The Unearthly Hunger

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Chapter 2

When Avery woke up, she was different. Her skin felt flushed and buzzing, everywhere. Her head felt strangely open, expanded. She got up and then caught a glimpse of herself in the large mirror over the dresser. Blinking in surprise, she moved back a little and then tentatively stepped closer again. There were several odd things. First, her hair was clearly in the grip of some weird static electricity, it was standing away from her head in a halo of flyaways. Trying to push it down didn't help, it just sprang back up again, and Avery could indeed feel a palpable charge when she touched the rebellious strands. Her first thought was that it must have been caused by the pillowcase. But then next she took notice of the fact that her skin was somehow clearer and brighter, it almost seemed to shine a little. It was pretty, almost unnaturally flawless, as if she'd been airbrushed. And then there were her breasts. They were...swollen, definitely larger than they had been just the night before. Avery wondered if she was dreaming. She knew what her own reflection looked like and this was a distinctly altered version. Altered for the better, it seemed, sure, but unnaturally altered nonetheless, and she needed to know how, and why. She cupped one of her newly enhanced globes experimentally in her hand and a little jolt went through her at how sensitive they were, almost deliciously sore. She moaned and squeezed a little harder, now pinching her nipple with her fingers. A tingling sensation flared between her legs.

At that moment, Jonah returned to the room holding two cups of coffee. He paused when he saw Avery out of bed, naked and standing in front of the mirror fondling herself. His frustrated cock stirred again, reminding him that he still hadn't been inside of her. ''What are you doing?'' he asked. She turned, her tits still in her hands, as if she was presenting them to him. Jonah struggled to suppress a groan. ''Do they look...bigger to you?'' she asked.

They did, actually. She was nearly a cup size larger than she'd been the night before. His prick strained at the front of his pants. ''Yeah,'' he replied slowly. Avery squeezed them again and he really wished that she'd stop doing that. He was about five seconds away from lunging at her and throwing her back down on the bed. Trying to distract himself from the newly-bountiful breasts right in front of his face, Jonah took in other aspects of Avery's appearance. She seemed...different, somehow. It took him a moment to piece together all of the changes. Her hair was the second most obvious one, it was lifting away from her head like a weird halo. He wondered vaguely if he should change the brand of fabric softener that he was using. Clearly his pillowcases were causing a bizarre amount of static cling.

''Look, I have to get to work. Why don't you take the morning off?'' He suggested helplessly. ''Charlie can cover your lunch shift.''

Avery smiled at him in grateful surprise. ''Ok,'' she said.

She had fully intended to go home and take a shower, try to process the events of the night before, but instead she lay back down in Jonah's bed and wrapped the blankets around herself. Her head still felt buzzed, almost as if it was too large for her body. There was a not-unpleasant sort of haze collected all around her, and it lulled her back to sleep. And then Avery found herself pulled into a very strange dream. It was dark, wherever she was, and she knew instinctively that she was not alone, though she couldn't see anyone else yet. Her body felt hot, tingling, almost violently aroused. It was as if every cell was starved for something. The velocity of the feeling was staggering, it pulled her along. And then she saw them. She wanted to scream, but could not. She remained frozen to the spot. Two men, at least she thought at first that they were men, but then when they moved closer she saw that they were something else. Large, muscular bodies, faces that were not human. Teeth too sharp, eyes too narrow and strangely colored. They looked vaguely demonic, although Avery's only real concept of what a demon should look like came from television. Still, this was the first word that came into her head, at least until her eyes were drawn down to the lower half of their bodies, and then she couldn't think at all. Their pants were unzipped and their cocks were out. At first it was the sheer size that startled Avery, they must have been each easily over ten inches long, and tremendously thick, sporting an enormous head with a large barb on it, similar to Jonah's, but more...menacing-seeming, somehow. Semi-flaccid at first, she watched in titillated horror as they both began to swell and grow erect in front of her eyes. A deep, throbbing ache began inside of her and, unable to help it, she pressed her fingers against herself. She heard a chuckle, the creatures smiled, seeming to think that her current state of arousal and fear was very amusing. Their cocks twitched, as if beckoning her, reaching for her.

Then Avery woke, breathing hard. It took her a moment of adjusting to realize where she was. Her skin was covered in a sheen of sweat, her nipples were hard little points and, as she looked down she saw that there was a large damp patch in her underwear. Her pussy tingled and throbbed with an urgency that Avery had never felt before. What was going on? She couldn't remember the last time that she had been this horny. Trying to clear her head, she quickly climbed out of bed and threw on her clothes from the night before. Yes, what she needed was to go home, take a long shower, and have a cup of coffee. Hopefully that would straighten her head out. Locking the door to Jonah's apartment, she hurried down the stairwell and out of the building. The day was chilly and brisk, the sky couldn't seem to decide if it wanted to let the sun shine or not, clouds clustered and moved back and forth over it. The cold air felt good on her skin, which was still rather overheated. Her body was still alarmingly aroused, her nipples were still tight and hard, and every time they brushed against the fabric of her shirt, she felt a jolt between her legs. Even walking was a near-torment, her underwear kept rubbing and torturing her clit with each movement. Blinking, Avery paused and realized that she'd walked to a completely different part of town. She found herself now only about a block away from one of the dives that she frequented. Maybe I'll just stop in for a minute, she thought to herself, wondering where that thought had come from, why she had the sudden deep desire to go to a smoky hole in the wall in the middle of the day, especially with so many other unusual things going on. Still, she crossed the street and went inside. The place sang to her, dragged her into the smoky darkness.

