Midnight Sunrise

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Summer 2020, It was the last week of April. Brielle and her friends partied at a hotel in their hometown after she arrived the day before with her friend Alyn. The boat ride was surely exhausting, 3 hours by land, 4 hours by water. She had wished she rode the plane instead. She barely sees her friends because she lives in Manila, she was shipped off there by her parents. A wolf being shipped off and away from her pack is like a plant being pulled out from its roots. As she stays in her hometown, will she ever find her mate or will she just play with fire? Two weeks of fun, in a short span of time. Willl she ever find her soulmate? Her erasthai?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I combed my curls with my fingers until I look like a mess I fixed my wrinkled velvet nightgown. I scanned my black and white painted room, polaroid pictures with my friends placed on the wall.

My bed near the walk-in closet and my bathroom beside it. My couch is on the other side of the room beside my big plants. Lights are hanging from the ceiling and gigantic ass windows made of glass and the back of my headboard. The rays of the sun are now in my room.

My room is the attic, and the forest is visible from my windows. I rarely use my blinds because I like the beams of the sun piercing through my windows.

Alyn and I arrived at midnight. I was the one driving at it was tiring. Four hours by land and three hours by water. I just slept for five hours. We arrived at three in the morning. Now it’s nine o’clock in the morning, I should get more sleep.

There was someone knocking on my door, “Come in.” I said while getting up from my bed, I put my slippers on and went to the door,

“Hey Elle, your friends are here. Should I let them come up?” It was my Mom, Pepper. I just love her scent, she smells like ilang-ilang and sampaguita. The Enchile is the biggest pack in Luzon, and my parents are the Alpha and Luna.

“Sure, Mom.” I went to the bathroom para to freshen up and brush my teeth. I looked at my facial features in the mirror, oval-shaped face, high cheekbones, prominent jaws, medium arched brows, slanted eyes, dark brown eyes, and full lips, I have a morena complexion. I heard footsteps from the stairs.

I proceeded to my bed and saw my friends sitting on the couch. Some are leaning at my window and looking at the forest. They know I don’t like people sitting on my bed if they came from outside.

“Elle! We missed you!” It was Ronnie, we’ve been friends since forever. We’ve been together since we were kids, her Mom is the beta that’s why we’re always together in my house or we’re with the Elders when our parents have meetings. Basically, we all grew up together because our parents are the ones who make our pack move daily. Her curly brown hair is shoulder length and is all over my face.

“Ellie baby girl, they dragged me here so early,” It was Alyn complaining. Alyn is the daughter of our best warrior wolf she can sometimes beat me on hand to hand combat. She got it from her Mom and Dad. Seriously, you don’t want to mess with Alyn because she can tear you down.

“Did you even miss me?” Fallon said, whimpering. I just laughed, she’s my Kuya’s mate. I found out yesterday because at last, they found out, out of nowhere.

“You promised we’ll drink, right?” Hyacinth said. Goddess, this wolf really likes to drink. Literally, she beats us on drinking, we’re all drunk, and then she’s still drinking alone, but you don’t want to mess with her because she’s the daughter of our third in command, Tito Ben taught her everything. Fighting, tracking, name it, she can do anything.

“Yes, but it’s still early.” I said, I still want to sleep. I’m exhausted because of the warrior wolves who’ assigned to me, I didn’t let them drive my car. They are just on our trail, I regretted it after because it was traffic. It was summer and people usually flock Quezon, that’s on our way home.

“Who cares? There are bars open by noon.” Right, our hometown has been improving, we have bars now, chic restaurants and a café.

I remember my eighteenth birthday in Lian and until now I still haven’t found my mate. Maybe because he was younger than me or he was just out of the vicinity or he’s from another pack. I always complain that I don’t have a mate but it ends there, it’s like I’m not ready for one. I’ve seen a bunch of boys before, wolves and humans. I couldn’t count the humans, though. But one human is memorable from the others, it’s because I was fond of him.

The human was from Manila, his name’s Alfie. We split up a few months before my eighteenth birthday. I even told him he was still free to come, but he never answered.

