The Unearthly Hunger

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Avery Dumas has no idea that her boss, dangerously handsome restaurant owner Jonah, is actually a centuries-old demon. When worlds collide, can she survive his hunger for her?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Avery Dumas had been out late. She woke too early the next morning with a queasy, acidic stomach, pounding head and scratchy throat, reminders of another wasted night spent chain smoking and drinking in a dive bar. With a sigh, she carefully rolled over. Avery realized that she seriously needed to get her life under control. It wasn't too bad, really, she mused as she straggled into the bathroom to get a glass of water and some aspirin. She had a halfway decent apartment and a good job. Sure, she was a server but she made enough. The restaurant and bar where she worked was fairly trendy and popular, and the customers always tipped very generously. The one thing that Avery couldn't seem to figure out, really, was her love life. She fumbled through a series of disastrous one-night stands and more often than not ended up totally disgusted with herself, as well as hungover, in the morning. Sex was almost robotic, and drinking helped to numb it all. There was a total emptiness that wasn't being filled.

And then there was her boss, Jonah Ramirez. Avery would be lying to herself if she said she didn't have a bit of a crush on the handsome restaurant owner. He was so calm and together and sure of himself. Jonah had a magnetic personality and great business sense as well, all reasons that he was such a success in the industry at a relatively young age. Avery was 23, and though Jonah, at 36, was a bit older than her, she thought this was a good thing. He was experienced, she was sure, he would know what to do with a woman. He could make her come. That was another thing, her great frustration: Avery had never experienced an orgasm with another person. Sure, she came when she was masturbating, and she had a very rich and detailed fantasy life but somehow that fire never translated over into the real world. Once she was in bed with someone she became frozen and far away, simply going through the motions. But there was something about Jonah that she couldn't ignore, something that ignited a warmth under her skin, made her craving and restless. Made her feel alive and aware of herself. Much like she was feeling at that moment. It was strange, how she could feel absolutely nothing while in bed with another person, but the very thought of Jonah turned her into a wild supernova.

She turned over onto her back with a sigh, her hand trailing down over her stomach, until her fingers had slid beneath the fabric of her underwear. She was already wet, she realized, just from thinking about her boss. Who she was going to see later that day. This frustration was only growing worse with time. As she began to circle her clit with her fingers, she thought of his beautiful eyes and strong arms, the way that he sometimes made her feel like she was drowning without even touching her. Sliding two fingers inside of herself, Avery wondered if she should roll over and pull one of her toys out of her bottom night table drawer, but then decided not to interrupt this session, imagining Jonah touching her like this, stroking her and filling her. Avery's hand moved faster and she realised that she was already nearing a climax. She arched her back and curled her fingers against her g-spot, making herself come wildly with a moan. After her body finally stopped quaking, the warm, foggy afterglow spread all through her limbs, and she fell into a deep sleep.

Jonah Ramirez checked the time and then looked towards the front door again, frowning. His server, Avery Dumas, hadn't shown up yet, and the restaurant was filling up. There were others, of course, Mike and Charlie, but tonight was booked solid with reservations, thanks to the jazz show that would be happening later. Jonah was going to be busy enough at the bar, he didn't have time to be rushing off to take tables. He let out a grunt of frustration as he thought of infuriating little Avery. The girl got under his skin in more ways than one, and he had to be careful.

Jonah wasn't a typical bartender, or a typical man, for that matter. He owned the entire restaurant, but found a soothing clarity in serving drinks. He was also close to a thousand years old, 957 to be exact, though outwardly he didn't appear to be older than his mid thirties at most, and his most recent sets of identification put him at 36. He was a very attractive man, with thick dark hair that he wore on the fashionably long side, large eyes that were a startling shade of aquamarine, and a warm olive complexion. This attractiveness was a lure, an intrinsic part of his nature. Jonah Ramirez was half-incubus, the child of an 'unholy' union between a human woman, a powerful Witch, actually, and one of the legendary demons. While thankfully not inheriting his father's pure abilities, Jonah was still plagued by a near-constant sexual hunger. He needed to be careful, though. Even though he was a hybrid, he could still injure a lover in the throes of passion if he didn't keep himself in check, dangerously draining their energy.

She still felt warm, almost too comfortable to open her eyes. At first Avery scarcely remembered what day it was, until she rolled over and looked at her phone. Blind panic then assaulted her as she realized that she was already almost twenty minutes late for work. Letting out a sound that was halfway between a screech and a groan, she practically flung herself out of bed, scrambling to find her clothes. There wasn't any time to take a shower, she'd just have to make herself look as presentable as possible. What the hell had happened? Avery couldn't remember the last time she'd felt relaxed enough to fall back asleep after she woke in the morning, even after a nice session of jilling off. It felt like she'd been drugged, hit in the head with something. Pulling on her shoes, she grabbed her purse and makeup bag and darted out of the apartment.

