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Chapter 24

Nate looked at me once and then charged out of the window changing in mid air leaving the doctor flabbergasted. I ran towards the window, the doctor immediately moved to the side making room for me and I saw my wolf running towards the border. I felt myself getting angry when I saw what he was running towards. George was lying unconscious just outside the border and a thing was over him. I immediately recognised the thing when I saw George’s energy rapidly following into it.
I jumped out of the window following my wolf; Charles tried to catch me but was too slow that he couldn’t even touch me. My golden wolf blurred past the border biting and throwing the wendigo off George. He nudged George with his huge head who was still unconscious. The wentigo stood up effortlessly, it had a human like figure with a head, legs and hands but was completely white and translucent from head to toe. It had big black eyes, a mouth and holes for nose and ears. It had no features to know its gender. Its movements were so fast that I didn’t even see it move. It charged and sliced my wolf who was busy trying to wake George. Its long white nails sliced his flesh and he fell to the side with 4 long gashes on his side. Blood started streaming out of it, staining his beautiful golden fur and I flipped out. Anger rose from my deep core and I charged. It noticed me when my fist connected its face making it slam on the nearest tree.
I looked back at my wolf who stood up looking at me and was now dragging the unconscious George into the ward. He looked completely in pain.
I need to heal him.

I looked back coming face to face with the lean chest of the wentigo which seeming taller than me and the back of its palm connected my face and I went flying, crashing into the ground. Before I could open my eyes it grabbed my leg and threw me like a rag doll making me crash far on the ground I felt my bone breaking but it started rebuilding itself in an instant. The thing was on me in the next instant absorbing my energy. I felt my healing stop and saw my energy flow from me to it. I lay there unmoving, my broken bones remained broken.

Everything stopped and my healing restarted when giant claws dug into its white skin. My wolf gripped it in his mouth and shook it like a rag doll.
I slowly stood up, my broken bones was still mending. I started to walk to them but stopped in mid second when I sensed more energy signatures similar to the one Nate was dealing with. Lurking in the darkness, watching. I looked around counting,
One, two, three, four.
This is bad

I looked at Nate in alarm; he threw the wentigo and looked at me, an understanding look crossing his face.
The one he threw stood up without having any damage and practically blurred to latch on top of my wolf with its nails. Before he could respond, 2 more latched on him from either side. I moved to them, before I could do anything 2 more came in front of him. I kicked one in front of him making it crash to the side but in the same instant another caught my throat lifting me to the air. It started absorbing my energy and I tried to will it back but couldn’t concentrate cause’ I was busy gasping for air. I punched and kicked but there was no use. It was not even feeling any of my hits, my energy was rapidly flowing into it and I saw its energy getting intensified. The force in my struggle started to decrease and stopped completely. I closed eyes when I felt the last drop of my energy flow into it. I felt myself drifting into the darkness which somehow seemed familiar.

I let myself relax, enveloped in the emptiness but it was short lived when energy started flowing into me making me open my eyes in surprise. The thing holding me was equally surprised for it to loosen its grip for one second and that’s all I needed. I grabbed its hand with both hands and twisted, making its whole body bend backwards.

I landed on dried ground, the trees and the ground around me was rapidly dyeing out. Energy was flowing from them to me till they die. I interrupted the flow and concentrated on the thing in my hands, it was not struggling. Bend down in this inhumanly position; it didn’t look like it was in pain. It was trying to absorb my energy again which I successfully stopped when I struck. It was somehow protected, I could grasp on to its energy and without thinking I did the only thing I could think of. I bit it; I bit it on the twisted wrist. Immediately letting intense energy locked inside it flow into me. It was just energy, no blood or any liquid and tasted like ash. Energy coursed through me like never before and I felt its body shrink. The last of its energy flowed into me, reducing its body completely into ash. Spitting out the ash in my mouth, I looked forward to see a badly injured Nate (in wolf form) and 4 wentigos staring at me. The 4 screamed and charged all at once.

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