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Chapter 5

I was not hungry but I needed to escape from there. Alien was not the topic I wanted to talk right now. Lynn also was offlimits even if I’m not in talking terms with her. After all the efforts she pulled off for me, I couldn’t invite attention to her especially not from werewolves.
And why would she go under cover. Must be a crime to pull a demon out from hell.

Nate and I entered the first restaurant we saw. It was medium sized but comfortable looking. We choose the table at the far end.
More like I stirred him to it. He was inclined in taking first table he could see. I always choose these kind of spots where I can watch the inhabitants in the place and people who entered. It kinda became a habit.
The current inhabitants here was an old age couple eating some kind of dessert or something. Two boys slightly younger than me eating and talking about some nerdy stuffs.
I noted that the waitress was coming our way. She was attractive and swayed her hips hard while walked. I saw her rushing back into the kitchen when we came in. Must have did some make-up. She came and stood at the side of our table mostly facing Nate. Ahhh.. someone’s trying to impress Nate.
“Your order please Nate"
She said his name in a slutry way.
Seemingly not surprised (werewolf senses I guess) Nate stopped studying me and looked at her for the first time and smiled.

“We’ll take the family pack, Cindy”

“Ummm, we’ll take 2, one if you’re not eating”
I directed the last part to Nate. Cindy noticing me for the first time gave me a disapproving look, smiled at Nate and left.

Nate kept looking at me without saying a word. A hint of smile on his lips.
“First name basis?”

“I’m a regular customer. I guess”

“She has a crush on you”

“Ohh, everyone has” he said still studying me.

“So does the doctor know about how you healed”

“No, I or if I may say my inner wolf kind of refused to talk when you were out. He was kind of angry”


“I don’t know, Robin Bingsley. I don’t know”

“Why were you hurt?”

He looked around and said
“Let’s talk about it when we are out of here, okay?”
Right on cue Cindy came with our order. The family pack contained meals for at least 4 people. We started eating the moment food was placed on our table and ignored the now staring Cindy. We never got to talk anymore because Cindy lingered near showing off her big boobs and long legs. Nate didn’t give a second glance to her completely focused on the food. After finishing our meals we filed out of the place and settled in his car.
“So you said you would talk after we get out of that place”

He sat there looking straight ahead clutching the stirring wheel for sometime and said
“Tell me Robin, how much do you know about werewolves”

I narrowed my eyes
“Are you testing me?”

“No, I need to know how much I should explain”

I looked at him, he seemed serious. So I started reciting what Lynn had taught me
“Werewolves change at will. They have no affinity to full moon but newly transformed wolves are compelled to change at the full moon. Werewolves can be born or are turned. A human is turned into a werewolf when he is exposed to a virus contained in werewolf blood. They have 3 forms. Wolf. Middle form, wolf plus man, transformation stops without fully transforming. Human. The middle form is hard to master but is strong. You have resistance to silver. You heal fast but wounds inflicted by silver or another wolf don’t heal that fast.”

“Okay, what about rogues?”

“They are newly transformed wolves that does not get the guidance of an alpha”

“I really want to know how you got this much information. Okay back to topic. Yesterday was my first change”

“So you got hurt during the first change?”

“No, the thing is.. my father was a werewolf and my mother was a human. So when I was born I didn’t have the ability to change but my father or mother never considered that as a problem. That’s was not the case of the pack. The pack considered me as handicapped and pitied me. The children in the pack never considered me as one of them and bullied me every instance they could get. So yesterday was a full moon and the boys in the pack was beating me up. One of the boys got too carried away and changed, striking me every way he could. Infection came from that I think. When everything was going dark I could feel him surging to the surface from deep inside of me. It was painful. Then I was him. He was me. All the boys changed. We fought until everyone was down. I didn’t look back. Ran into the woods as far I could get. That’s when I saw you.”
He looked at me at the last part. His intense blue held mine for a long time. Taking a strand of my hair he traced it. His eye color changed from deep blue to yellow. I sat there stock still mesmerized by his eyes and then the windshields of his car exploded outwards. I broke his gaze and looked forward to see Lynn walking towards us in full power.

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