The Immortal Zenith

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The third and final book is here. The battle won, yet evil is at its​ zenith. Will Grace and Lea be able to win the war? Grace and Lea's tumultuous love will be tested as evil and revenge rise from Kyle's ashes and threaten to annihilate all that they have built. Naomi Black, the mother of Kyle's daughter, constructs an army like no other, and for the first time, Grace's power and strength won't be enough. If Grace is to erase evil for good,

Fantasy / Romance
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The Beginning

From the darkest abyss-entrenched

Drenched like a torrential rain

You will rise.

From the impenetrable shackles-clasping

Grasping, like an insufferable pain

You will rise.

From the highest mountain- crumbling

Tumbling, like a speeding avalanche

You will rise

From the burning ashes-unabated

Reincarnated, like a fiery Phoenix

She will rise.

Rise from the impossible depths-clawing

Gnawing her way to the surface

She will rise.

Rise like a majestic beast- soaring

Roaring above the clouds untouched

She will rise.

Nothing can slow her pace her heart-beating

Fleeting faster and faster

She will rise.

Rise till the air thins her claws-scratching

Latching to the top she peers down knowing

She has risen.


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