The Unearthly Hunger

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Chapter 3

Slowly, new ground appeared in front of them and they found themselves in a bustling metropolis, outside of the doors of a vast, looming temple.

''Just what in the hell do you think you're doing, Jonah?'' Doriah narrowed her eyes and glared at him as soon as they had crossed over the Threshold, her sister Marta standing silently beside her, watching. ''Bringing an outsider here?''

Outwardly, Doriah and Marta were as different as night and day. Marta was slim and tiny, with shiny black hair and sparkling lavender eyes. She always wore a kind of smirking half-smile, as if she knew that the universe was all one big joke and she was in on it. She wasn't exactly a succubus, but she was of a similar breed. She could manipulate and sense energy of all sorts, not just sexual, and she didn't require sexual energy to thrive, though she enjoyed it.

Doriah was a much bigger woman, tall and Rubenesque, with impressive curves. Her size gave her the grounding and stability that she needed to perform her work. While Marta was quieter, Doriah had a very loud, vibrant personality and didn't hesitate to voice her opinions, which she always had, about nearly every subject.

''I had no other choice,'' he said through gritted teeth. ''She was attacked by Thrace's people.''

The mists around them began to dissolve and he could now see her more clearly. Doriah's eyes narrowed even further. ''Thrace?'' she echoed, lowering her voice. ''Are you certain? What would Thrace want with a random Middle-Worlder?'' She studied Avery's prone form suspiciously.

Jonah shook his head. ''Now you see why we're here. This isn't going to go away. His people are restless, hungry, and there's more of them. They've become far too brazen and I don't like it. Have you heard anything about Tobias?''

Doriah opened her mouth to say something when two attendants quickly hurried over and took Avery from Jonah. He reluctantly let her go, knowing that they were taking her into the temple to acclimate her, a process that would allow her to exist on the other side of the veil without being killed by the drain on her energy.

While Avery was being carried off, Doriah turned to Jonah. ''You haven't fucked her yet, have you?''

He didn't really want to know how she knew that, so he simply said, ''No, I haven't.''

''But you have shared sexual energy with her.''

''Yes. Of course I have.'' He skipped past the part where she'd passed out on him and then woken up with her hair standing on end.

''She must mean something to you,'' Doriah mused as she rubbed her chin thoughtfully. ''Or else you wouldn't have brought her here. You wouldn't be so interested in protecting her.''

''I think that she might be important,'' he replied stiffly. ''Thrace's people wouldn't be so keen on trailing her otherwise.''

Doriah sighed. ''There may be something hidden in her bloodline. We can ask Marta about that later, but first we have to make sure that her energy field is insulated enough. You know what this means, right?''

''Yes, I know.''

''You need at least two, maybe three. I'm sure Marta would be game--''

''Let me worry about the details, please,'' Jonah cut in. Doriah held up a hand. ''Just trying to help.'' She paused a moment as if listening. ''She's awake now. We should probably take this acclimation slow. Jonah, you try and calm her.''

To help Avery, Jonah was going to have to use certain special abilities that he possessed: the ability to hypnotise, even to put someone into a trance, or an altered state. All incubi had these abilities, among others to varying degrees. It helped with the feedings, forming a potentially dangerous and at times fatal link between his kind and their prey, draining them on every level: physical, energetic, spiritual. Fortunately, as Jonah was only half-blooded, this ability wouldn't cause Avery any harm. It would probably just make her feel very stoned.

''Everything's fine, Avery,'' he whispered into her mind as he locked eyes with her, his fingers gently stroking her cheek. ''You feel just fine. You're safe. You're with me in a safe place, and I'm not going to let anything happen to you, alright?''

''Ok,'' she murmured sleepily. Avery suddenly felt very comfortable and warm. Jonah knew that they needed to move quickly, before her life force was drained away to nothing.

''The Acclimation shouldn't that hard, it looks like something has already woken in her,'' Doriah remarked as she examined Avery. ''Yeah,'' confessed Jonah. ''She uh, woke up like that this morning. Skin softer, hair standing on end.''

''The hair standing on end is a residual charge from the magick, a by-product,'' Doriah said. She closed her hands over Avery's breasts and the girl let out a moan in her half-asleep state. ''What about these?'' she asked, continuing to squeeze them.

