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only a half-breed

By Nikki Parr All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

Chapter 1

      Sitting in the day bed by the bay window and watching it rain again. She stands and walks over to her bed room door. "You FUCKING Ass Whole!" she hears her mother call her dad for only the gods know this time. Why must they always fight? She slams the door hard. That shut her up for a moment but then starts to yell again. She walks over to her stereo to turn up the music. "Mary Jane" by Tom Petty came on then she turned it up a little more. She walked over to her vanity mirror and looked at her self in the mirror.

        Her soft auburn-gray eyes always made her stand out more then every one else at her school. Thinking to her self, I must have done something to piss mother off again. Shaking her head, she watched her curly silver-black hair fall from the bun that it was in. She walked over to her bed side table and picked up the phone. She dialed a number and heard the other line ring once, then once again and a woman picked up the phone. "Yes, Hello?" she said in to the phone. "Qamar there?" I asked knowing that is was his mother that had picked up. She didn't like me much I know that. "Yeah, hold on will you?" I said "Yeah." I heard her put the phone down and call for her son.

        About a minute latter he picked up the phone. "Sorry about that. What's up?" he knows that I'm not that fond of his mother. "They are fighting again. Can we meet up some where or do you want to come and get me?" he drives and I know that he'll pick me up. "Sure. I'll see you in about 15? I have to get dressed." I said, "Alright but hurry up I can't stand it when she yells. It's really bad tonight." We said good bye and I hung up the phone.

          Shit, I have to get dress as well and I have got to do something to tame my hair. Shit! She went to her closet and pulled out a pair low rise black jeans and a belt to with it. There were stars that were cut in to the leather belt. It looked good. She then pulled out a long sleeve black turtle neck shirt, then a see through starry shirt and put it over the black one. Since it was raining she took out her black leather knee high boots that added about four inches to her already 5'' 6' height. Her pant leg covered the top of her boots. She went to the mirror again to brush her hair and she put it up in to a half pony tail and braided it. Letting her long bangs hang down from the braid, she let the rest fall around her heart shape face. She took out her makeup, she had black eye liner. As she out lined her eyes she heard the door bell ring. Shit! He had said fifteen. It had only been ten. Damn that boy though I did tell him to hurry. Well shit! She took out her thick rain coat that was lined with fur. And no it is not lined with fur. That would make me sad every time I would wear this coat. It was also one of my fave." She could hear her mom opening the door. "Oh, hi Qamar. How are you tonight?" letting him in. "I'm doing fine. Is Kamaria up stairs?" He asked and then mom said, "Yeah, you can go ahead and go up."

          I could hear him coming up the stairs. My hearing was a little better then other humans. He was taking them two at a time and so I stole another look in the mirror to make sure I looked okay. And I seemed okay I guess. There was a knock on my door and it opened. He looked good as always. There could be nothing wrong with him. I mean shit this boy could wake up and throw on something and he's good to go. I wish I was that lucky. But what ever.

           I open my arms and he came over to hug me. Then he kissed me on the mouth. "So you missed me didn't you?" I smiled at him. It was our normal state of friendship. We would always put people off at school. But he has been my best friend since I can remember. I stepped back just a little and looked at him. He was always dyeing his hair a different color. This time it was a dark bluish color, but at the same time it was not. It was like he took the blue and mixed it with silver. He gray-blue eyes and tan skin that made them stand out a little more. I let my eyes roomed over him and he stood there with that cocky smile of his. This made his lips more exotic. Damn that boy. He knows how to melt my heart. Only if I could tell him though. He stood about 6''3' and about 250 lb.'s he likes to work a lot. I like to watch him too.

         "Didn't you know that you are my long lost love?" he said smiling at me. He drew me in closer and kissed me again. This time made it feel like he meant it a lot more then our fun and games. When he pulled back he had a relaxed look in his eyes and looked at the bed then back a me. I blushed and said, "Well I'm ready let's get going." He looked a little hurt by it but then fallowed me out of my room. I took him by the hand and pulled him out of my room turning off my stereo.