When I turned eighteen, my best friends and family surprised me. They even made me cry. Laughter filled the room when I started getting emotional. After that, we played beer pong, confidence, and swam. The pool was freezing cold because it was December, there was a beach, but we arrived late at the Airbnb, we didn’t have time to swim on the first day.

Confidence is where you choose a color from a deck of cards, I chose a black card and then a red card pulled out of the pile; I have to drink whatever my friends put on the red cup. I drank Jose Cuervo with coke. Bro, it didn’t taste right. Fallon was the luckiest when guessing a card, but she is also the one who put gross stuff in the cup, she once put chocnut and marshmallow with coke.

“Hey, Ellie! We’re right here, stop speaking to yourself.” Alyn took me aback. I shook my head and said my sorry.

“What about we watch movies in the entertainment room? Sounds good? Then we go out by 1 PM?” I asked because I still don’t want to leave the house and I just need an excuse to sleep.

“Sure.” They all agreed with me. We watched The Notebook, but we became bored and dozed off. I was thanking the goddess when I fell asleep. My alarm went off and then we woke up and stretched. I checked the clock on the wall and noticed it’s already half-past twelve.

“We have to get ready, we’re going to the café. We’ll be back later today. We still haven’t taken a bath yet. We were too excited to see you.” Ronnie said while getting her keys on the table, I kissed their cheek and said goodbye.

“I’m staying, I have clothes in Garvin’s room,” Fallon said. Did she move here? Am I not aware of a lot of things? When Fallon turned eighteen last week, everything changed for her, she’s found her mate and she’s the next in line Luna because my brother is her mate.

I mind linked Ronnie,

Elle: “Did Fallon move in?”

Ronnie: “No, she sleeps over sometimes.”

Elle: “Wow, everything’s going on so fast. They hardly found out last week.”

Ronnie: “Yeah, but our wolves are used to things happening fast.”

Elle: “Yeah, right. If we’re used to it, why haven’t I found my mate yet?”

Ronnie: “That’s true, but someday you will.”

Elle: “Okay, let’s talk to the others.”

“We’re leaving, have a great bath,” Alyn said while hugging me, she is the next one I am close to because we’ve always been together in Manila and even sneaking past our warriors is our pastime.

“Bye, girls.” Fallon and I said while fixing the chairs in the entertainment room.

“So, where’s Garvin?” I asked out of nowhere. Fallon is shy but when you get to know her, she is the noisiest and she’s the second one who drinks a lot. She learned how to drink at Ronnie’s debut, she thought. The drinks on the beer bong red cups are juicier.

“Packhouse, he’s in a meeting with our parents doing some talks with our Elders.” I nodded. Having high ranking parents means they are beyond reach and now that she’s next in line I pray to the Moon Goddess that she still has time for us.? I don’t know what to expect for my mate, maybe he’s a simple werewolf waiting for me as we haven’t crossed paths yet, or have we?

“Ok, I’ll take a bath now.” She mouthed me okay. We both left the room, and I went to my bathroom as she went to Garvin’s.

I stripped myself naked and got in the bathtub; I prepared the bath; I smell like sakura. I got a bath bomb from lush that has a cherry blossom in the middle when it melts in the water it becomes visible. I played music on my phone and I received a message from Marc but I didn’t answer. I’m not in Manila, anyway. Marc was my ex. He’s not that important, he’s a human. I only dated him for the sake of sex. We both shook on it.

I turned the volume up and started singing.

The pieces of the all that I could only hold, yeah

I could never say what you want me to say

I’ve got somebody else just to keep me on my toes again

I can barely stand when you’re coming too close

I sang until the end of the song. I checked my cell phone for the time. It was already 1:30 PM, I’ve been in the tub for an hour.

My hands are getting wrinkled, I should come out of the tub now. I pulled the plug to drain the water and wrapped my hair with a towel and put on a robe. I wore a shirt and shorts. They’ll arrive late for sure since they will have to eat lunch first. I proceeded downstairs to meet my parents; I saw them preparing the dining table with Garvin and Fallon.

