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Chapter 6

I have never seen Lynn this angry before. She was literally emitting energy. Her hair seemed to float. Nate and I was out of the car in an instant and in the very instant a rock or something came at him in full force and he smashed it with his fist. He started to transform. I put my hand on his shoulder
“Nate, calm down”
I could feel that he was angry but he made no move.

“How dare you take my niece from me” Lynn asked and lifted her arm focusing on him. Nothing happened. Surprise flickered over her face and I moved infornt of him
“Lynn, stop”

Lynn’s eyes were now focused on me
“Robin, come here dear”

“No. Lynn, Nate is my friend. No one took me. I left on my free will”

“What? Why?”

“Where’s your dad Lynn?” Now confusion was written all over her face
“He left yesterday. Yesterday morning. He didn’t even stay to see you”

Ha, like he will.
“Where were you yesterday Lynn?”

“What are going on about, Robin?”

“Answer me Lynn”

“I was buying ingredients for the new spell dad told me”
I just laughed
Arghh the old fart schemed it. Pictured he was away. Deliberately made Lynn away. No one came hearing any noise. Must have put a keep away spell.
“He schemed it. The old fart”

“Watch your tongue, Robin”

Ignoring her angry tone I asked
“Tell me Lynn, where did I come from?”
Lynn’s eyes widened at that but didn’t say a word so I continued
“Your old man and I had a chat yesterday. We talked about my bloodline”
Lynn never did anything. She saved me from Hell. She gave me a life. But I was mad at her. I couldn’t accept the way she was looking me. She looked scared... of... of me?

“Let’s sit and talk dear”

“No, just tell me now. I want to know”
It was Nate who took my hand now. His grip was strong and firm but soothing somehow. I looked at him. He was standing right there behind me looking at me with his beautiful blue eyes.
“I’ll come with you”
He was leaning close to me. He smelled like the forest.
Lynn was studying us. I stared at her and she cleared her throat
“Let’s go home and yeah.. he can come”

Lynn travelled in her truck and we followed her in Nate’s car. The cottage didn’t show any sign of the fight.
The old man did his clean up.
We sat on the kitchen table silently. Nate sat near me and Lynn sat facing us. She cleared her throat breaking the silence.
“Robin I don’t know what dad told you but I always wanted to tell you everything. When I was young I was too naive. I wanted to become just like my father. I know he’s not strong now but he was when he was the head of a circle”

“I know he was strong but male witches don’t become the head of circles, isn’t it?” I said thinking of the old man.

“Yes. That’s right. But my father is a stubborn man, he worked his way to it. Do you know why he is strong it is because he has vast knowledge. That’s why I wanted impress him. So I did the hardest magic I had ever known. Portal magic. I did everything perfectly but something went wrong at the last minute. I knew that when a monster came through the portal. It was so huge and so fearsome that I would never forget it. It was fighting a small thing when it came through. The monster threw the thing away into my room. Without knowing about the thing father pushed the monster away into the portal and closed it. It was dad who told me that I opened the door to hell. We found you after closing the portal. I had my first premonition the first time I saw you. It was to save you and to protect you. You’ll do great deeds and I knew it someday you will save the world.”

“Am I a demon?”

“Yes and No, dear. You’re are half demon and half much more. More than a human”

“So I’m not a human. Then what am I?”
My voice cracked a little and I think it was completely obvious because Nate took my hand in his and his thumb stroked it gently.

“I don’t know dear. I have my doubts but I’m sure that you’re other half is good. Pure if I may say. This purity or this half of you keeps you’re demon half at bay. You’re neutral. You’re like the yin yang”
Nate hand which was holding mine seemed like a lifeline to me. I didn’t say a word so Lynn continued
“Don’t you worry, my dear. No matter who your ancestors are you’re my little girl.”
I couldn’t say a word so she gave my other free hand pat.
“No matter what, I’m with you dear and know that we are family”
I just nodded

“Well this seems late but may I know who is this young man is and why didn’t I see him with the local pack and more importantly, how did he resist my magic?”

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