''They're new too,'' Jonah said with a nod. ''Hmm,'' said Doriah. ''Looks like they're not done yet, they'll probably swell even larger once she's fully awakened. Well, that's good news,'' she said brightly, pulling her hands away from Avery's tits with some reluctance. ''Less work for us. We already have enough to focus on, what with the Festival coming up and now all these strange new developments.'' The demon woman sighed. ''Let's get her to the chamber.''

''Kelia and Margot are going to perform the energetic awakening on her,'' Doriah said as they walked, ''along with your presence of course.'' Jonah's cock sprang immediately to life at the thought. Kelia was a statuesque blonde with luscious curves. Margot was smaller, pixie-like, with burgundy hair and a marvellously toned body.

The two succubi entered the chamber where Avery was now laying, smiles on their faces, eyes lighting up at the sight of the human.

Laid on a soft chaise, Avery gave herself over to the two women, and to Jonah, willing to surrender to sensation, a willingness that she hadn't quite felt before. In the back of her mind, she wondered if perhaps this was all simply a very long and involved sensual dream. She felt a deep tugging between her legs and squirmed. The blonde woman smiled and then undid the ties of the smaller woman's wrap, pushing it off of her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. At the sight of Margot's newly revealed body, Avery felt another unmistakeable tingle of arousal go through her. Both women met her eyes, smiled. They moved very gracefully. Their beauty was so otherworldly, so astonishing to Avery. Margot positioned herself at the front of the chaise by her feet, and Kelia came to stand to her right.

Continuing to smile, Margot took hold of one of Avery's feet and pressed her fingers against a spot on the sole. A warm glow danced through her blood. Now Kelia slid off her own dress and Avery felt a slow throb start in her pussy at the sight of her large, perfect breasts. The blonde woman took hold of Avery's hand and rested it on one of her beautiful globes. It was soft and wonderful beneath her fingers and she found herself letting out a little moan. She found women attractive, and had always been a little curious, but she had never gone this far before. Now, she wondered why she hadn't sooner. She was suddenly overcome with a desire to touch Kelia everywhere, to kiss her. Sensing this, the succubus motioned to Margot, who gently guided Avery's legs open. Her fingers slid up her inner thigh. Avery moaned again at the feeling, craving more. She wanted Margot to finger her, eat her out, anything to make the burning ache go away.

Jonah was in a similar state, now watching from behind the energetic barrier a few feet away. It was for Avery's safety, in this state, while he observed her being awakened by the two gorgeous succubi, he could very easily lose control and endanger the outcome of the ritual. Oh, and he was already close to losing control; held in his hand, his cock was already leaking. It didn't help any when Margot, with a mischievous little half-smile in his direction, parted Avery's folds with her fingers, showing him how wet she was. That, combined with the sight of Avery excitedly fondling Kelia's tits, was almost too much to bear already.

Kelia now took Avery's hand away from her breast and guided it down her flat belly to the smooth juncture between her thighs. Parting her legs ever so slightly, the blonde pressed Avery's fingers against her sex, sighing in delight at the contact. Nearly every shred of hesitation now gone, Avery was delighted at the feel of Kelia's soft, velvet snatch and instinctively sought out the stiff little bud there and began to rub. Margot took this opportunity to push two of her own fingers into Avery's pussy. Gasping, Avery soon began to buck her hips as she continued to play with Kelia, growing bolder, sliding her fingers further and further back until they had delved inside of the blonde.

''Good girl,'' said Kelia, shifting, grinding on Avery's hand.

Margot leaned forward and brought her mouth down against Avery's pussy, causing a scream to tear from her throat. Her fingers quickened their pace inside of Kelia. Avery felt like her body was going to crack apart, like her skin was about to be engulfed in a supernova of lust. She felt Margot suck gently on her clit and then she felt her orgasm begin. As it started, Kelia pressed her hands against Avery's head and it felt like a tremendous amount of heat and energy were being funnelled through her body, bringing along with it a pleasure so tremendous that she could do nothing but writhe and gasp and whimper. She felt a burst of wetness spill onto her fingers as Kelia moaned, coming as well, and then this triggered Margot, who continued to frantically pleasure Avery as she too reached her climax.

On the other side of the partition, Jonah's cock spurted at the sight, and he leaned forward, breathing heavily. Everyone lingered like that for a moment, basking in the afterglow. ''She's awake now,'' Jonah heard Kelia say breathlessly.

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