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Chapter 20

I grabbed Amy’s wrist and threw her, letting her crash on the wall. Father was still alive but unconscious and I looked back at Amy. She stood up; her hand seemed out of place, maybe broken. There were multiple wounds on body, old ones and new ones. A normal girl would never stand up like that baring this much wounds.

“I never seen you coming” She said with a voice that didn’t belong to her.

I studied her carefully; she was completely in control of the demon.

“You’re the half-breed, aren’t you?” it asked letting its eyes roam through my body.

Half-breed it was the same thing the demons say in my nightmares and Lynn confirmed that I’m one but does this demon know me?

“Do you know me?” I asked looking straight at her.

“Yes... everyone knows about you, half-breed. Mylady will be coming for you”

“Who” I asked completely intrigued and it laughed at that, a high pitched laugh that made me shiver.

“It must be good to have a body that could roam through any worlds. What would it taste like, must be good. Should I test all the rumors floating around?”

It mused eyeing me hungrily.

“What rumors”

“Your blood could heal any would and person who would drain you’d possible become an immortal.”

It charged at me, jumping high up but I grabbed Amy’s hands and fell on the bed beside father spinning in the air to pin her beneath me and she flaied and kicked. Father opened his eyes to see Amy screaming at him in an ungodly voice, he yelped and scrambled to the side of the bed and took in the scene. He searched the bed and found the little bottle of water which must have fell on the bed when he landed on the bed. He started to pray in a hashed voice and splashed the water on her. She screamed and kicked with more force.

“That’s the last drop of holy water I had”

Father said looking at me; I was still looking at her. The demonic energy separated from her human energy for a second and was attaching back to it.

“Grab her legs”

I commanded and father scrambled off the bed, grabbing legs stopping it from kicking me. I manured her two little hands into one of my hands and moved to sit on her side placing my hand on her chest. I started absorbing the demonic energy, it resisted first but flowed into me. Amy screamed once but fell unconscious when the last of the demonic energy left her. I carefully detached myself when her human energy started to flow to me. I fell on my back on the bed staring at the roof. Demonic energy was coursing through me, I could sense the darkness inside rejoicing and the light inside me dying. I concentrated on the last bit of light I had. It looked like papa’s silver eyes and I tried to grab on it. Something clicked and the light started glowing burning the darkness. The darkness fought back but the light was rapidly burning the foreign dark energy. I opened my eyes and looked at the father who was saying something; his eyes bulged when he focussed on me. He scrambled back and ran towards the door. I looked at the kid whose energy signature was rapidly decreasing. I bit my finger and tasted the stealy taste of blood and shoved my finger into her mouth. I saw her energy increasing rapidly and my wound mending back. Father was still unlocking the door. I moved and grabbed the shard of glass which was still in Amy’s hands and cut my finger a bit too deep and shoved it back in her mouth. I saw her dislocated hands mending back and her scars disappearing, father’s too busy unlocking and opening the door to notice this. He opened the door to reveal Mark, Mark’s wife, Rudy waiting at the door. Mark moved past father and shoved my hands off his daughter and I let him for Amy was completely healed, even her scars had faded. He took her in his arms and started inspecting her. Amy’s mother was by their in a second, taking her in her arms and kissing her rapidly.

“She’s asleep” I said still dizzy.

“Her wounds?” mark asked focused on me.

“Healed” I said standing up, my head was spinning

“Thank you” he said and I wanted to say something but my head was spinning. I scrambled out of the room, everyone moved out of my way but I fell face first on the floor. Rudy grabbed me and helped me up but I shook his hand away and glared at him. I walked down the stair gripping the railing and scrambled out of the house. It was still noon and the sun glared at me. I looked forward and saw Nate running towards me, his brown hair was shinning and moving with the wind. He looked so beautiful running towards me and I smiled at him. Everything went dark and I felt strong hands enveloping me.

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