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Chapter 7

Caught off guard Nate shuttered but composed himself. He introduced himself and told his unusual story.

“Nate, do you know that I’m a witch and call me Lynn”

“Yes ma’am. Umm Lynn. I know about witches.”

“So when I used direct magic on you I couldn’t get a hold on you. It was like Robin. When I do magic on her, it simply slips off. Like trying to grab a void.”

Nate just shrugged
“I have no idea what you are saying, Lynn”

“Yesterday I healed him”
I said talking for the first time

“Healed him how dear?”

“Lynn I never told you before but I always had dreams. Dreams of a dark place where monsters try to grab me. Sometimes they simply torture me sometimes they drain my blood and drinks it to heal. I usually shake it off as just nightmares but when your old man told me about hell. I thought may be it was not just nightmares, it was memories coming to surface. So when I saw the wounded wolf or Nate, I gave him my blood. Poured my blood over his wounds and made him drink it. I think I gave a good amount of blood that I fainted”

“My wounds started closing the moment Robin’s blood was on it. They were completely closed in minutes. So I took her to the pack infirmary. Her wound was closed before we even got there.”

“Interesting, how many people know about this?”

“We are the only one’s who know about this. But I think the infirmary doctor have his doubts. He said the werewolf virus from the wound I caused her is suppressed and her whole blood structure is different from normal human being’s”

“Is he trust worthy?” Lynn asked now completely focused on Nate.

“Yes, he is. He is a werewolf and a doctor. He is loyal to his patients and provides them complete confidentiality”

“Let’s hope for that” Lynn said

Nate cleared his throat
“I should leave”
he said mostly looking at me. He squeezed my hand and let go of it completely. He stood up saying goodbye to Lynn.

“I’m sorry, I dragged you into this”
I said without looking at him. I could feel him staring at me.

“You won’t see me out?”
He asked and I looked him to Lynn. She nodded at me.
Nate followed me out with an unreadable expression on him. I was backed aganist his car the moment we reached it and his lips were on mine. Too surprised I just stood still. He pressed his forehead to mine and said
“Never ever talk to me like a stranger, Robin Bingsley”

I looked down
“I’m just a filthy demon”
My voice cracked a little

He lifted my face until I was staring into the intense blue orbs
“Demon or not. You’re mine, Robin Bingsley so deal with it. I think I’m getting bad at being nice”
With that he kissed me again and after a moment of uncertainity I kissed him back.

We broke our kiss when someone cleared his throat. Nate gave out low growl. My gaze left the beautiful blue eyes to study the newcomer. He was large at least 1 inch more than 6 foot and completely built. I he was in his late thirties. He had long black hair and black eyes.

“Well. Well. I never thought our little rouge would be running around playing girls and I see that you are completely healed”

“Hi, Luca. Luca this is Robin Bingsley. Robin this is Luca, he is second in command in my pack”
Nate said introducing us and i just stared at him.

“Nice to meet you, Robin” Luca said and we shook hands.

“I’m surprised you would be looking for me”
Nate said being completely defensive.

Luca scratched his head
“I didn’t came looking for you. We all thought you were dead”

“Why? Obviously, Samuel and his friends reported to you about my change”
Samuel must be one of the boy’s who bullied Nate.

“Long story kid. I came here to find a witch who lives here”

“That would be my aunt”
As in cue Lynn strode out of our cottage.

“Let’s get going wolves. I assume you’re running out of time”

“She’s an air witch and their specialty is having premonition about the future and from the look on her face I think she had one” I explained to Luca’s buffled face.

“Robin, get in the car. I would need your assistance”
Lynn said while settling down in the back seat. I took the the shotgun and Nate drove it. Luca was in front of us in his car. Lynn was completely busy making portions arranging the herbs in her bag. She looked nervous

“What are we dealing with, Lynn”
I asked starting to get nervous.

“Let’s here from the pack first dear”

“Sure, I guess”

The pack near the other side of the forest and it was big. Spread out in a large area that had houses occasionally. The thing that caught my attention was the newly made on the side of the forest.
The wolves are font of the woods, then why would they block the entry to it.
Luca lead to the pack house. It was at the center of the place. I think official discussion are held there.
Nate walked just behind me looking at our audience warily. All the people in the pack was standing there looking at us. I put my hood over head.
I really don’t want to get used to attention.
Lynn walked ahead of us observing the borders.
Hmm... must be analysing potential places for placing her wards. I have a bad feeling about this.

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