           As I pulled him down the stairs my mother stopped us. "Where do you think you all are going?" she asked as she put her arms across her chest. "Well mother if you must know. We are going out for a night on the town and I thought I'd take my fave body guard here to take me around and keep me out of trouble. While you yell and yell at poor father." I smiled and Qamar bowed and took my hand and led me to the door. He turned and said, "Don't worry I'll have her back in one peace. Now me? That's a whole different question. See ya!"

           I could hear my mother yelling a little bit more. "Thank you so much! Oh my god I don't think I can handle those fits of hers any more. How many more days till I can move out? We are still getting a place together right?" I looked at him as he opened my door for me. I got in to his 2005 Minnie Cooper. The way he had them paint his car was like so out there. The base paint is a mid night blue color and there is stars that go around the entire car they are silver and gold. Then on the hood of the car was the lunar circle. It was done really well.

          "You know that we will be getting a place together. We have been planning that since the seventh grade. Why would I go and change my mind on that? And about how many more days, you have two years, and six months till we can move out and get our own place. I have seven moths." As he turned on the car the radio the song that came on was "Fun for me" by Moloko.

             As I was putting on my seat belt I started to bob my head to the beat. "So what do you want to do to night?" I looked over at him and he was just looking at me. I haven't felt like this towards him before. I've always thought that he was cute, but he has been like a brother to me. What was with that kiss up in my room to? He's always kissed me before. But something is going on. Aloud she asked, "So where are we going?" he just gave me that cocky smile. "What's up? Tell me where are going?"

         "No, it's a surprise. And you have to put this on over eyes so you can't see. And please don't peak Arie." He held up a night mask. It had stars on it to. He and I were always in to the whole universe. I meet him when I was in the first grade and him being in the third grade. There were a couple of kids that were picking on me for how I looked. When I wear like tank tops and halter tops you can see it more, I have black strips that run across the upper part of my arms and a little bit on my back and then down my spine it's like dragon scales. My eyes change with my moods. So those that know me well know when to stay away. Or unless you are Qamar, he knows how to save my mood. Yeah I had it a little hard when I was growing up but I had Qamar.

          I did as he asked I put the night mask on. He had turned the radio off so that I could hear him. "So, Arie? I'm going to be asking you something when we get to this place." He was say as we made a left turn somewhere. "Why don't you ask me now?" Oh god! I wander if he is going to ask me….. No that would be silly. I mean. I wouldn't even know what to say. Should I say yes to anything that he would ask? No that could put me in a bad spot. "Arie did you hear me?" he asked. I said, "No, I'm sorry. I was just thinking. What were you asking? And are we there yet?"

          "Almost, just hold on a little longer and we'll be there. What was you thinking bout?" he asked, then the car stopped for just a moment then started to go again. Thinking to her self,should I tell him? No, I'll tell after when he shows me. "Nope I can't tell you. How about some music instead?" he chuckled then there was "Mama" from My Chemical Romance. I started to sing along, "Mama we all go to hell, Mama we all go to hell, I'm writing this letter and wishing you well, Mama we all go to hell!" Then I feel the car come to a compete stop and hear the engine turn off.

       "Well, we are here. But don't take off the blindfold. Okay? I'm going to get out so that I can open your door and guide you okay?" after my seconded nod I heard him get out and close his door. Then my door open and he took me hand.

         "So what is all this about Qamar? What in hell has gotten into you?" shaking my head. He pulls me along with him. Then I hear a door open.

            Then he pulls me in and takes off my blind fold. I let my eyes ageist to the bright light. Once my eyes adjusted to the light, there was food ready and a bundle of nose-gay, there was also candle light too. "Oh, Qamar." Letting a sigh out, "What is this for?" looking up to him. He was just smiling. And moved her to the table and pulled out the chair for her to sit. "This is just a little something I had put together for you. I had a little extra money and I wanted to do something nice for you." He took his seat across from her and smiled again. She lifted the lid to her plate. There was a steak, mash potato's, there was corn on a cob. In the wine glass, was blood?

