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Chapter 28

We arrived at the pack house were Lynn and Olivia was waiting for us. Lynn enveloped me in her arms in the instant she saw me. Olivia walked straight to William, hugging him close.

We all settled down around the kitchen table, Ashley and Nate sitting either side of me. Nate was staring at his alpha but had one of hands on my knee which was somehow calming me. Ashley had her arms crossed over her and was staring into space. Lynn sat between Nate and Olivia, she was watching me carefully. Gregory was watching all of us with an amused look. Olivia looked concerned watching William, who cleared his throat breaking the silence
“As happy as I to announce that the problem my pack has been facing for some days has been eliminated I want to know what the hell happened after that”
He looked each one of us to confirm we are listening and continued
“I know that no normal girl could not even keep up with a werewolf, but a few hours before I saw her kill the creatures which even we couldn’t keep up with and Lynn don’t ‘its personal’ kind of bullshit here because I’m not buying it. One the members in my pack is directly involved with it so I want to know everything”
He said the last part looking at Nate.

Lynn broke her gaze with William and looked at me seeming to ask permission and I nodded at her. Even if William was acting like a jerk, these people here had been helping me and they deserved the truth.
Even if how well we try to hide it,
truth will get out eventually.

With my nod Lynn looked everyone in the eye and said
“As you were saying William, my Robin could do things a normal human couldn’t even think of. She’s special; she’s faster and stronger than any human beings.”

“I don’t need your bullshit Lynn, what is she?”
William hissed.

“A demon”
A said crossing arms over my chest without any emotions, not liking the way he’s talking to Lynn. He head darted towards me and I stared into his eyes challenging him. He let out a low growl but before he could do anything Olivia grabbed William’s one hand and Gregory who was sitting beside him on the other side put his hand on William’s other shoulder. A silent moment passed and Olivia started whispering in soft tunes into William’s ear. All the while William and I were staring at each other.

“You are not a full on demon, Robin. You are just half-demon”
Me and William broke our gaze and look at Lynn.

“How dare you bring demon to my pack and lie to me, Lynn?”
William growl at Lynn making me more and more angry at him.

Lynn for the record looked calm and said.
“I never lied to you, William”

“You said she’s your niece. You try to slip away when I ask you questions about her. That what you call truth fullness?”

“It’s true Robin and I are not blood related but I raised and I see her as my niece or even more.
Relations are not only formed by blood, William. It is formed by love and care. Being the alpha of a fairly big pack I thought, of all people you’d would understand it, William”
Lynn said looking William. I felt proud of her standing up to herself.

“Half or full you brought a demon here to my pack, Lynn.
Demons are famous for their cruelty. They crave for chaos and I don’t want any of them near my pack.”
William said the last part looking at me and continued
“I acknowledge that you helped us and I’m ready to even give my life to you in return but I don’t want the likes of you roaming freely in my pack”

Nate downright growled at him but I felt my heart squeeze, I knew everything he said was right. Demons crave for chaos and I was one of them. I never regretted when killing the vampires or the wentigos. I have felt the darkness trying to envelope me and the light was the only thing that was fighting it.
What if the light burns out?
What if the darkness fills in?

No one utter a word and William continued
“Nate you have a choice, you can choose to follow your mate or stay here and forget about her”

I felt Nate burn in intense anger and saw his eyes flash yellow. It was my turn to stroke his hands. He starts to say something but stop when the front door breaks open and George strides through it.
I think it’s his thing to break into houses.
George looked furious and glared at William
“Of all things you have done to my son, now you are kicking him out”

Dr. Charles scrambled in behind him with a worried expression and said
“I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t listen”

A woman, I precisely recognize as Nate’s mother followed them and standing right beside the furious George. She crossed her arms over her chest and asked
“What in the world am I hearing William”

“Welcome, pack liaison”
Gregory said talking for the first time. He had a broad smile plastered over his face.
Everyone looked surprised except for him and I had a suspicion that he had something to do with her unexpected entry.

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