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Chapter 8

The pack house was a large building. It was painted in warm colors and decorated by wooden furniture. It gave out a perfect homely feeling.
A large man in his early forties greeted us. Nate and Luca stiffened at the sight of him. Everything about him screamed danger.
“Long time no see, Lynn” he said in a deep strong voice.
first name basis? They must have a history.

“It’s been long,William and by the way this my niece, Robin”

“Nice to meet you, Robin. I’m William Brocks and I take care of things here”
We shook hands

“So you’re the alpha”
He gave me a measuring look at me and looked at Lynn questioningly.

“Ohh... she’s a little straightforward” Lynn mused

That’s when I detected an energy signature approaching here.
“We have company”

Nate sniffed and said
“That’s my d..” He was cut off when a large body slammed into him. An older and stockier version of Nate enveloped him. The older version was in his late forties
“I thought I lost you, son. You should call mom immediately”

“I texted her, dad”

“You didn’t think to text me”

“I met you, yesterday at the infirmary. Then why would I text you? Now let go”
Nate disengaged with his father and he came to stand beside me putting his hand over my shoulder.

“Dad this is Robin. She’s the one who saved me”
Nate’s father looked at me for the first time and smiled

“Thank you, Robin. Ohh where are my manners I’m George Walker Nate’s father”

“Nice to meet you sir”

“If the pleasantries are over let’s get down to business”
Lynn said being my saviour

“Sure thing Lynn. George I want you in the meeting. Unfortunate as it is, you are the best tracker we have”

We settled down on the kitchen table. Olivia who William introduced as his mate fixed us coffee. She settled near William who’s other side was taken by Luca. Lynn sat between me and Olivia. George took the seat between Luca and his son. Nate sat beside me. He sat so close that his knees pressed to mine.

William broke the silence and said
“We have a problem and Lynn, I called you into this because I’m suspecting that something is hunting my pack. A week before, my people who entered the forest for hunting reported to me that something was following them. They didn’t said someone but something because it didn’t seem human. A few sightings says that they had human like structure with hands and legs but are elongated. They are mostly longer than normal humans. Maybe 7 foot or more and paper white in colour. The day before yesterday our boys had a fight in the woods.

Luca went inside and came back with a plastic bag. He placed it in the middle of the table and we could see it was bones

William continued
“This is some of the remains of the boys”

“They are dead?” Nate asked

“Unfortunately yes, we thought that the same thing happened to you. I found your trail and followed. When I was deep in the woods, I saw a spot clearly indicated that you fell down and then nothing. No trail, no scent or anything. It was like you disappeared into thin air”
George said from his seat
That should be were I healed him. I must have cloaked myself and him in the process. I never thought I had the ability to extend the cloak to others. I need to discuss it with Lynn.

“That must be when Robin found Nate” William said looking at me. I carefully looked down, never meeting his eyes.

“How? I got Nate’s scent till that spot. Then nothing. I never got Robin’s scent at all.”
Now I could feel everyone staring at me.

Lynn sighed and said
“My niece is special. No one can track her if she don’t want them to”

“How?” George pressed

“I didn’t come here to discuss about my niece, George”
Lynn stated

“George, I am equally intrigued about Nate’s sudden disappearance and healing. But we have greater matter in hand. So I would like to concentrate on that” William said

“Of course, William”

“So, what do you think we are facing, Lynn” Olivia asked talking for the first time.

“Tell me Robin, are you getting any energy signatures from the remains” Lynn asked looking at me expectantly.

I touched the bag
“No, it’s like they were drained of their energy until they turned to ash”

“Exactly, so they are non-human. Have elongated body. Paper white in color. Fast enough to trick and overrun werewolves. Absorbs the energy of their opponent until they become ash. What do you think it is, Robin”
Now I could feel everyone staring at me.
Of course Lynn knows it, she’s the who taught me about the supernatural world. But she wants me to say it.

I murmured but I knew everyone herd it loud and clear.

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