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Chapter 3

Lynn’s old man sat on the couch at the center of the hall. His presence screamed of power. Old man’s been training isn’t he??
Parking the truck in the garage I walked through the front door facing the now staring Ian Bingsley. I stared back. He was a tall man with the same blonde hair and blue eyes as his daughter. He reminds me of Lynn and that’s the only reason that keeps me from hurting him.
I changed my direction and started walking to the kitchen.

“Wretched demon”
ignoring his comment I started filling up a plate with food. I have a jacked up alien metabolism so I need to eat more than an average human being. Lynn always keep me well fed because I kinda starts draining energy around me when I’m hungry. Ooh my another super power goody me.

“How dare you ignore me, demon?” I really don’t know what I did to make him fume like that. I kinda always ignore him.
“You tainted my house, my daughter and her life and you dare ignore me”

I just kept on staring at him and shoving food into my mouth.
"YOU. You took her away from her home, her circle. She was the one that should be the head of her circle. You.. you ruined it . You ruined everything. You wretched demon"
He swing his hands and my plate of food smashed into the wall.

That made me hyper alert. The old fart was not jocking. He was absorbing energy from his surroundings.
What in the world is he thinking?
He knows direct magic don’t affect me.
Is he trying to blow the whole building up or the city itself?
I could feel the energy around me around him.
Still, he was staring. Like he was calculating the best way to kill me just like I am.

He lifted his hands slowly and everything in the room was lifted up into mid air. He never even hesitated when he swung all the furniture at me and I got hit every where. I had inhuman speed but only near a vampire of 200 or 300 years. No where near magic speed.
A chair came at my face I smashed it with my fist to get hit by another chair.

Even if I dodged and smashed I got hit numerous times. Ducking, I ran towards him. The hits never bothered me cause’ I am too focused on the witch in front of me.
I was there at his side before he could even blink. My fist connected with his jaws with all pent up anger and frustration I had for him for years. The witch went flying and smashed into the wall. He looked pathetic lying their trying to sit up.
“You’re weak”

“Weak, I am WEAK. My daughter took care of you demon. She risked risked her life to save you. You are an abomination. You should die. You filthy half breed demon”

"Half breed?"

“Ohh you don’t remember? The days in hell?”
I was their before he could finish. Lifting him by the collar, I pressed him against wall he smashed into.

"Half breed?" Half breed it was the very same word all the monsters repeated in all the horrible dreams.

“Yes. Half breed. Why do you think I always call you demon. You are a demon spawn. Half demon. Why would you have inhuman strength, speed and metabolism. Why won’t you starve but drain any energy around you. Why would direct magic can’t affect you? Why do you cloak yourself when you’re depressed”

“I don’t cloak myself”

“Ohh, then why do you think people ignore you are depressed. It’s because they don’t see you”

I dropped him.
It’s too much. All my life I wanted to know where my home was. But hell. Hell was not the answer I wanted.
The witch on the floor muttered something but I couldn’t place it. Everything he said was right. everything.
I had inhuman strength, speed, metabolism, I could drain energy and people tend to ignore me when I wanted to be ignored.

I ran out. Didn’t bother to take the truck. Entering the forest near the lake. I ran as fast as I can. The lens on my eyes itched. Tossing them into the forest somewhere. I ran.

I looked human but I’m far from human. I have inhuman abilities.
I never wanted to be a demon. No one would want to be a demon. Demon were bad. They feed of choas.
I thought bad of people but never wanted to hurt anyone.
The dreams, was they memories?
I could remember each of my dreams so vividly.

Crouching down on the ground I couldn’t place where I was. It was too deep in the woods and I clearly was lost.
Good. Lynn couldn’t trace me too. I needed time to sort things out.

I got alert when I picked up another presence near me. It was powerful and I could feel it. Making sure not to make any noise I walked towards the source which I knew was a few steps to the left.

My approach stopped dead when I registered the source. In front of me was a massive creatures taking its last breaths. Judging from it’s features it was a wolf. But way larger than a normal wolf.
It was indeed a werewolf. But beautiful. It had golden fur but stained with blood. It was wounded badly.
I must have cloaked myself because the gigantic creature never noticed me.

I approached it slowly captivated by it. A tug snapped below my foot and that’s when the beautiful large yellow eyes registered me. Too surprised he lashed out on my face with his front foot. Two things happened in that process he managed to cut my hands which was in front of my face by reflex and he collapsed just in front of me. I looked from my hand to him. He was conscious looking at me warily. Still captivated I crouched down in front of him and said
“You’re beautiful”
Too weak he just stared at me
That’s when something occurred to me. In some of my dreams monsters capture me and use my blood to heal.
So without wasting more time I started pouring the blood oozing out of my wound over his wounds. There were big claw marks on him. Probably a werewolf or werewolves attacked him.
Ohhh that explained the healing part.
Werewolves healed from any wounds except wounds inflicted by silver or by another wolf.
Lynn kind of ingrained every aspect of supernatural beings and said that I should be ready for anything.

After pouring my blood all over his numerous wounds I sliced the wound again which was starting to heal. The werewolf was conscious but stood still. Coming in front of his face I tried to shove my hands into his mouth but he wouldn’t open his mouth.
Ironic isn’t it? Trying to shove my hand into a live wolf’s mouth. But that’s what I did.

“Drink” I commanded but he wouldn’t budge.
“It was not a request buddy”
I sat down taking his massive head in my lap and started pouring my blood into his mouth. I slashed on my wound again when it started healing. Without moving my hand I looked him and he was looking back at me. Bright yellow eyes filled my vision.
Starting to get dizzy, I smiled at him
“You’ll be fine buddy”

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