Tales from Achien - Short Stories

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A dive into the rich histories and cultures of the peoples of Parvilien, Erthuran, and Vilrin through their stories. This book is dedicated to short stories, and will most likely have updates once a month.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Author's Note

Before one begins to dive into the tales, some of hope, some of despair, and some of mystery, there are a few things one should be aware of. Some of these tales are passed on through generations of oral tradition before being written down, and the story may have been altered, modified, or completely changed from its original form. Some tales are millennia old, while others only centuries. Some are incredibly detailed, while others are vague. In fact, many of these stories do not originate in Parvilien, where the core of the Achien Empire once stood. They come from Erthuran, a planet rich in culture, advanced in technology, and strong in warfare.

The "author" is merely is a reteller of these tales. None have been created by him, and he only serves as a means to preserve these precious pieces of knowledge and hints towards the wisdom of old. All credit is due to the ones who created and preserved the stories long before our author began collecting these tales.
May the reader gain interest in the rich culture of the three planets (Parvilien, Erthuran, Vilrin) and preserve the wisdom from the tales passed through many generations. Enjoy!
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