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John, Lois, Clara and Karla Amelia with the help of many Eternals are busy with holding back an invading force. A part of the Ever-oak was no longer accessible to John and despite their combined abilities as Cosmic Envoys they could not prevent the Darkness travelling down a branch of the Over-oak. Over a 1000 universes are already lots and every day, a few more fall to Darkness. Novamoniique, the Eternal of Chance, also know in the olden days as the Coyote is given a special task, except mamma Lois does not tell her what, where, why or anything. Her only clue is the strange Ada and that her body was regrown for high G environments.

Fantasy / Scifi
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The Darkness is revealed as the fourth Cosmic. Sunn, Aeon and Orib took away from Caos to create the many universes. They are the invaders, not Caos but not there are trillions of souls at stake. But Caos also has souls in its realm. The universes will be integrated back into the endless Caos, unless.

Novamonique must avoid being killed again, catch a few stray Gods and discover why her Momma-Lois turned her current body into an impossible heavy-worder while she babysits the strange Ada. But she knows that whatever she has to do is dire and important. Momma-Lois said that it should be fun.

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