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Skylar is a young Spirit-Fox, living alone in the woods in a cabin, she inherited from her grandmother. She’s a powerful supernatural and a protector of nature. She’s smart, kindhearted, head-strong and a little bit naïve. So what happens when The Spirit of The Woods is mated to Xander, the Third of The Dark Wood Pack? Will the werewolves be able to accept her? And when a supernatrual war threatens to eliminate all of werewolf kind, will she be able to protect them?

Fantasy / Romance
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Making New Friends

Sky’s POV

I was sulking as I watched the mated couple walk through the forest. I was close to werewolf territory and that’s why I knew they were mated. Werewolves always had a mate. Soulmate. Their other half. Their perfect other!

“I want that,” I muttered while longingly watching the couple in front of me smile, laugh and just being ridiculously cute in love.

Spirits don’t have mates, I heard Ellie answer, her voice sounding just as depressed as mine. She sighed. As did I. I know I shouldn’t be that jealous. I mean, humans hardly had this ‘mate’ thing down and they’d been around for ages. Werewolves were created a bit later and they were created with a mate, from the moment they were born. I guess that’s one way of making sure the race lived on, but honestly in my jealous state of mind, I just thought it was laziness! Just skip the whole courtship and jump the bone of whoever was destined to be your other half… They really had it easy!

“I don’t want at mate ‘mate’,” I mumbled on, being careful that I didn’t disturb the couple in front of us. I might have masked my scent, but werewolf hearing was just as good as their animal counterpart. “I just don’t want to be alone anymore.”

I know I was brooding at this point, but seriously, if you knew my story you wouldn’t blame me!

I know, Ellie replied again, uninterested in the depressing conversation. Mentally I could see her dully watching her tail thud up and down as she didn’t want to keep her focus on the happy couple, who now were out of our sight. I know she wanted someone just as badly as I did. We’d been alone in the woods now for two years and things were not any happier before…

For almost 9 years it had only been my mom and me. She was like me or… She had a spirit – a Fox Spirit. A very powerful being, a protector of nature, so it wasn’t like I felt out of place or alone in the woods. In my case, my spirit’s name was Ellie and had become part of my consciousness since the day I turned four. She was good company although she slept through most of my childhood, while we both got used to her being there. When I was 8, I was able to shift for the first time; turn into a beautiful red fox. It wasn’t painful or stressful, but it did require some training. Cause let’s be honest: it’s not easy for an 8-year-old to ‘let go’ of control of their body so another consciousness could take over.

However, it was around this time my life really was flipped upside down. Not because of Ellie; but because my mom met ‘somebody’. I liked him at first and for the longest time, the feeling was mutual. He was like a father to me and asked me permission to marry mom! I couldn’t have been happier for them…

Until she was pregnant with my baby brother…

Fast forward 7 years and I was a moody teenager, with a dad that was constantly breathing down my neck, because he felt he needed to protect his son from me. Mom tried to smooth out the waves, but because she lived in the city and focused all her efforts into her job, marriage and children, her spirit was weakened. She got easily sick, due to stress and sometimes – if she and dad had a really bad argument – she would literally pass out in the middle of it. Something dad also blamed me for. Our spirits were our greatest strength, but they were also our greatest weakness…

That’s when I decided I had enough and started to make a plan. I was going to run away and by the end of my planning, I came across something interesting. A name – Belinda Frost! It was my grandmother’s name. My real one that is, since mom was raised by her biological father and his wife. It was a letter, telling her daughter to come find her along with instructions on how to find her house. Clearly, my mom hadn’t followed the instructions, but after writing a rater heartfelt letter goodbye, I sat out to find my grandmother…

Turned out that the instructions led me to a house in a forest, in the middle of nowhere and its tenant clearly long gone. I tried to get things up and running again – with warried success – and started a life for myself out here. But best of all, I felt my spirit really come to life out here. I could ‘hear’ nature in ways I never imagined possible. Not that I could ‘hear’ them talk, but I understood their needs. Their worries and anger. Wild animals would seek me out for help or just company and I even could sense the trees and rivers communicate with me. If the water was contaminated, I would just know or if a tree was rotting on the inside, it would tell me, so I could take it down. In return, I was given fish, fruits and nuts. Sometimes wild animals would even leave their hunts by my door and I never was in need of anything.

And to top it all off, the house was full of books, maps and charts about anything you’d never believe was real. It contained information about werewolves, dragons, fairies and unicorns. Everything I thought only existed in fairytales and legends. And at first, I believed it to be just that: stories! But the more I learned the more I realized that this was too informative to be some bedtime story. Curiosity got the best of me, and one day I snuck into what was supposed to be werewolf territory. I was in my fox form, so on one really took notice of me. But that’s when I saw them: werewolves! Huge, unnatural wolves, that – just like me – shifted from beast to man or woman in a flash. After that, my hunger for learning more had completely consumed me, and soon I knew every legendary creature inside out!

But all the time, I was alone. And now I think, it was starting to get to me…

I noise beneath me caught my attention. I turned around and soon caught eye of what caused the rachet. My heart sank at the sight. Two rather strange looking werewolves were chasing another werewolf – a girl from what I could tell. She’d fallen and was now caught between the cliffs – on who’s top I was – and the two wolves approaching her. Teeth flashing and deep, threatening snarls filling the air. She needed help! But something held me back, from rushing into action. There was something off about the two males hunting her! Damn it! Why couldn’t I put my finger on it right now…?

“What are those?” I asked out loud, although my question was directed at Ellie. I’d gotten into a bad habit of talking out loud to her, to lessen the pain of loneliness. But to be honest, she liked it.