There was a new electricity in the air, and Jonah didn't really like the feel of it. It reminded him of a storm on the horizon. Then the front door opened. Jonah gritted his teeth when he saw the two familiar men enter the restaurant. The twins—Georgio and Silvio. His half-brothers, two identical, dangerously handsome full-blooded incubi. He hadn't seen them in over a hundred years and he dreaded to learn why they'd suddenly decided to show up. Whatever the reason was, it couldn't be good.

''Aren't you going to offer us a drink?'' Georgio said with a dazzling smile as they sat down.

Jonah grunted in reply, but reached under the bar and pulled out a very old and expensive bottle of Scotch and two glasses. ''This is a lovely place you've got here, little brother,'' Silvio chimed in with an approving nod as he looked around the restaurant. ''You've done well for yourself.''

''I've done alright,'' Jonah said flatly. ''Why are you here?''

The twins shared a look and then turned their eyes to Jonah. ''Can't we visit family without having ulterior motives?'' Silvio asked innocently.

''No, you can't. Normal families do that, we don't. We stay far away from each other under normal circumstances, and it works. So I know for a fact that this isn't a social call. What's going on?''

Georgio sighed and took a sip of his drink. ''Ah, that's excellent. Well, it seems that Tobias is...well, he's missing.''

Jonah raised his eyebrows. Tobias was their oldest brother. ''Are you certain?''

Georgio nodded. ''He's fallen completely off the radar. Marta can't even find him, and you know if anyone could, it would be her. And there's another thing...'' he leaned closer, dropped his voice to a whisper. ''He's been seen in the company of Thrace and his minions.''

A look of confusion crossed Jonah's face. ''What in hell would Tobias be doing with Thrace?''

Thrace was a very dangerous and high-ranking demon, an underworld thug. Nobody wanted to get involved with him and his ilk unless there was no other choice.

''That's what we don't know,'' Silvio admitted. ''But we're here because Marta said that there's been a sudden influx of demonic activity in this city.''

''I haven't seen anything,'' Jonah said. While it was true that there seemed to be more unexplained crimes and strange disturbances, that was typical around this time of year. People always went a little weird during the holiday season.

''Well, keep your eyes open. If what Marta says is correct then it should be picking up.'' He paused and took another sip of his drink, then studied Jonah with his blue-green eyes, which were just a shade darker than Jonah's, less aquamarine and more turquoise. ''You look healthy,'' he noted.

''You sound surprised.'' Jonah spoke gruffly.

''Well, I know that you're very cautious about'' Silvio smoothed his long fingers over the bar.

''I'm discerning,'' Jonah corrected.

Georgio smiled. ''A fine way to be. As are we.'' He nodded at his twin.

Jonah rolled his eyes. ''Draining high society cougars doesn't exactly make you discerning.''

''No, but it does make us connoisseurs. They are ever so eager and energetic. You don't always find that. And we take good care of them. See, we enjoy our nature. We embrace it, as do they. We're only giving them what they want.''

Raising his eyebrows, Jonah said, ''What about the effects?''

Georgio waved his hand dismissively. ''Those women are so full of pills and white wine that they can scarcely feel a thing. And if they wake up a little tired or under the weather then they go to the gym or run to their pharmacists and then they're tip top and ready to go again by the next evening. They're insatiable. It's like a drug to them, they always want more.'' He smirked wickedly, then winked at a pretty blonde down at the other end of the bar who was giving him the eye.

''We've never had a casualty. Not one,'' Silvio added. ''We're very good at what we do. And if perhaps we...overindulge then we call Doriah, and she works her magic.''

As she deposited a tray full of empty wine glasses on the bar, Charlie's ears perked up. Her enhanced fae senses caught the distant yet clear sound of trouble. ''Hey guys,'' she said, hurrying over to the three, ''I think Avery might need some help.''

Avery wandered through the bar; she was being drawn as if in a trance, the burning inside of her body was leading her mindlessly along. She was aware that her feet were moving along the floor until she arrived at a shadowy alcove near the back. There were three men there, half-hidden in the darkness. Avery felt a throb between her legs, that terrible need increased, despite the warning pangs of fear that were now building in her chest. Then the men moved forward. They didn't lunge, they crept with the grace of perfect predators, because that was what they were. She could see their faces shifting, unable to hold back the chaos cracking their human masks. Just then a disorienting 'pop' rang through the air and the lights flickered as they were all temporarily disoriented. Avery's ears rang and she thought that she might pass out. Then she heard running, shouting, saw familiar faces—Charlie, then Jonah, as well as two handsome men that she did not recognise. Oh, was she ever grateful to see Jonah. She felt his strong arms around her and then everything went dark.

''What do we do?'' Charlie asked.

''We have to take her over the Threshold,'' Silvio said firmly. ''Marta and Doriah need to know about this, and she'll be safe there.''

''Fine,'' Jonah grumbled. ''But don't get any ideas.'' He dreaded the tongue-lashing that he was going to get from Doriah, but he looked down at Avery's prone body in his arms and knew that it was necessary. Once they were clear of the bar, Charlie waved her hand and everyone woke from their stupor and began drinking and smoking and chatting as if nothing had happened. Jonah carried Avery around the building, followed by the others. Behind the bar was a place where the side streets and a parking lot intersected. It was the closest thing to a crossroads that was nearby, and thankfully it was fairly secluded. ''Call up the door,'' Jonah instructed Georgio, who closed his eyes for a moment. The air in front of them shivered, and then a faint, rippling light appeared. One at a time, they stepped through it, and then it closed behind them.

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