              "Qamar, why is there blood in my glass?" though the smell of blood made her hungry she took a smell of it and set it back on the table. Was there blood is his cup too? "Where did you get the blood?"

             "Kamaria, this is my blood. I am bounding my soul to you. As you drink it I'll never leave your side unless you want me to. I know that you need the intake as well. I've known you for along time my love." She looked at him as he said that.

             "There is one more thing that I want to give you as well. But let me tell you why I'm giving it to you as well." He stood up and went over to the self that was near the door.

              Oh dear god. I wonder why he is acting like this. I wonder what he is going to give me. I mean it's not even my birthday and he never get me things unless it my birthday and or like Christmas. Those are like the only times that he get me things. Not to mention, he is acting vary different to night. It's not even a full moon. That's the only time he gets wired around me too.

             "Qamar, why are you acting like this?" I asked him as he was walking back towards me with a brightly wrapped box. I look from him to the box then back at him. he just smiled at me and set the box next to my plate. "You can open it." he said when he took his seat again.

            I took the box in to my hands. It was the size of small mailing box. I think that is like a two-x-four inch box would be my best bet. I flipped it a couple of times in my hands seeing if it would rattle. It didn't then Qamar said, "Come on Kamaria. Open it." I looked at him and nodded.

              I started to rip the paper off the box and asked, "This isn't what I think it is? Is it?" he just looked at me and shrugged at me. "Well shit." I said. Then I ripped the paper more.

            The box was taped as well. I took one of my nails and went through the tape with it. When I opened the box I just looked at the collar there was also a ring too. But the collar? I put the box down and I picked up the collar. I looked at it more closely. There was rose quartz, sapphires, rubies, and snow quartz. It was all laid in silver. "Oh, my Qamar. This is so….." looking it over a few more times before I made eye contact with him. He always gets me really nice things for my birthday and things like that. But like oh my god. I don't even know what to say. I'm lost for words. This must have cost him a lot of money. Fuck, I have to find something really nice for him now. What is with the ring too?

               "Qamar, what is all this for? You still have not told me." I took out the ring to look at it. I tried it on all my fingers. But the only finger that it fit on really well was my ring finger. I looked up at him and all he did was smile. I knew right then. "Qamar?" he shook his head yes then I let out a sigh. The ring was like the collar, but the ring had a sapphire, a ruby, and a rose quartz. It was a past, present, and future ring, it was set in silver. It was beautifully done.

              "Qamar, I don't even know what to say. I'm in shook." He got up and came over to me. He pulled out my chair and knelt next to me. He looked me in the eye and then said, "I know I have showed much in the last few years but Kamaria. I love you. I have since I met you. I didn't know how to bring it up to you. I was also afraid of getting rejected by you. I haven't even seen your true form Kamaria."

            He moved closer to me. He put his lips upon mine and kissed me in way I never though that I could be kissed. I kissed back even more as if I could not get enough of his taste in me. He solely let the kiss go and looked at me. We have always kissed this was just. It was just so different from all the other kisses we have ever shared.

            I stood to go to the middle of the room. "Do you really want to see my true foam Qamar? If so you have to promise me right now that you will not tell another soul." He shook his head, and said, "Kamaria, I will give you me word along with my soul. If I shall tell any one then you may hunt me down and kill me. I love you and I'll always protect you." He gave me smile then I sighed.

          As I was standing in the middle of the room I began to take off my clothes. I took off my jacket, shirt, and bra. Then I let my hair down. After doing that I took off my boots and then I slid out of my panties and my pants. This is so not at I had in mind. I guess I was going to have to show him sooner or latter right? Well now he gets to see the beast that I become every full moon. I hope that this will not change his mind. I do love him to.

             "Now when I change I may not recognize you. But I know you by sent so hold out your hand for me to smell."

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