Avery finally came crashing through the door, having run the final block to the restaurant. As she paused a moment to try to catch her breath, Jonah glared at her from across the bar. ''You are very late,'' he said, raising his eyebrow in a way that made her stomach tilt just a little. Then the look turned to one of confusion. ''And what the hell's the matter with your hair?''

Avery realized in dismay that her long, unruly dark hair was still twisted up into the messy bun that she'd fallen asleep with the previous evening. She stammered out something, and Jonah sighed, shaking his head. ''You are a mess,'' he said. He turned to Charlie, who was folding silverware at the opposite end of the bar. ''Get me a hairbrush.'' Charlie didn't bat an eye at the request, just set down the napkin she was holding and walked into the back. A few moments later she reappeared with a brush. Jonah looked right at Avery, then motioned to a chair a few feet away. ''Sit,'' he ordered. Avery obliged, her knees still shaking a little. She couldn't help but feel a weird tingle go through her when she felt his huge hands on her head, fingers working to pull out the elastic tie that was buried somewhere in the rats nest that was her hair. He wordlessly set to work trying to remove it as gently as possible, hating the way that she managed to bring out his dominant side without even really trying. Avery had beautiful hair, he realized. He loved the way the long strands felt sliding between his fingers. He imagined yanking handfuls of that hair, pulling it as he pounded into her...

''I'm sorry,'' Avery muttered, feeling quite chastised and yet also strangely aroused. ''It was my alarm. It didn't--''

''I don't care,'' Jonah said abruptly, moving away from her and handing the hairbrush back to Charlie, who suppressed a knowing smirk. ''Don't let it happen again.'' Avery's hair, now free of tangles, fell around her shoulders. ''Go get ready, we have a long night ahead of us,'' he said, turning away from her.

It was a long and busy night, but incredibly lucrative. The jazz-fusion ensemble that Jonah had booked were a big hit, and both the bar and restaurant were packed. He had to admit that Avery did an excellent job, as always. She was a competent server, very personable and cool-headed. Most of the time she didn't have any trouble with her tables, but if occasionally she had rude customers she handled it with true professionalism. Also, Jonah noticed as he watched her weaving between tables carrying a tray of wine glasses, she always had excellent balance, moved gracefully, almost like a dancer. But this was at work. He knew for a fact that in her personal life she was nowhere near so together. His perceptive abilities were extra strong because of his nature, and he sensed an empty, lonely place deep inside of Avery, an emotional hole that needed to be filled. For some reason it coaxed a protectiveness out of him but this was constantly in battle with his animal physical attraction to her.

Jonah wiped down the bar again as he mulled this over. He knew that she was attracted to him, he could practically smell it on her whenever they were close. It was bad to get involved with employees, he knew, but there was something about Avery that was so strangely intoxicating that it made Jonah want to throw caution to the wind. If anyone brought out his incubus side, it was her. 'All the more reason to stay away,' he thought to himself. If they did wind up sleeping together, he might unintentionally hurt her. But then again...he had been around for a long time, and he had learned to control himself fairly well. Maybe it would just be best for them both to get it out of their systems. Also, he knew about her habits of leaving work and then going straight to one of the smoky holes in the wall on the other side of town, like she wanted to hide, to lose herself there. He didn't want to think about the sorts of men that she wound up drunkenly bringing home in an attempt to ease her loneliness. Jonah knew he was probably much less dangerous for her than any of them. No, maybe at least he could give her what she needed, satisfy her enough to keep her away from those places. And in that moment, he made up his mind. And there was no changing it.

The kitchen of the restaurant always closed first, usually around eleven. The bar stayed open later, until 3 am. Avery was the closing server, and so once her final tables and side work were done and she cashed out she went and sat down at the bar in front of Jonah. In the dim light, she looked almost shy. He wondered why she was still there. All of the wait staff were entitled to a free drink of their choice once they were finished their shift, but Avery usually hurried out as soon as she was done. Tonight, though, she didn't seem to be in a great hurry to go anywhere. She sat there a moment, watching the band, who were finishing their last set.

''You want something to drink, Avery?'' Jonah asked her. She shook her head. ''Nah, I'm fine for right now.''

''Are you?'' he asked in a soft voice, studying her. She didn't respond. She sat still for a moment and then slid off of the bar stool and moved over to a secluded corner off to the right of the stage. Why, she didn't really know, she just couldn't stay sitting down. It felt like she was caught between two states, afflicted by some force that she wasn't sure if she wanted to run from or towards. That force, whatever it was, seemed to surround Jonah, or perhaps emanate from him. It was hard to resist, made Avery feel slightly drunk, even though she was completely sober.

