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Chapter 27

"I thought you guys needed help but never thought you guys would be having a making out session”
Ashley said eyeing my torn clothes and the completely naked Nate. I saw her eyes linger more on my blood drenched back. She looked more beautiful somehow, her dull brown eyes looked brighter, her blonde hair looked lighter and flawless, her skin looked whiter and she looked fitter. She was wearing a white shirt and light blue jeans with a dark green jacket.

I said standing up; I didn’t know what to say to her. I was happy that she was alive and sad because of the things happened to her. I took a step towards her and she tensed up taking a step backwards. She immediately took her jacket off and threw it on my face.

“Cover yourself up, will ya”
She said staring at the ground. I wore it, watching her.

“I’m sorry”
I said mentally slapping myself.
Of course the blood on my back is bothering her.

Nate had stood up and was standing behind me eyeing Ashley warily. I think he was trying to cloak the scent of the blood.
Three wolves charged out of the woods from were Ashley came from. They were larger than normal wolf, easily over four to five feet tall standing on all four but I thought they were smaller than my wolf. There were a black, a deep brown and a messy white one. Ashley immediately moved to the side making space for them. The dark brown and black came to stand in front of us and the white stood facing Ashley.

Everything started to go high speed, Ashley hissed and started to charge at the wolf in front of her and it growled at her. I was about to charge in front of her and that’s when I saw a blonde blur. Gregory caught her by the waist grounding her in place. He looked calmly at the wolf and it stood its ground.

The black wolf started to shift, its fur started to dissolve and it got smaller and smaller. I heard bones cracking but in a minute William stood in front of us, completely naked. I carefully maintained my gaze at his face.
Nate said standing beside me and in the same instant I felt Gregory and Ashley turned their faces to me in unison.
William didn’t acknowledge Nate but turned towards the wolves and said
“Secure the place”

The wolves looked at each other and run off into the woods. Nate crouched down and took the satchel. He took out a black cloak from it and gave it to William. William took it from him and said his thanks and while wearing it turned to Gregory.
“Let’s talk about this in the pack house”
Gregory nodded letting go of a seemingly calm Ashley. Nate had taken out a pair of jeans from the satchel and wore it. I heard Gregory whispering calmly into Ashley’s ears. She visible relaxes and looks at me. I couldn’t help but stare at her. I didn’t know what to do.
If I had been faster that day she wouldn’t be here. She wouldn’t have lost her family. She wouldn’t be in any kind of danger. She would be in her house treating for her minor injuries.

I felt Nate holds my hand intertwining it with his and he squeezes it a little. A sense of calm suddenly washes over me. Ashley starts walking towards me slowly and I feel Nate stiffen beside me. The mere sight of her filled me with guilt and I silently expect her to hurt me or probably kill me. She comes to stand in front of me looking at me in the eyes and I look away expecting a yell, a scream, or a slap. Nothing happens and I look back at her. She suddenly throws her hands around my neck and hugs me tight. I stand there stock still taken off guard. Nate starts tracing his thumb over my hand calming me.
“Gregory told me everything”
She said releasing me.

“I’m s...sorry”
I said looking down and my voice cracked a little.

“For what? Saving me?”
She asked smiling at me.

I looked at her completely surprised and said
“I could have saved you. If I had a little faster...”

“No, you saved me, Robin. Gregory told me everything. I choose to go with him and you’re the one who saved me. You fought vampires, you found me and you healed me”
She hugged me again and continued
“You shouldn’t be sorry; I should be one to be sorry. I lost everything because of my rash decisions”
I just stood not knowing what to do.

William cleared his throat and we looked at him.
“If the reunion thing is over we should start walking”

Gregory nods and William starts leading us into the forest probably back to the pack house with him right on his heel. Ashley releases me a moves to walk beside Gregory. Nate and I follow them still holding hands. I watch Ashley move fluidly threw the woods.
Gregory produces a palm sized plastic bag filled with red liquid and straw. Ashley takes it from him and casually sips it while moving in front of us.
I highly suspect it as blood. I sense Nate watching me but I didn’t look at him. A sense of dread was rising up my core.
This was getting more and more out of hand...

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