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Chapter 17

William and Ian confirmed that the ward was not breached but the guard there stepped out of the ward with his own accord.
Must be to investigate the scratches.

Lynn’s face lit up when she saw but became high alert when Ian turned to me. His hate filled gaze washed over me, then at Nate and he got back to whatever work he was going.
I sighed
I really had no time to deal with this.
Ian was talking to William which was immediately joined by George and Luca. Lynn was crouched down beside the board. Nate and I walked near Lynn, I crouched down near her and inspected the board. Nate sniffed the air and walked in the direction of the bones.
I watched him walk away and then looked back at the board. It had multiple scratch marks like something intentionally scratched it with its nail. Lynn was watching me the whole time.
“Got anything?”
I asked without taking my eyes off the board.

“I think it tried to get in”
Lynn said waiting for my response.

“Did you or anyone touch this after the incident, Lynn”
I asked pointing at the board.

“No, I don’t think so. They all treated the place like a crime scene.”
Lynn looked at me expectantly I inspected the board carefully. Being a witch Lynn can sense the energy around her but not as me. Sensing and seeing energy was always been my specialty. It was like a second vision to me, I practically lived with it.

“Then I don’t think we are dealing with one, there is a total 4 energy signatures on it. I suspect one was the guard’s.”
I think all the werewolves present here heard it loud and clear because they all turned to look at me in unison. Ian didn’t hear it so he looked at them then at me in confusion. I stood up following the residual energy I picked up from the board. It leads to the burned ground. I saw Ian approaching Ashley in my peripheral vision but never turned away from the trial. I sensed every eye on me. Nate was near the bones. The bones didn’t have any energy like it was hollow but there was residual energy surrounded it.

“Brian’s scent end here”
Nate said when I came near him. I think the guard’s name was Brian

“The residual energy leads to the woods”
I said pointing to the direction energy went.

“How do you know that?”
George asked completely intrigued.

“There is an energy trial leading in that direction.”
I said nodding at it, not giving any more information than that. George looked at me then at Nate who just shrugged.
I looked at Lynn and she stated
“I saw the trail too but wanted Robin to confirm it, but I never thought there would be more than one”

“Should we follow it?”
William asked talking for the first time.
I think he does not like the idea one bit.

“No, it would be suicidal. We only know 3 came here yesterday and tried to breech the ward. Heaven knows how many are there in its den.”
Ian stated not liking all the attention I’m getting.

Lynn and Ian went to collect more supplies for hyping up the ward. I volunteered on guarding the border with Luca and team. Olivia brought food for all of us; she was like a mama bear. Nate and George were busy with Nate’s initiation. Hell if I know what it is, Lynn just taught me the basics of supernatural. Details which are available for everyone but initiation is an inside detail. I, Lynn and Ian are invited so I have to wait and see. The function will be held tomorrow at noon. George was reluctant to do the function because the current condition of the pack but William insisted because it would be like crime against other pack if they didn’t announce a new wolf in the pack.

I walked through the boarder. Luca’s team consisted of 4 werewolves other than. They skilled and was on high alert. All their movements where calculated, they were spread out throughout the boarder. I think after yesterday incident Luca picked out his most skilled people in his team. He never considered me in his team, so everyone had their own designated area to secure and I had nothing.
I’m officially free to do anywhere I want. Ironic but I’m regretting why I volunteered.

Currently now I’m mopping, laying on my back on the ground. There was a female in the Luca’s team, I saw her eyeing me and I saw a tad bit jealousy in her eyes.
Why would she be jealous of me?
She looked athletic but pretty too; every she-wolf looked beautiful. I really don’t want to think about Claire, she looked downright angelic but athletic at the same time.

“What’s her problem?”
I mumbled to myself and thoughts about all things happened to me and mainly the dream, the man.

Who was he?

He didn’t look like he belonged in hell. He looked like human but beautiful. He didn’t use any supernatural power when he tried to save me or confronting with Gillian and I really didn’t know the whole story.

Determined to do something, I sat up and walked up to Luca and said my goodbyes. Luca was more than happy to let me leave. I didn’t mind it because I had bigger things in my mind.
I found Nate in the auditorium, finding him was easy like I knew he was there. The auditorium was at the centre of the pack near the pack house, it was a white building but people were decorating it. I think the initiation function will be held here.
I stood at the entrance watched him silently; he was talking to George maybe arguing about something. He looked beautiful from afar; I soaked up each and every details of him.
Even if I look like a complete stalker, I couldn’t help it. Mine...
Seeming to sense me Nate turned and looked at me. He gave me a seductive smile and my heart just stopped for a moment. Nate turned and said something to George who looked at me and smiled warmly. I couldn’t help but return the gesture; he looked so much like Nate. He then nodded at Nate who to walk towards me. He intertwined his hands with mine and said

“Let’s get out of here, Robin Bingsley”

We exited the building and walked to the back where there was no one in the immediate vicinity. I watched him, he looked perfectly composed leading the way, his messy brown hair shined with the sun and his muscles contracted and retracted when he moved. In the next instant I was backed against the wall Nate’s eyes shined yellow and he gazed me hungrily.

“You are driving me crazy Robin Bingsley”

“How much?”

Smiling at the effect I had on him.

“Wanna know?”

I saw mischief in his eyes he kissed my collar bone ignite sparks between us and he pulled away taking a step back making distance between us. My heart tore with the sudden distance between us. I clenched my pain when I remembered why I was here.

“I’m stepping out for some time and won’t be back till evening”

All the mischief in his eyes were washed off in an instance and was replaced by a stern expression

“I’ll come with you”

“No you can’t, George needs you here”

Nate took a step near me, pressing his forehead to mine.

“I sometimes hate it when you’re right Robin Bingsley”

Then his lips crashed on mine, hard and deep, pressing his body against igniting fire between us.

I messaged Lynn that I’m leaving the pack and will be back at evening, she asked where I was leaving and I lied saying I was going to meet one my friends. I told Nate the truth that I going to do some research about my lineage. He didn’t asked too much questions about it but promised me he will join the search when tomorrow’s function is over. I think he knows that I’m uncomfortable with the topic. He gave me his car keys which I’m currently riding on.

Time to find some answers.

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