where a perfect giveaway.

"She's my mom. I'm sorry you couldn't get to meet her. She's in a business trip and will not be coming back until next week."
Nate said coming to stand beside me looking at his mother's picture which I was looking at.

I couldn't help it. I looked him and asked
"Why would you be sorry about it?"

He turned and look at me, narrowing his beautiful eyes like I was some kind problem he couldn't solve and I looked back at him incredulously. He shook his head and said nothing while turning and walking to the kitchen

"And now he gives me the cold shoulder"
I said following him and stood leaning on the kitchen door. He ignored me, busing himself in the kitchen.
"So where's George?"

"Guarding the border"
That's when reality slammed in my face, I'm basically alone with a guy I know I'm attracted and who calls me his mate. Seeming to sense my sudden nervousness Nate sighed
"The bathroom is upstairs, so you could take a bath if you want. Actually, you just must. You smell like dead rat and in the mean time I'll fix something up to eat."

I practically flew up the stairs. Nate called from behind saying something about towels and a new toothbrush in the cupboard. There was a common bathroom upstairs, I entered it and locked it behind me trying to calm myself.
Stripping off my dirty clothes I stood under the shower and felt cold water flow over my body. All my wounds were completely healed but there were dried blood all over me.
Mostly Ashley's blood.
Thinking about Ashley made my heart clench.
If I had been a little faster I could have saved her.
I scrubbed vigorously until the last drop of blood was off of me.
I couldn't do anything for her and him.
The face of the man in my dream flashed through my mind. The man I called papa. Gillian was the spitting image of me, we had same features but for my silver eyes she had dead black eyes. Even if we looked alike I never had any feelings for her. She was just a women who tortured me and happened to look like me. But the man was completely another story. When I saw him I felt a sense of deep longing for him. He looked nothing like me but had my silver eyes. He was handsome.
Was he really my dad? My papa? If he's my papa, did Gilliam kill him? Did he try to save me? From where? Hell?
I had so many questions about him. I wanted to know more about him. I stepped out of the shower and realized I didn't have anything to wear, I inspected my dirty clothes.
Wearing this again would make my bath useless.
I sighed and looked around and found the cupboard full of towel and dried myself. That's when Nate cleared his throat. Judging from the sound and the energy signature I picked up, he was standing right in front of the door. He knocked lightly and said
"I thought you would want some clothes"

I peeked my head out of the bathroom. Nate was standing there with some clothes in his hand. He looked nervous and his face was tinted red. I couldn't help but smile and he froze. I reached and grabbed the clothes and closed the door. Seaming to recover from his frozen nervousness he said
"I couldn't find anything that fit you. So that's one my old clothes. I think it would fit you"
With that heard him scrambling away. True to his words there was an old sweater and loose pants clearly small for Nate but slightly large for me.
I stepped out of the bathroom fully dressed, put my dirty clothes in the washer and walked back to the kitchen. I raised my eyes when I saw 2 whole plates of chicken, noodles and many other dishes.
"What? Did you really think I never saw you eat?"
I smiled and sit down on the chair and started eating and saw him sit down opposite to me, starting to eat himself.
"So why do you wear contact lens at college?"

"It would decrease the attention. No one would look at a girl who looks ordinary"
I said without thinking and couldn't help but pause. I have never been this open to anyone other than Lynn. But when it comes to him, I just couldn't resist spilling everything to him.
Was this the magical effect of being mates?
Then it had some major privacy issues.
Oh well Nate already know everything so I guess it's fine.
My eyes were far from normal, it's not grey, it was perfect silver and once Lynn said the specs in my iris shined sometimes. She said she loved it but I was basically spooked, so she spelled the contact lens for me but I choose the colour.

"But you're far from normal"

"And that's precisely why I wanted to look normal"

We talked more and I kept diverting the subject back to him. After we finished he declared that I needed to rest and he wanted to wash the dishes in peace.
Wash the dishes in peace really?

Ignoring him, I collected the plates and moved towards zinc but he defiantly blocked the way. Trying to dodge him was a waste of time; he's kinda double my size. So I did the classic move.
I trail my fingers over his jaw downwards and look at him seductively.
"Are you saying no to me"
I feel his heart racing and his breadth getting caught. His eyes flash yellow, I could sense him stiffen but I continue trailing my finger. Over his chest and down his belly completely forgetting why I started this. I start to put my hand under his shirt when he quickly caught my hand and hold it close to his heart.
"So you want to play dirty, then let's play"
The mischief in his eyes was my only warning before he threw me over his shoulder and ran. I couldn't see where we were going so I screamed playfully. In seconds I was thrown to bed and he was on me, tickling me. I laughed out; I don't remember when I last laughed like this or if I ever laughed like this but laughed until I was in tears. I opened my eyes and looked at him when he stopped tickling me. He was still on me looking at me intensely slightly panting. He blue eyes held so much intensity that I just stared. He then lowered his head and kissed me; igniting fire all over my body I trailed my hand down his back and started to pull off t-shirt. He pulled away from me and looked with the same intensity.
"Are you sure about this, Robin"

Everything went blank when he said my name, I couldn't think, I wanted him. He was mine, my mate, my wolf. I moved upwards kissing his lips as hard as I could. I saw his eyes flash yellow and he kissed me back pressing his body against mine.

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