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Chapter 29

Pack liaison?
I was clearly not expecting that. Everything went quite when Gregory welcomed Nate’s mother. She gave him a silent nod but quickly resumed back to glare at William. She looked nothing like Nate except for her electric blue eyes that looked just Nate’s. She was a petite with shoulder length black hair. She was wearing a dark green button down shirt and jeans. Everyone stood up and Nate hugged her. She smiled and ruffled his already messy hair.
“You are getting cuter and cuter, kid”

“No fair, mom”
He said adjusting his hair which didn’t make any difference. I watched them with interest; they looked like a perfect family. Olivia walked towards her and hugged her saying
“I missed you, Melissa”
Melissa smiled and hugged her back.

Seeming to notice me for the first time, Melissa came near me and smiled.
“You must be, Robin”
I smiled nervously and froze when she enveloped me her arms. She slowly realised me and said
“I’m sorry you’re so cute, I got carried away. The boys wouldn’t stop talking about you and I wanted to meet you so much. Ohh I’m Melissa, Nate’s mother”

I said not knowing what to say.

“I’m sorry, we got to meet like this, dear”
She said giving me a tight smile and turned to William.
All the friendly emotions where washed away from her face to a serious look.
“William, may I know why are you are talking about kicking out my son and his mate”

“Let’s sit and discuss, Melissa”
William said with a tired expression.

“No, let’s just talk”
She said crossing her arms.

“I didn’t tell Nate to leave the pack but I don’t want her near my pack”
William said pointing at me like I was some kind of fungus or something.

“And this doesn’t have anything to do with my son rejecting your daughter or her personal interests”

“What in the world are you talking about”
William asked in a sharp tone and I thought he was trying hard not to pounce on her. Melissa for the record looked relatively calm.

“Precisely what I’m saying William, are you covering your girl’s tracks?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about”

“Who says? I have my sources, William. I know each and everything happened here and I know for a fact that Claire deserved what she got. She tried to get in between my son and his mate. Other than the fact that Robin is half-demon nothing confirm that she’s evil or anything. She never tried to harm anyone without any reason. She dismantled a coven which was doing human trafficking, saved a child, a girl, my son and our pack. Tell me, William. Did you or your pack stood a chance against those creatures. Did you really think that a witch and her niece could save your pack? You needed her before so you wanted her here and now you don’t so you are using her to kick my son out too. You’re a seriously sick man, William”

“Mind your words Melissa. Know who you’re talking too”
William growled

“Don’t be like that, William. You wanted to talk let’s talk and tell me something William. Being a smart man like you, you did notice that Robin was extraordinary and you had the courtesy to press the matter only now?”
She asked completely unbiased by his action. Now I think she’s dumb, is she seriously interrogating the pack alpha in the middle of his pack.

“I had information and I was waiting for the right time”

“What kind of information, William? Was it before Robin got poisoned or after she got poisoned”

“What in the world are you talking about, Melissa”
William asked slightly nervous.

“Nothing, William. I was stating that Nate is not going anywhere and Robin can stay in our house if she wants or else the consequences would be really bad. Oh and I almost forgot if you still want to kick my son and his mate out. Before you do that find a new tracker and pack liaison.”
She smirked in his face.

“You would do no such thing”
William sneered ignoring most of us. I had to give it to Melissa because she didn’t even act a slightest bit afraid when facing off her alpha or may I say her husband’s alpha

“Then tell me William, what am I supposed to do when my own pack members ask my son and his mate to leave”
She said and made me wonder how she got the guts. She had an authoritative air around her like she was running the place. If I didn’t have the ability to distinguish human and werewolf energy signatures, I would have suspected that she was a werewolf.

“Let me clarify this, I never asked Nate to leave the pack. I asked her to leave because all the pack members who saw her actions got concerned about their own safety. When she transformed she didn’t recognize anyone even if Nate had calmed her she did hurt him too...”
I didn’t hear anymore of his explanation but my head was reeling with thoughts.
I hurt Nate?

Melissa started to say something but I beat her to it and whispered staring into space.
“I should leave”

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