They stood together watching the band play. The music hung thickly in the air through the glowing of the stage lights. Avery felt someone standing behind her, the smell of familiar cologne let her know exactly who it was and a tremor ran through her body. Jonah's hands set down on her waist, tentative and unmoving. Almost reflexively, Avery leaned back into the potential embrace, giving him permission to continue.

''Is this alright?'' he asked, his hand smoothing across her belly. They were thankfully hidden in the shadows.

Her head bobbed in a nod. ''Yes,'' she whispered. The smell of him was making her crazy, the feeling of his strong arms around her was sending her body into an unexplainable frenzy. They stood like that for a few minutes, and she wondered what this sudden physical contact meant. Once the song finished, Jonah reluctantly released her before they turned the lights on. ''Wait for me tonight,'' he said. ''Don't go running off.''

''Ok,'' she whispered. Luckily, her mind was occupied with helping everyone clean up. It always took extra long to close on nights when there was a show, and even if her shift ended early, she typically stayed so that she could lend a hand. Everything then gradually slowed again once the band had departed, and Charlie was pulling on her coat. ''Avery, you need a ride somewhere?'' she asked.

Sitting at the bar again, she shook her head and gave a mumbled, ''No.''

''I'll drive her home,'' said Jonah, waving her out the door. ''Don't worry.''

Charlie's eyes danced between Avery and Jonah for a moment, and a faint grin ghosted over her face as she turned and walked out, leaving them alone. He turned off the rest of the lights, set the alarm and grabbed his keys. ''Come on,'' he said, taking her by the hand and practically pulling her out of the building.

Jonah couldn't think. His mind was a swirling blur of sensation, and he could tell that it was starting to affect her as well. God, it had been so long since he'd felt this way. He felt like he was hunting, closing in on his prey. It was a primal, intoxicating feeling and all he wanted to do was possess her. Together they stumbled into his apartment and somehow made it to the bedroom.

Mind buzzing frantically, Avery stripped off her clothes, very aware of the fabric beneath her fingertips. She wasn't usually shy like this. She didn't usually feel this much. Her skin was hot and flushed, only growing more heated as she glimpsed the hungry look in Jonah's eyes.

''Lay back on the bed, baby,'' he said in a thick, dark voice.

Avery, now clad in only a flimsy pair of lace underwear, slowly climbed onto the large bed and settled herself against the pillows, her body propped up for his perusal. Jonah was realizing that control in this particular situation might not be as easy as he had initially anticipated. She was more perfect than he'd imagined, and he had fantasized about this moment quite often. Small and slim, Avery did have some delightful curves to her, ones that had been hidden beneath her clothes. Her breasts in particular were larger than he thought, round and perky, with rosy nipples that had hardened into stiff little peaks, practically begging to be sucked.

Jonah reached out his hand and cupped one in his large hand, loving the soft weight. Avery let out a choked sigh and the sound made Jonah even harder. She could see, too, she kept staring at the bulge in his pants with a look of both desire and apprehension in her eyes. He ran his thumb over her hardened nipple, pinched it. Avery shuddered and shifted her lower body, squeezing her legs together.

''Take off the underwear too,'' he ordered, and Avery realized that she was still wearing her lacy black panties. Following his command, she slowly slid them off, leaving her completely bare before him. If there was any doubt that she was aroused, it went out the window once Jonah got a look at her shaved, dripping pussy. His cock twitched inside his pants, begging to be set loose. His nature was starting to take over, he could feel it, that low burning inside, that animal hunger. He wanted to leap on top of her, to slam his rod into her sweet, needy sex and give her exactly what she needed.

Avery was most definitely not expecting the night to turn out the way that it had, and now that she found herself naked on Jonah's bed it was downright surreal. The curious thing was how she was responding. Usually by this point she was numb and staring at the ceiling, pretending to respond to whomever was on top of her, going through the motions and wondering what it was all about, if she was broken. She didn't feel broken now. She felt raggedly sensual, dangerously alive. Her skin tingled, her pussy ached to be filled.

Jonah climbed up onto the bed beside her, it dipped and shifted with his weight. He pulled his shirt off to reveal a well muscled chest with a fine dusting of hair. Avery sucked in a breath. She knew that he was in good shape but she hadn't expected him to be such a specimen. He was so strong-looking, so big compared to her, and that strength made her insides flutter. Her gaze ran down his toned abdomen and then lower again. That bulge in his pants had gotten even bigger, she realized, and Avery couldn't wait to see what she was sure was the monster cock contained there.

