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Chapter 23

I distinctly remember my name being called by Nate, the heat spreading over my palm and foot when he desperately rubbed it with his hands, him carrying me and placing me somewhere but staying close to me.

“Robin, wake up!!!”
He screamed beside me. I opened my eyes to see a completely worried Nate leaning over me and I saw George entering the room followed by Dr Charles and a very worried Lynn. Dr. Charles removed Nate from above me and I heard him let out a low growl but obeyed the doctor. For some reason I couldn’t respond to anything, my body felt numb. It felt like my body was suspended in darkness, drifting aimlessly in the abyss.

I woke up feeling the familiar presence beside me. Nate was sitting on the chair beside the bed holding my hand with his 2 hands. He turned and looked straight into my eyes. A familiar warmth coursed through me making me smile.

He started stroking my hands and said

I looked around to see the infirmary that Nate took me when we first met.
This is ironic...

“What happened”
I asked starting to sit up, I felt groggy after the long nap but otherwise I felt completely fine even the dizziness was gone. Nate helped me up and I let him. I was completely capable of sitting up myself but totally missed his presence and I think he knows it too.

“You were poisoned”

I asked not believing what he was saying.

“Precisely what he said, Robin”
Dr. Charles said entering the room closely followed by a female nurse. I never seen her before but from her energy signature I knew that she was a werewolf. She looked like she was in her late twenties. She was holding a clipboard and was eyeing me like I was some kind desert completely ignoring Nate who had tensed up.

“I don’t understand”
I said focusing on the doctor. He had started inspecting me and said some medical things to the nurse. She was scribbling everything on her clipboard.

“It’s like someone deliberately tried to kill you. I first thought that it was the side-effect of the exorcism thing you did, this noon but Lynn confirmed, that you’re completely fine after you woke up and looked sick hours after it. She was the one who found out that the food she made for you was poisoned and she suspects that someone did it.”

I asked knowing the answer myself. There were precisely 3 energy signatures when she woke in that house. Lynn, Nate and another human signature but slightly perked up like Lynn’s. I was completely sure that Nate and Lynn would never do anything that would hurt me.

“I’m sorry to say this but we are suspecting Ian”
Dr. Charles said confirming my suspicions.
The old man won’t give up.
For some reason I didn’t felt angry.
He did it because he thought it’ll be good for his child.
A voice in my head said.

“Where is he now?”
Nate focussed on the doctor and he let go of my hand starting to stand up but I caught his hands making him look at me.

“Nate, stop”
I said focussed on him and he turned his furious gaze at me
“What? Are you telling me to ignore the bastard who tried to kill you?”

“Nate, I know he’s a pain but...”
Lynn burst through the door before I could finish my sentence.

“I’m sorry for the intrusion”
She said coming to stand beside me. I looked at her in awe when she announced herself like she owned the place but my heart squeezed seeing her smudged red eyes.

“It’s okay, Lynn”
I said looking at her and I sensed Nate’s furious gaze boring a hole into my head.

“No, it’s not okay, Robin. What he did today is unforgivable”
Lynn said looking at me with determination in her eyes.
“And don’t worry about anything, dear. I took care of everything”

I narrowed my eyes at her and asked
“What did you do, Lynn”

“It’s nothing dear, but I’ll assure you that dad will do no harm to you and that’s all the answers you’re getting now. You need rest”
I felt the confidence in her tone and that made me more suspicious. Ian was a cunning man and he’s not the type to take orders. Especially orders like leaving his only child alone with a demon. Lynn was hiding something and I need to find it out.

“How is she now?”
Lynn asked looking at Dr. Charles.

“She’s fine, completely perfect. If you brought her here now saying that she was poisoned I wouldn’t even believed it”
Dr. Charles said looking at me in awe.

“It’s all thanks to you, doctor”
Lynn said smiling and I felt that Nate was listening intently.

“No, its no thanks to me. She healed all by herself”

“What are you talking about, she was unconscious when I brought her here”
Nate asked now completely enthralled in the topic. I think he forgot that he was angry with me.

“Care to explain, Rebecca”
Dr. Charles said looking at the lady nurse.

She cleared her voice and said
“I was the one who took her blood sample when Nate and Lynn brought her here and there were minute particles of the poison Lynn was saying. It was not enough to make the patient faint like that. So I took another blood sample and tested it to find no sign of the poison. I was intrigued but Dr. Charles told me about the patient’s rapid healing ability. So I’m suspecting that her healing ability was suppressed for some time.”

“How could she suppress...”
Nate started asking questions to her when I looked through the window. It was dark peace full night but a small sound was nagging me. It was never loud but when I concentrated on it, it felt like scratching sound.

I nudged Nate and asked
“What’s that sound”

All the conversation went down and the werewolves in room stilled and listened. From look on their faces I think they heard it too. Lynn was watching everything carefully. Nate moved slowly to the window without making any sound. Dr. Charles did the same following him and Rebecca took a protective stance beside us. I was watching Nate carefully and saw his eyes bulge and a new emotion cross through his eyes. Fear...

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