Iris Blood

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One night, one moment, one second, and my life changed forever. I don't know if he is the best thing to happen to me or the worst. What happens when your blood is the key to giving one vampire ultimate power? This is what Iris has to go through when her fate throws her in the swirling circle of five gorgeous vampires claiming they love her, but who would she choose?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I was walking down the busy streets of London. People passed me by so casually as if I don't exist. I hate people, I rather avoiding them. I lived alone my entire life and I like to keep it this way for the rest of it. I didn’t have parents. The orphanage said I just appeared from nowhere so I know nothing about my past. They said all I had with me was a necklace that says "Iris".

I never had friends, not like I wanted to anyway. Not your typical eighteen year old, but I like myself this way. I moved out from the city where the orphanage was at last week; I was just trying to start a new life where no one knows my name. Never been to a party, never had my first kiss, never had a crush. I was just living day by day trying to survive till the day is over then repeat.

I had a job as a waitress in an old restaurant that anyone barely goes to. I managed to save a little money from it besides the money I had from working back while I was in the orphanage. I was planning on finding an apartment to rent instead of staying in a motel.

I was heading to this apartment that I will rent and hopefully will live in. I held the newspaper up to read the address of the apartment that was for rent. I took a look around me noticing I’m actually lost. And no I won’t ask anyone for the way, I don’t like accepting help from people.

“You’re lost, kid?” I looked up to meet with a face of an old man. Probably in his 50's.

“No, I’m fine.” I flashed him a smile and turned my face looking around trying to find any street name.

“Let me help you!” He said as he snatched the newspaper from me and looked down at the circled address. Why people can’t mind their own business?

“You’re in the wrong side of the city. Take the next bus and go south. Ask anyone for the direction and they will tell you.” He directed me and I nodded then turned to leave.

I can’t believe I wasted two and a half hour on the wrong side of the city. I went to the bus stop and waited. Of course the next bus will be here in half an hour so I decided to take the tube instead. It was 6:30 pm already, I sat down resting my head against the window earning a couple of weird glances from people which I as always ignored.

I drifted into sleep without noticing, maybe for ten minutes or so. I slowly opened my eyes and noticed the place was empty. I glanced down at my watch which now read... OH MY GOSH!

“This can’t be true, 11:23 pm!” I panicked and started to freak out. “This can’t be happening, I only dozed for ten minutes!” I spoke to myself. The door opened revealing the next stop which I gladly took, they were closing soon anyway. I left the subway and went wandering in the unfamiliar streets, it’s better than staying in the empty subway where’s no longer anyone, then a serial killer comes out and kills me.

I had never been to this side of the city, but again I don’t go out much. I kept walking down the road waiting for any cab to pass me by, but then I heard someone screaming. The voice came from that alley... and no I won’t go to see what’s going on and try to be the hero. People always get killed when they do that.

I decided to turn and walk from another way ignoring the pleading screams which suddenly stopped. I didn’t bother to be nosy to go check, but I saw a girl coming out running holding her neck. She was stumbling on the floor and tripping. My gaze followed her then back behind me afraid whatever happened to her could be right behind me. A blonde man walked out with blood smearing his lips. Weird!

His eyes widened at me, it was red. Did I miss the memo?! Is this Halloween? He walked closer to me and I backed away then turned to run because he is just weird and got this scary vibe on him. I won’t wait to socialize with him or anything.

“Where do you think you are going? ” He asked and grabbed me. How did he even catch me this quick?! I was far ahead. He pinned me to a building wall as he sniffed my eyes, weird, and sniffing me!!

“Look, I don’t have any money on me. Go find another way to pay for your drugs!” I said as I tried to push him off. He pinned me once more as he held my hands above my head.

“You smell so good” He said moaning. Drugs truly ruin the future of the youth, this guy could've easily became a doctor and have a bright future ahead of him.

“It’s called taking a shower. Now excuse me, I got places to be.” I said as I tried to wiggle out of his grip, but he was too strong.

“I will enjoy this.” He smirked before leaning to my neck then bit hard causing me to scream and wince. What the hell is going on?! I didn’t know cannibalism actually existed. Took me few minutes from trying to kick, punch or even get away from his grip and no use...I felt my eyes gets heavy and everything went black. Maybe it’s a nightmare after all.



″Oh you are waking up?″ A woman who I think is a nurse said. Where am I?!

″What happened?″ I asked. I sat up on the bed rubbing my eyes and began looking around. I was at the hospital.

″You were found unconscious on the street. You were covered in your own blood, but the strange part is.. we didn’t find any scars or cuts on you.″ She said as she was preparing a needle. I touched my body and tried to find anything wrong with me, but indeed I was fine.

″I don’t remember anything.″ I said shaking my head. Maybe I got robbed, but I didn’t keep any money with me. I was going to the apartment meeting and was just agreeing with the owner, but I was paying later.

″It’s okay, can you give me your arm? We need to run more tests to make sure you are okay!″ She said and I nodded then extended my arm out as she pulled some of my blood in the needle. She pulled it away and put it in a small tube.

″When can I leave?″ I asked as I bent my arm with the piece of cotton placed on where the needle was. I had never gotten sick or hurt myself, mainly because I always played on the safe side. I didn’t feel the sting of the needle anymore so I removed the cotton piece and looked to see there was nothing. It’s like I wasn’t injected with a needle or anything.

″The doctors are still confused about your case. Your shirt was covered with your own blood, but at the same time there weren’t even a scratch!” She said. “You can leave in a couple of days I guess.″ She informed me and I nodded once more.

What the hell happened to me yesterday? all I remember is that I was going to rent this apartment and I got lost and that’s it. ″Hello, I’m doctor Clarkson. I’m the doctor responsible for your case!″ A man walked in and shook my hand. He had light brown hair and deep blue eyes. He looked like he was 40 or something.

″I think I’m fine. There’s no need for me to stay here.″ I told him. It’s true, I don’t have any cut whatsoever and my body is healthy. He looked at what looks like my file and looked back up to me.

″We don’t know what happened to you, but better safe than sorry.″ He smiled. I hate people, just leave me alone, I said I’m fine.

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