I took in a mouthful of bulalo. Bulalô is beef shanks and bone marrow cooked until the collagen and fat have disappeared into the clear broth.

I was silently eating, then my Mom asked, “How’s Marcelo?” Great, I smiled sarcastically.

“We broke up last month.” I kept eating, not minding them because I don’t want to ruin my mood.

Fallon and Garvin are just enjoying eating while Dad and Mom started asking me stuff. Goddess, please put my parents on a spell where they can’t speak just for this lunch.

“Too bad, he was nice.” Dad said. I gritted my teeth if he was nice, why does he hit me sometimes? I know I’m a wolf and that he’s just human, but I felt like I’m always in a trance when he hurts me, that’s why I’ve never fought back and that’s why they don’t know because they would have ripped him to pieces and tossed him on fire.

“No, he wasn’t.” I emphasized what I said. Maybe it’s time for them to know? But I know they’ll put a bounty on his head or get him tracked. It’s not that hard to find him, he just lives in Quezon City. I could even tell them his address.

“All right then,” Dad said, and he finally shut up. Thank goddess for hearing my prayer.

We continued eating in silence. Goddess, please do not ask about the wolves I dated ever again. Please, I’m tired of answering their questions and it’s hurting my feelings. Fine, I accept it. I’ll die alone.

“How’s Fin? Are you still talking?” I grabbed a glass of water and chugged it. This is the one I’ve been praying for not to be questioned about it.

“No. We cut ties when we broke up. It’s weird to be friends with him.” He’s the alpha I dated, I don’t know why they kept asking me stuff like this.

He’s from Windsor Pack, third biggest in Luzon, we had a great time dating and we know we have different mass because I felt no spark, my Mom told me when you see your mate, you have these feelings where your wolf purrs and shouts: “Mate, mate, mate” It’s when your eyes turn to wolf eyes and you smell woodsy musk and fields of lilac.

“How about Alfie?” Dad asked. I got furious. They know it’s a sensitive spot. Why do they have to bring it up?

“Why are you both asking? Is it because I haven’t found my mate yet? Garvin didn’t even have a mate before he turned twenty-one. Then he found Fallon last week. It’s that hard.” I gritted my teeth. It offended my wolf. “Do you think it’s easy not having someone for you? It’s not only sad, but it’s also scary.” I was teary-eyed I know I had to leave. I can’t stand them right now.

“No, sweetie, we—” I cut them off, it hurts that your blood has the audacity to insult you. Yes, I feel insulted because of what they have done. My alpha wolf was getting angry, she wanted everyone to submit to her, and then I growled so loud I saw the birds fly away from the tree. They submitted to me and that shocked me, I never thought they would. I’m just an alpha’s daughter.

“Stop, I’m going for a run and don’t follow me.” I left the table, said my sorry for Garvin, and Fallon then left. Dad growled after getting out of my trance, telling me to come back. I heard Garvin says: “Mom and Dad can you stop asking her? It’s insensitive of you.”

I hurriedly went to my room and changed to a sports bra and leggings, grabbing a bag on my table in my closet to put on my changing clothes. I was going to place it somewhere in the forest before I go for a run.

“I’m going.” I didn’t wait for their reply, but I hear my Mom said: “Brielle.”

My house is just behind the forest, I just stretched and ran without looking back, now that I’m deep in the forest, I shifted to my beautiful brown wolf, bones breaking and my clothes into shreds. I turned, bigger than most wolves because I’m an alpha’s daughter.

I howled out of frustration; it hurts my wolf. She is constantly searching for our mate when I turned eighteen, now that I’m nineteen the longing has been hurting me so much, even getting jealous of her brother having a mate.

“Having someone shouldn’t complete you, it should complement you.”

But it’s different from wolves. Once we experience the coming of age, we long for our mate, and as time passes and you still haven’t found your mate after your debut. You’re a goner if your mate died, or he’s younger than you or he marked someone else or you haven’t crossed paths yet or never will.

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