He leaned down and then she felt his hot mouth fasten onto one of her breasts, sucking and flicking with his tongue as one of his hands slid between her legs, slowly traveling higher until his fingers brushed against her slick, aching folds. He released her breast for a moment. ''You're so wet, Avery,'' he whispered. ''You need this. You've been needing this for a long time, haven't you?'' She managed a nod as she found herself shifting almost reflexively, trying to grind down against his fingers. Her eagerness startled her.

Jonah laughed. ''That's it. You're a needy little slut, aren't you?''

Avery had never imagined that being called a slut could make her feel so horny, but it did, it only spurred her on more and Jonah sensed this. ''Oh yeah, you like that, don't you?'' he said, still barely touching her at all, just a light, teasing brush of his fingers. ''You like it when I talk to you like the whore you are.'' He needed to slow down or he was going to lose himself in the frenzy. Jonah hadn't counted on this, on her being so deliciously responsive. He'd barely even touched her yet and she was ready to go off. Yet Avery seemed...there was something almost innocent about the way she was responding to him, as if she was surprised or even startled by the way she was feeling. Her clit was incredibly swollen and hard, standing straight up and begging to be sucked and rubbed. He deliberately ignored it for a moment, not wanting to bring her off too soon. In the state that she was already in, he had a feeling that it wouldn't take long. ''Please,'' she whimpered.

''Be patient,'' he said, teasing a long finger at her opening, very slowly pushing inside. Damn, but she was tight and wet, her sex sucked and clutched at the invading digit, wanting more. He slowly slid his finger in and out and then added another, gradually picking up a rhythm as he pumped them in and out. ''Oooh,'' she gasped, arching up off the bed. ''Oh yes!'' Avery clutched at Jonah's shoulders as her pussy grasped at his fingers. She'd never felt like this before, not even when she played with her vibrator. This was completely new.

Jonah now had a distinct suspicion that in fact she was more inexperienced than he had thought. All those fumbling, drunken losers that she kept bringing home must never have been able to satisfy her. Oh but he could, he knew, and he would. But, he realized with dismay, to do it right would take some time and he didn't know how much time he had left before instinct took over completely. She was now starting to buck her hips up against him, and he reluctantly dragged his fingers out of her. Avery practically howled at the loss of contact. Jonah quickly unbuckled his pants, pushing them off, along with his boxers, finally letting his cock spring free. It jutted out towards Avery, the longest, thickest, most beautiful cock she had ever seen. It was also ever so slightly different than any of the others she'd been up close and personal with, so to speak, the head tapered down to a tip that was less rounded, more pointed, almost like a soft little barb. And from that barb a few drops of fluid already leaked. Jonah's member both terrified and fascinated Avery, because while a voice in the back of her mind screamed that it wouldn't fit, she wanted it, wanted it with a new hunger that she didn't quite understand. A tingling jolt of electricity zinged all through her pussy at the sight.

Jonah moved closer, nudging the tip towards her mouth. It was already dripping with pre come and Avery couldn't help herself as she leaned forward and hungrily wrapped her lips around him. A tremor of delight washed over her at the feeling of his girth in her mouth, and then a strange, almost ravenous sensation clouded over her mind and turned her feral. She sucked him wildly, with abandon, taking as much of his length as she possibly could into her throat. Jonah gripped Avery's hair, startled by the sudden ferocity with which she was devouring him. He moved his hips, faster and faster, thrusting deeper into her throat. Avery didn't choke or gag at the onslaught, she welcomed it, her body was now responding on instinct and she opened as wide as she could, swallowing more and more of him, as much as she could take. Unbelievably, Jonah realized that he was already on the verge of coming. The sight of his cock thrusting into her eager mouth, the flushed, dazed look in her eyes as he fucked her face was almost too much to bear. Avery slipped a hand down between her own legs and started to frantically rub her engorged little button. She moaned around his cock and the sensation jolted through Jonah, burning, crashing as he felt himself near the point of no return. She gripped his ass cheeks with her hands, pulling him closer, letting him know that she wasn't letting go.

Avery knew that Jonah was close by the frantic rutting motions of his hips and the way his fingers tightened in her hair. She couldn't stop, she was a woman possessed now, and all she wanted was to feel him explode in her mouth, to spurt hot come all down her throat. The velocity of these strange new desires was staggering...and wonderful. It was like a drug. Avery realized that she could definitely get used to feeling like this. She felt Jonah's cock twitch as he gave one more thrust, she sucked him hard and then he erupted, spilling a torrent of seed into her mouth, which she found herself eagerly swallowing.

It was a big load, he knew, but she drank it all down with an eagerness that he'd never quite experienced before. By the time he had come back to his senses, Avery was lolling back on the bed, a warm, sated smile on her face as she lazily rubbed her belly, which was now full of his semen. A few minutes later, she was asleep.

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