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Chapter 16

I woke up to Nate’s soft snores. He looked peaceful lying on his back. He had his hand around me making me place my head over his shoulder. I leaned over and kissed his neck. He smiled without opening his eyes and turned towards me enveloping me in his arms.
“I love you, Robin”

I stayed still didn’t wanting to wake him, he needed his sleep. Yesterday or today, we both fell asleep something after 4 am and the bedside clock showed 7. I lay there until his heartbeats where even again and slipped out of his grasp. I put on the t-shirt he was wearing yesterday and resisted the urge to sniff it like a complete hypocrite.
Washing my clothes and drying it in the washer, I changed into it after cleaning up. Yesterday after all, we didn’t wash the dishes, so I started washing the dishes and heard Nate scrambling down. He only had his pants on which I maybe responsible for because I put his t-shirt in the washer. Not like I would complain, he had perfect godly body with his completely ripped muscles.
“I didn’t mean to wake you up”
I said openly ogling him head to toe. He smiled and sat down at the kitchen table facing me. I think he was still half asleep. I could feel him studying me
“You’re so rude, Robin Bingsley”

“Why is that?”
I asked completely enjoying his half asleep state. Finishing the dishes I started to make coffee for us.

“You know,... it is rude to leave a naked man alone in bed”
I gave him the coffee and sat opposite to him on the table. He still had his eyes on me. I kept my eyes on him, sipping my coffee, he had a mischievous glint in his eyes
“So you have punishment, Robin Bingsley”
In the same instant George burst into the house followed Dr.Charles making me freeze. I really think he like this, bursting into house. He looked around and focused on us. Dr.Charles smiled at us.

“What did I told you about manners, dad. You should at least knock”
Nate yelled at George. George had a stern expression on him.

“I want to ask the same thing to you, son”
George said eyeing shirtless Nate who was busy glaring at him. I was frozen in place.
What am I supposed to do?
I never had any family experience. My only family I truly remember is Lynn and her father who hates me.
Should I start talking casually?
Should I announce myself?
Should I just stand here and listen?
My mind was reeling with questions when Nate touched my arm
“Robin, calm down. This is not an interview. Dad is being the typical daddy werewolf, overprotective and all”
He air quoted when he said the last part.

Seeming to catch on to something George gave me an apologetic smile
“I’m sorry, Robin. I never mean to scare you. I’m completely happy for you two. Finding a mate is a hard job, but you found him when he needed you the most and gave him an another life for which I’m completely grateful for”

“Oh... I’m sorry. I never meant to make this awkward and saving Nate is possible the only good thing I ever did”
I said thinking about Lynn who wasted her life for me, Ashley who I could have saved and finally my papa.

“Robin, don’t worry. I know you will not do anything bad intentionally”
I looked at Nate, he looked concerned. Dr. Charles who was standing beside George literally flew forward and grabbed Nate’s shoulders making Nate look at him.
“Nate, did you hear what she was thinking”

“What? I’m not a mind reader Charles”
Nate said

“No, Nate I asked if you could hear her thoughts” Charles asked again emphasizing his question.

“It’s not full thoughts, just emotions.”
What? Did he just say that he could hear my thoughts?

“What about you, Robin”
Charles asked

“I don’t hear anything”
Rather getting highly possessive of him. I don’t know anything about him.

“That’s completely normal dear. Mate bond gradually get stronger and stronger as time passes. That’s when they’ll start hearing each other’s thoughts. Only a handful of mates are there, whose bond is strong enough to hear each other’s thoughts. It’s extraordinary for anyone to hear each other’s thoughts but I don’t know if it should be considered extraordinary for an extraordinary case like yours”

“Care to explain, Charles”
George asked completely focused on him.

“Oh everything is extraordinary for them. Firstly our Nate always had a werewolf’s physique and he couldn’t change. He was infected and shifted at the same time but is still alive and completely fine. Robin is also is a special case, even if it was her mate, she managed to save a traumatized werewolf, hurt another werewolf to an extend she couldn’t change, then carried a full grown girl around like she weighed like a feather”

Nate was about to say something when Luca charged into the house and looked at George
“We have a problem”

Luca didn’t gave any details but I saw him talking to George in hashed tones which I couldn’t make out. So currently we are following Luca to the pack boarder with a fully dressed Nate and Charles hot on our trial.
When we got there I saw Lynn and Ian inspecting one of the boards of the ward. Looking closely I saw there were scratch marks on it. Further from them, I saw William and some other wolves inspecting the ground which looked like something burned there. I stopped short when I saw precisely what they were looking at, there were bones. There were bones on the ground which I didn’t get any energy signature from.

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