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Chapter 22

I go through the events happened in last few days. Everything happened in high speed and I’m now bed ridden.
Ha! Not practically but literally I’m now in bed. Nate stormed out of the room I was in. I still don’t know where I’m precisely but I know that this building is in the pack ground by looking through the window. This is not Nate’s house which I slept in yesterday. I’m highly suspecting this was the guest house George guided Lynn and Ian into after I twisted Claire’s hand.
Arhhh that was a fine memory.
Hey don’t judge I’m actually half demon.
Nate is angry with me will she take advantage of this.
Nate, he didn’t come back and I’m starting to miss him. His scent, his nearness, his laugh, his beautiful face, his beautiful body, his playful touches, everything but the image that doesn’t fade from my mind was the hurt filled look he gave me when I told him to leave. I lay there staring at the sealing. I cried for hours but Nate didn’t come back and I didn’t go to him too.
I let out a cracked laugh when I remembered; thinking about Nate had kept me from thinking about my problems.
I sat up still having his hurt filled face plastered in my mind.

He doesn’t deserve a life where he has to constantly worry about his mate who possible could attract trouble
And I can’t seem to stay away from trouble.
I love him too much...
And I laughed, tears threatened to stream out again.
Why am I thinking about loving him when I’m planning on leaving him?

I crawled out of bed and walked straight to the attached bathroom. I let the cold water flow over me.

I have sort things out with Nate.

I had found a bag of my clothes in the dresser.
Lynn must have put it there.
I opened the bag only to see some fitted designer jeans and tank tops.
This was why I never let Lynn pack for me.
I looked through each of the clothes and spread it out all over the bed. I sighed; there was no sign of my baggy sweaters.

And why did pack this much clothes, was she planning not go back to the apartment?

I took the black fitted jeans and a grey tank top which I thought was not too flashy.

I sensed that no one was in the house, so I walked straight to the kitchen. There was food filled in 2 plates. I smiled and digged in
I would never let Lynn pack for me but would always let her make food for me.

I felt dizzy but shook my head and walked out of the house after cleaning up the plates. Nate was nowhere to be seen but I saw Lynn working outside the ward, near the woods. I smiled and cloaked myself, I heard someone take surprised breath but Lynn didn’t hear it, too enthralled in her work.

“Whatcha doin?”
I slurred after sitting just behind her. Lynn yelped and jumped unceremoniously and shrieked

“You scared me”
She said looking at me holding on to her chest. True to her words her heart was beating rather vigorously and I gave her a toothy grin. She narrowed her eyes at me, seeming to study me and I narrowed my eyes at but was not able to concentrate on her

“Are you okay Robin?”
I stood up abruptly making my head spin and started to fall when Lynn grabbed me

“I’m perfectly alright Lynn, I feel lightheaded but I’m fine”
I said untangling myself from her.

“I think you need more rest, Robin”
She said still studying me. I pouted but it made her all the more worried.

“Okay, I’ll rest. No need to act all mama bear”

“I’ll go with you”
She started to guide me but I grabbed her wrist making her stop.

“No, I need to find Nate and I’ll go straight to bed after that”

“Okay, I saw him going back his house.”

I slurred patting her head and grinning.

“Are you sure you don’t need me to come with you?”
Lynn asked, concern written all over her face.

“Yup, 100 percent”
I said making a heart symbol with my hands and walking to the direction where I thought Nate’s house was. Everything was spinning, I didn’t seem to place where Nate’s house was but I could sense him.
Like a bright sun in the dark path.

I walk up straight to a house I thought was Nate’s. Sure enough Nate was in there. The front door was locked from inside and I sensed another energy signature inside the house.
Probably George.
Not wanting to engage in a conversation, I cloaked myself and jumped in through the open window. George was cooking something in the kitchen humming to himself. I sneaked towards the second floor where I sensed Nate was. Sure enough the shower was running and I could sense who was under it. I could stand still my movements was slurring and I saw dark edges growing in the side of my vision.
I slipped into the bathroom locking it behind me. Nate was in the glass bathing area. Steam covered the glass making it hard but I knew my wolf was behind it.
I didn’t know why but I couldn’t stand still. I gripped the railing of the zinc and turned towards the mirror. Silver eyes moved round and round in front. I turned my body facing the mirror still gripping the railing and shook my head vigorously. I focused on the image in front of me and I saw her.
Her dead black eyes bored into mine and she grinned, the grin that tortured me all my life.
I yelped and stepped falling into the strong hands I was all too familiar with. I sensed him sniff and straightened me without taking his hands off me. I think he knew that I couldn’t stand by myself.

“You shouldn’t be here, Robin”
He said in a deep voice that made me cringe. I scrambled away him and leaned on the glass. He was wearing nothing but a towel covering his privates. I watched muscles flex, he looked beautiful that I couldn’t stop staring.
I sensed darkness enveloping my vision. Not wanting to lose sight of him I reached to touch his face only to go off balance and fall forward.

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