Bloodlett Slave

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**This is my first try at writing a story for other people to read, constructive criticism and thoughts are welcome*** (I've only uploaded a few chapter but if people like it I'll continue updating it hopefully two or three times a week) When Addison's parents were murdered by werewolves when she was a child, her aunt and uncle said they wanted for her to come with them. Still grieving her parents she spends the next 12 years being used as a slave and a punching bag by her uncle. But when one evening he brings guest to his house Addie can't believe her uncle is selling her! And not to just anyone, but two vampire nobles! Everyone has heard the stories of what the vampires, werewolf and demons of this world think of humans, no more than play things, breeders or food. Terrified she tries to escape her fate, preferring death to the torture she is sure these monsters plan for her. But after a failed escape attempt she is confused when no punishment comes. Her confusion deepens when she find several humans at their home, all seeming perfectly happy and healthy, telling her that not all vampires see humans as cattle. Forced into a world she doesn't know, can she learn to trust these vampires? But when Addie suddenly disappears, she finds herself surrounded by wolves, will they come looking for there lost slave? Or will they leave her to her fate?

Fantasy / Romance
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Love stories and romance, those that came with a happy ending, the type where the girl is swept off her feet by the love of her life, and they live happily ever after. Yer, I know that they are just fiction now, that world might have existed long ago, but not anymore. Not since the monsters came out to play and rather decided they liked our world. Now those stories where vampires, werewolves and demons walk the earth, those are the real ones.

No-one is quite sure where they came from, they just appeared one day about 50 years ago and then the killing started. The world ended within 2 weeks, that’s all the time it too for those creatures to destroy everything we never knew we needed!

They’re the top predators now, and if your lucky they will just leave you to live your miserable existence, trying to survive one day after another. But if you end up on their radar, well there really is a fate worse than death!!

There are 3 ‘factions’ as they are called. Vampires, who could be anywhere from newly turned to thousands of years old, so it was always wise to think they were off the older generation so you didn’t insult them. Contrary to popular belief, they also didn’t stop aging altogether, they would age at around 100 years to our 1 year until they came to look about 50, then the aging process froze. Interestingly enough no one over the age of 50 had ever survived the turning process and so vampires who looked older than this simply didn’t exist. Vampires could turn a human into one of them with the exchange of blood, but the human had less than a 30% chance of surviving the change, for this reason it was forbidden to try. They could however feed you smaller amounts of their own blood and it would heal the human. They also didn’t burst into flames or sparkle in the sunlight, other than a head ache and feeling a slight bit weaker the sun didn’t affect them. Garlic was a personal preference. And they found it very easy to walk into a church and even hold a wooden cross.

Then there were the werewolves, they were born and unlike the stories a bite from a werewolf wouldn’t turn you into one. They lived up until they were about 250 years old and aged at a similar rate to humans, until they went through their first adult shift between the age of 16-18 years old, normally during a full moon. After such time the aging process slowed down, and they aged 3 times slower than humans. However, it wasn’t unheard of for a child to shift before this if they experienced a heightened level of anxiety or fear. It was thought to be a protective measure by the wolf that lived inside them. If the child became too afraid then the cub could take control and force the shift in order protect them or get them away from the danger. Unlike books would suggest, werewolves weren’t tied to changing on the full moon and could shift at will. Wolfs bane had little effect on them except to piss them off. Whilst the first adult shift could be painful, after that it came quicker, easier and pain free. There was no cracking of bones or gruesome half man half wolf moments. Once the wolf had been summoned it simply flowed over its human, looking a bit like a blanket before the edges snapped shut, replacing one form with another in mere seconds. They looked the same as normal wolves, only a lot bigger.

Lastly there were the demons. Unlike their stories, they didn’t have pointed horns, tails or anything else that made them look more than just human. No-one really knew how they aged or what their life expectancy is, the demons weren’t very forthcoming with information about their kind. They could put a human in thrall just by looking into their eyes for 10 seconds or more, which with their good looks was never really a problem. The demon then had control of that human and could make them do whatever they liked for the next several hours. They were the tricksters of the paranormal world, always wanting to create mayhem and chaos. It was said that demons had supernatural powers but no-one had been able to confirm or deny this. Those who tried, came back with no memory of their travels, a known side effect of being enthralled.

The factions did have some similarities however. They were all ridiculously good looking, tall and kept themselves fit without the need for a gym. They were also stronger and faster, with rapid healing and the ability to survive a wound that would kill a mere human. They only had one weakness. They were sensitive to silver and so had banned it from their home and work locations. With their faction leaders permission, some human were allowed to keep a silver sword or dagger that they could use to protect them and their families from rogues.

One of the most talked about similarities that all 3 faction’s shared was their ability to successfully procreate with humans! Many women were afraid of being taken as a mate for either a vampire, werewolf or demon, but it did happen, the children were normally hybrids, some even showed supernatural powers.

As well as the three different factions, you also had high society and low or normal society. The differences between the two still comes back to those old human worries... money and power. Those in the high society have a large amount of both, it gave them the ability to pretty much do as they pleased. No one asked questions if you held all the power, and they didn’t mind turning a blind eye if you paid them enough. The lived in mansions or large fancy houses, had fancy cars with their own drivers and wore expensive, crisp clean suit or elegant dresses. By contrast the normal society lived in the towns, which were practically deserted ruins or in the werewolves case local forests. Humans who lived in the same towns kept themselves safe inside steel bunkers, laced with silver where they locked themselves in at night. If you lived outside the city then you were normally ok as long as you weren’t within the borders of a werewolf territory and you didn’t go out after dark. Anyone foolish enough to break curfew became fair game! And for those unfortunate enough to find themselves living on the streets, the life expectancy wasn’t very long,

It was meant to be those within high societies job to protect the humans within their boundaries and to hunt down any rogues who didn’t have permission to hunt humans. Those caught were chained in the street and burned alive!

Hunting humans without permission became illegal 20 years ago, when the 3 different factions realised they were killing off their food source faster than we could repopulate and if they didn’t solve the problem then within 5 year the human race would be extinct, and they would all be dying of starvation. Unfortunately for us, the solution they came up with to stop their food source going extinct was to create breeding farms, every woman’s worse nightmare. These breeding farms were kept a strict secret on punishment of torture and death. Of course, there were a lot of rumours about the farms and even more unanswered questions, such as how did they decide what women went to the breeding farms? How were the women kept? Did they get to socialise with each other? Where were the men kept? What happened to the child? And so on and so. No-one had any answers and people were too afraid to ask the questions to those in charge, for fear of being one of those women who went missing, never to be seen again!

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