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The Armored Wolf Book Three: The Black Wolf Society

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Pe-Tar has been defeated. But even with that victory, Ellie can't help but feel that a bigger war is coming. What's more is that she has been having more visions since Pe-Tar's death. Visions that make no sense to her. Visions of black wolves that are nothing like her Darian. And a voice that sounds old and evil telling her that the end is coming and that it will be because of one of her friends that it will be released. Without knowing who to trust, Ellie must embark on a new journey, one that will take her to the far north of the human world, to learn about her visions and secrets that the pack leaders, including Denthro, rather keep hidden and what her being created has to do with it all.

Fantasy / Adventure
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“You shall not defeat me foul beast! Now back down to the abyss where you belong!” Ellie watched a warrior in golden armor with a red cape and a golden staff stand near a cliff. The warrior had an eyepatch over his left eye. In front of the warrior at the edge of the cliff was a giant black wolf with blood-red eyes. The wolf was alone whereas the warrior had warriors in silver armor. Most of the warriors had long iron chains in their hands. Ellie wasn’t even sure how they could hold the iron chains. It looked heavy. One of the warriors though didn’t hold the iron chain. He had a hammer in his right hand and it seemed to be glowing brightly.

“You can’t keep me down Odin Allfather.” The giant black wolf snarled. To Ellie’s surprise, the giant wolf’s mouth wasn’t moving. Rather, it was using mind speech. The thing was, the wolf didn’t look like an armored wolf. Ellie thought only armored wolves had that ability. “Even if I’m chained down, my followers will free me for the End of Days.”

The golden armored warrior was silent for a minute. The only noise that could be heard was the giant wolf’s breathing and what sounded like static coming from the hammer that the one warrior was holding. “Even if you’re set free, you shall fall as all evil does.” The golden warrior finally said in a calm voice before pointing his staff at the giant wolf. “But now, you shall be tied up and kept tied for as long as my servants live!” With those words, the iron chains flew from the warriors and wrapped themselves around the giant wolf several times.

The giant wolf fell to its side before falling over the cliff, disappearing into the fog as it fell. It howled as it disappeared. The ground shook and water came rushing to the land, sealing the giant wolf under the water.

Ellie woke up and sat up in her bed as she heard thunder roaring outside. She shook her head as she rubbed her eyes. It was just a dream. It was just a dream. She didn’t know why she had had a dream about a wolf. She looked at her bedside table. There was a history book about the armored wolves. Darian had given it to her days before so Ellie could learn as much as she could about the armored wolves.

The thing was, there had been nothing in the history book about a fight between warriors with iron chains and a giant wolf at the edge of a cliff. Not even her history professor, Professor Lycan, had spoken of anything like that. She was certain though that if it was a vision, something bad was about to happen. She hoped it wasn’t a vision. The last visions she had seen had nearly killed her.

Ellie laid back down and looked at the ceiling of her room. She didn’t know why she would have been dreaming about a giant wolf but she knew that there were ways she could find out more about it. She needed to know more.

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