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Chapter 21

I was running through the remains as fast as I can. I knew she was following me. She won’t let me go. My breadth get caught when the laughter from behind. Fear rose from my core but I kept running. My leg twisted and hit face first on the floor. Blood streamed through my face but I didn’t have the time to inspect it. I tried to run but searing pain coursed through my leg making me fall again. I crawled and hid behind the rock. I covered my mouth with my both hands but my heart was beating too loudly. Tears and blood streamed down my face.

“Come out , where ever you are”

She said with a playful voice. She was playing with me or rather playing me.

“Come out, come out, come out.”

Something bit me on the side, I yelped and looked at it. I turned back and came face to face with the grinning face of her. I screamed.

I woke up screaming.
I grunted and opened my eyes to see an unfamiliar room. Sitting up I quickly checked in the house and it had 3 energy signatures, 1 was not moving and was bellow me, so I suspect I’m on the second floor and 2 were approaching me rapidly. I immediately recognised the two, one I somehow just knew who and the other I used to sense from my childhood. Minutes later, Nate politely opened the door and Lynn came through the door. Lynn nodded her thanks to Nate who closed the door and followed her.
She stood stock still when she saw me and Nate looked.

“Please don’t tell me I was out for years”
I said with a mock concerned voice.

Lynn charged and enveloped me in her arms.
“You scared me, dear and no, you weren’t out for years.”
She said releasing me and sitting next to me.

I gave her a nervous laugh and said
“Sorry about that”

“You were screaming earlier”
Nate said standing next to me with his arms crossed.
What’s with the attitude?

I said watching him, he was awfully quiet and it somehow hurt me. He was wearing a Navy Blue shirt and light blue jeans.

“What did you see”
Lynn asked completely ignoring the tension. I looked at her, she looked concerned.

“Its nothing really, me running, someone chasing. Classic nightmare”
Lynn narrowed her eyes and I felt Nate’s boring a hole into my head.

That when I remembered why I’m on bed in the middle of the day and asked
“How’s Amy”

“Amy is completely fine, dear and I must say her family, the father and your friend is completely intrigued by Amy not even having any wounds or even scars”

“My bad”

“Did anyone see you giving blood to the child, Robin”

“No, I made sure the father was not looking who was with us in the room, why did you ask”

Lynn looked at me for sometime and said
“Robin, remember what I taught you about healers, they very rare and seen to become root of even wars. You must take your power seriously.”

“Would you tell me everything that happened there, Robin”
Lynn asked and I told her everything leaving out the part where I talked to the demon.

Lynn carefully heard everything and smiled
“You did the right thing standing up for the child.”

She kissed me on the forehead and stood up and said
“I’m need to ward finish the ward and Robin, you should call your friend. I assured him that you were alright but he looked concerned.”


“Call me if you need anything”
Lynn said while turning

“Sure, thanks”
I said waving at her.
Nate followed her saying goodbye to her.
He closed the door and looked at me. I looked back defiantly.

“What’s with the attitude?”
I asked staring into his bright blue eyes.

“What were you thinking going into a room haunted kis possible demon with no backup. You should atleast pickup the phone”
He said looking down at me with his hands crossed.

“You called?...”
He didn’t answer to that but threw my phone into my lap.
My phone was a small keypad phone which I only used because of Lynn.
True to his words there were 32 missed calls from Nate, 20 from Lynn and 12 from George.
“I guess you did, but you didn’t need to worry I had the situation under control”

“Situation under control? You were unconscious when I got to you. There thugs watching the car you’re traveling which you left in front of the public library”
Arghhh... I actually forgot about the car and the thugs must be Will and his minions.

This was getting annoying. Is he saying that I should leave the child until I got backup? Or is it about the car?
“Look I’m not a child and I don’t need a babysitter. All my life I have been doing everything myself and perfectly capable of continuing it. If this is all you have to say then you can leave”
He looked hurt but didn’t say anything and stormed out opening the door hard I think it broke. My heart tore seeing him walk away from me and my head reeled. Tears streamed out from my eyes and wiped it away vigorously. I don’t remember when I last cried like this. But in some of my nightmares I remember crying.

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