Rogues, she reminded me, never taking her eyes of her oh-so-gorgeous tail. The trouble taking place under us didn’t even seem to faze her. My heart sank. Rogues! Wild werewolves, that either had left the pack or had been kicked out as punishment. Because werewolves were extremely social animals, this caused them to go mad and become wild; worse than rapid dogs…

“Come on,” I urged her, slightly starting to panic, as I kinda had to have her on board, if I was going to be able to help the poor thing. “She needs our help.”

A spirit doesn’t help domesticated dogs, she continued uninterested, still being her brooding self. If I could, I would growl at her right now! She could be SO annoying sometimes!

“You said that we help nature and their animals,” I kindly reminded her hissing between my teeth. My heart was racing while I watched the two rouges close in on the terrified girl. “That’s an animal in need.”

It’s a werewolf! Ellie barked back, finally lifting her eyes and took a look at the girl, before turning to me again. They can handle themselves! They have super strength and speed, heal about ten times faster than anyone else and have the best senses in the predator food chain, she cites the books I’d been reading about them. I scowled at her stubbornness, ready to strangle her! She was right, but still…

Trust me, she smirked, when she noticed she was winning. They don’t…

A scream filled the air, as the rogues charged forward, knocking the girl down. Ok, there was no way that girl didn’t need help!

“You were saying?” I snarled at the fox.

She needs our help, she said urgently and gasped, as if I was the one refusing to help. Why are you still standing here?

I growled annoyed, before jumping off the cliff.

“You’re one twisted spirit!”

I reached the ground in record time, before running to the three werewolves. I got around the corner, only to see her throw off the smaller of the two wolves. They had already attacked her…

“HEY!” I yelled unmasking my scent, so I was sure they knew I was here. And that I was NOT to be messed with!

“Leave her alone!”

Both wolves stopped dead in their tracks and turned all of their attention to me. Not wasting a second, the girl took off, disappearing into the woods. I sighed relieved. Good, at least she was safe now…

I hate to break it to you, Sky, Ellies soft voice flew into my mind, dripping with sarcasm and anger. But WHAT THE HELL do we do now?!

I looked down and… well, now the two rogue werewolves were considering having me for lunch! Erm… ups!

Ok, now would be a good time to actually have a plan, Ellie gulped out, not really sure if we should shift and fight or invite them for dinner!

What are their weaknesses again? I asked, while my brain franticly was searching for a solution.

Silver and wolfsbane, she reminded me, while fear and panic were slowly creeping up my spine. Breaking their necks is also efficient, but you need super strength to take on a werewolf.

I gulped! I should have though this through---a bit more!

Couldn’t you have told me that BEFORE I decided to play hero! I growled, taking a careful step backwards, causing the two wolves to growl lowly. Immediately I froze. Shit! What now?

Try and calm them down!

Without second thought, I held out my hand and focused my powers. It’s one of the many gifts of being a spirit. I don’t know why or how, but I could calm wild and scared animals. If they were caught in a trap or in pain. With my powers I could calm them down and help them. That’s what I’d always done…

“Hey! Hey---!” I said sternly, my heart beating a million miles an hour. That clearly didn’t help! One wolf launched forward, only missing me by a millimeter! I gasped, as I backed myself into a corner. Fuck…!

Yes, keep shouting that, Ellie sarcastically remarked. That’ll help!

If you’re not going to be helpful, then shut up! I barked back ready to strangle that bitch. She had a point though. For my powers to work, I had to be calm firs myself. I tried taking a deep breath, calming my nerves and ignoring the angry snarls I got. Calm…!

“Wh-why were you bulling her?” I tried again, this time looking straight into their bloodshot eyes. They were just confused. Scared perhaps…? I didn’t know, but I did know, that this was not their choice. They didn’t want this, but… something had happened. Something bad! I didn’t know, how I knew but I just did.

I shifted my gaze to the smaller of the wolves. He was hurting the most. The second his eyes met mine, they changed. The red disappeared and a soft brow color emerged. So full of pain and regret, it literally hurt my heart.

“You don’t look like bullies, so you must have had a reason, right?” I continued and watched, as the wolf stepped down from their protective stands. They both had gorgeous brown eyes and their fur was an even dark brown, with almost black paws. In short, they both looked beautiful!

The younger one let out a small whimper, getting the bigger ones’ attention. They looked confused, looking at each other and then again at me.

Food! Ellie suddenly exclaimed out of nowhere. And now I was confused…

Is this really the time? I asked, as I couldn’t believe she was thinking about food at a time like this! She was just unbelievable sometimes…!

No! Food! She repeated, as if she’d only stated the obvious. They’re hungry! Trust me!

“You-you’re hungry?!” I stuttered, trusting her without question (sort of!) “You want food?”

Again, the wolves looked at each other and I could have sworn that they were having some sort of conversation. But once they looked at me again, they nodded.

“I-I can give you food,” I stuttered again, as my nerves were starting to get the better of me. “Come with me!”

I signaled them to follow. And to my surprise, they did. Walking right behind me, I didn’t miss how unnaturally big they were. I mean, I knew I wasn’t like the tallest girl in town, but I was at an average 5”5, but their heads easily reached my shoulders. They were like the size of bears! If they wanted to, they could easily devour me and not even leave a crumb of evidence behind. Not exactly the most encouraging thought to have right now…

So, Ellie muttered, slight amusement and sarcasm lining her voice. What happened to the little girl who took home two rogue werewolves?

What? I asked, knowing I wasn’t going to like the answer…

Nobody knows! She sneered, as this apparently hadn’t been her plan. I sighed.

Not. Very. Encouraging!

She didn’t answer and we walked home in silence. Followed by two huge ass werewolves…

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