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Chapter 25

Energy was coursing through me and my senses had intensified. I think my sight was not working well. I always sensed energy and saw them if I concentrated but now I’m seeing only energies. They all looked the same but I can somehow place the difference. The trees, grass, animals every had an energy and I saw them. It looked like a haze in white, yellow and orange colours. It was beautiful somehow, in weird way. They wanted to give there energy there life for me. I tilted my head, they somehow wanted me to live. But why?

I looked hungrily at the 4 energy approaching me rapidly. They where protected somehow. One got infront striking me first with its fist which caught with my hand. The energy inside it banged the protective shell to get inside me but it stayed where it was, I twisted the fist and yanked it, making it bend before me Leaving its back wide open. I elbowed its back. Everything was going fast. I twisted it’s hand again and yanked it off its body. I threw it hand at the nearest approaching energy and placed my hand on the wound made by tearing off its hand. All the intense energy flowed into me through the opening I made. The other three started rounding me. But the energy that cursing through me was too much but I loved it. Loved the dominance, loved this drunken state. The thing in my hand turned into ash but another struck me with its nails. It hurt, blood flowed, but i saw the wounds start closing the second it opened. I screched and charged one who struck me. I sliced it with black scales that somehow formed on my palms during the fight. It screeched in pain but energy flowed into me. The scales had started sucking up energy faster than me, turning the thing into ash in seconds.

I blurred to the next but one came holding me in place. It restrained my hand and I struggled against it. Another came infront sucking up my energy. I smiled it when sensed a familiar energy approaching rapidly from behind. A massive energy which I knew was my wolf’s bit off the hands that was holding me and threw its body away. Without wasting a second I latched to the one infront of me and bit its throat. Energy flowed into me through my mouth and where my scaled hands dug into its skin. I spitted out the ash and looked at my wolf.
I still couldn’t see him, his energy signature glowed infront of me and the intence energy of the thing beneath him. I imagined him holding the thing down with his giant paw. I tilted my head studying him. He looked majestic and dangerous but nonetheless beautiful. He looked at me and his giant yellow eyes filled my mind. I moved infront of him trailing my hands over him and was sure my hands was in his shiny golden fur. The gashes, the bloody thing made was still healing. The thing he holding down struggled hard. I croatched down and pressed my scaled fingers into its chest. It turned into ash after the last of energy flowed into me. I stood up and looked at one palm, the energy inside it was protected by the scale like layer covering it. I imagined my arm being normal skin and I saw the protective layer disappearing. I sliced the palm with my other scaled palm and saw it too turn normal. I rubbed my blood covered palm over my wolf’s body. He had tensed up but stood there frozen. I let some energy flow into him, he yelped and stepped aside. His wounds had mostly closed but he didn’t change back and I sensed that the raw energy I let into him was making his energy glow more.

I sensed more energy signatures approaching us. I stepped infront of him and they stopped. One energy started walking towards us, I looked at it. It was was a werewolf signature and it looked powerful. I sensed scales covering my hands again and I hissed at it. It stepped back and my wolf nudged me with his giant head. He walked past me and turned facing me.
I took a step towards him but stepped back immediately when the energy that approached us came forward to stand beside him.

I blinked my eyes trying to switch back to my normal sight but didn’t succeed. Too much energy was coursing through me. My vision was coming back but black scales kept appearing and disappearing on my skin. A searing pain pearced through my spine all of the sudden making yelp.

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