Creature Seers

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Chapter Three, Part One

“Are you ready for this son?” Eomma and I were sat in her car outside the hospital in the parking lot about to go in and meet with our doctor. She wasn’t the same doctor we had when I was a kid, but she was a wonderful one that Eomma’s friend at work Carla also uses.

“No, but it’d be a waste of gas if we just went back, plus Appa would be angry,” I replied. She smiled then rubbed my shoulder.

“Whatever happens, we love you and we’ll be here for you,” She cooed.

“Thanks, Eomma,” I replied then drew in a deep breath as I gathered my strength, bravery whilst psyching myself up before I sharply let it out. “Okay.”

We then got out of the car and began the walk to the hospital. The grey clouds that day and the shadow cast by the tall metal building made it seem more of a mortuary than a hospital.

When we walked in, we saw things going at a steady pace. The dull navy-blue waiting room chairs were nearly all taken, the three receptionists were occupied by patients. Doctors and nurses were rushing around as the reception was partway between two sides of the hospital. Eomma and I stood in line. We waited for about 10 minutes until the person in front of us left.

“Hello we are here to see Doctor Monroe. It’s for an assessment for my son,” Eomma explained.

“Ah, she’s running about 10 minutes behind, but she’ll be out to get you as soon as she can,” The receptionist said. We took a seat ourselves hearing the cheesy pop music from the speakers playing, as well as many normal hospital sounds like heart rate monitors, phones, chatting, and the wheels of beds with patients on them. The smell of cleaning products, the plastic-like smell of all the medicine, and the metallic smell of the equipment all filled my nose. All smells you get in a hospital that would make you question if it was a movie set and not real if they weren’t there.

The ten minutes we were supposed to be waiting for turned into thirty. Eomma got back into the line impatiently tapping her foot. I leant back in my chair letting out a puff, crossing my arms on my chest letting my eyes wander and look at the different people in the waiting room. That didn’t last long though, their faces seemed too plain. I looked at my phone and remembered a classic horror game I have on there. It would be perfect for getting the adrenaline going and for passing the time.

“Slender it is,” I said to myself then took out my phone, unlocked it, tapped on the app and began to play it after taking in a sharp breath. I made my character trudge around a fog-stained forest in the night, scanning the bony black tree trunks for any kind of monument that may have the pages I need. It didn’t take long for that signature low and eerie music, followed by the paranoia sneaking up into me. I found the first page on the side of a car, and after I grabbed it, a booming sound began to echo through the forest. I began bouncing one of my knees and tapping my fingers that weren’t controlling my character as the booming got louder.

I leaned in closer to the screen as I began to move around more searching for the next page. It was nailed to the trunk of a massive tree, and that made the booming louder when I got it, the fog seemed to get thicker and the night more jet black in colour. The static soon started afterwards and my breath began to speed up a little. “Come on, come on, come on,” I whispered over and over to myself. The next paper was in the single-story brick building, and as soon as I got out, he scared the absolute crap out of me, making me jerk back in my chair and throw my phone up. With frantic T-Rex arms, I caught it, then let out a heavy sigh.

Others in the waiting area saw me, and they had a mixture of reactions that ranged from finding it funny to giving me judgemental glares while they shook their heads and huffed. After a couple more games where I got closer and closer each time to winning, I had to put it away because we called up by the doctor. She was a middle-aged dirty-blonde bob haired plump woman with thin blue glasses and typical doctor clothing of a smart blue button-up, grey dress pants, black comfy sneakers, a stethoscope around his neck and white doctor’s jacket.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Monroe, come right through here please,” he introduced beckoning us with a hand a polite smile. “I’m so very sorry for the delay,” She added as we walked down the hall to her office. It was a neat and brightly lit room with a few medical posters on the back wall showing body parts and talking about a couple of illnesses. In the corner was a couple of counters and cupboards, a height and weight scale, an examination table and pull curtains near it. She sat at her desk and laced her hands together in front of me then offered us a seat too. “So, what can I do for you both today?” She asked.

“It is about my son and his diagnoses of ADHD and autism,” She then proceeded to explain everything she and Appa told me before. The Doctor listened whole-heartedly, and when Eomma got to the end her face looked like she just watched a cliff-hanger on her favourite soap-opera, but it was genuine. “What do we do?” Eomma asked.

“Well, let me start by saying in near 20 years as being a doctor I’ve never heard a worse case of neglect in my life,” She exclaimed shaking her head.

“Neglect?” I frowned.

“Yes, on those who were responsible for your case. It sounds to me that they did not do a proper assessment for you. For either of those things. Wrongful diagnosis is just as bad as not giving a diagnosis when the problem is clear,” She explained.

“That happened?!” Eomma gasped.

“Sometimes yes, but we will fix this as best we can. It will take time, but we will do it,” She promised then turned to her computer and began using her mouse. “What we can do is get you an appointment with the right people to get things moving. We’ll see about getting Ryder a proper assessment to figure out exactly what he has, and getting the right medication if you need it,” She explained gesturing with her other hand.

“Who will we have to see?” Eomma asked.

“A team of people, but I can arrange for support if you need it, no matter if it’s in school or for you and your husband. Goodness knows you need and deserve it,” She added.

“Thank you, how long will this take?” Eomma questioned.

“I will need to contact a few people and arrange for a date that they can all come to meet you, I will be there will you if you need me to share more information about you, your son and the situation. If you can Mrs Park, make some notes about the whole situation, history, his behaviour. Anything.” She added which made Eomma’s shoulders slump but she also nodded. I was bummed about it too, but it was complicated so it would take time. Much like it took me to win that game on my phone. I just had to move quicker and try not to panic when things started getting intense and Slenderman got closer to me, and kept an eye out for the notes I-

“Ryder?” Eomma interrupted my thoughts shaking me by the shoulder.

“Oh, what?” I stuttered looking from her to Doctor Monroe.

“We are going now, Dr. Monroe is going to call us in a week with an update,” She told me and I nodded then thanked her. Eomma shook her hand and I held my hand out to do the same probably for a little while longer than I should have, then we left saying goodbye. “How are you feeling honey?” Eomma asked me as I rubbed my palms on my thighs.

“Happy, that things are starting to move. I can’t believe that she said about people not getting diagnosed when they should have, why would that happen?” I asked Eomma as we walked towards the doors.

“Probably money. Things are expensive, even for us. When you were younger all your grandparents supported us for some time, but even then, it was still a struggle,” She sighed as I opened the door.

“I’m sorry Eomma. I wish it wasn’t, and considering what we now know I can see, it’s gonna make things more complicated,” I said while we strolled in the direction of the car.

“Whatever happens we will do our best. Doctor Monroe seemed very nice, and like she cared which is more I can say about those other doctors!” She replied clutching her keys with a glare on her face. “If I saw them again, I would make them wish they were not born into this life!” She added. I was a little shocked by her. Moms really can be scary when they get mad, even more so when it isn’t their kids and is someone else doing wrong to their kids.

“I bet you would Eomma,” I muttered nodding then took out my phone to text Alisha that I was done with my appointment. She had stayed late to do some work for extra credit. She told me she’d gone home some time ago, that teacher that I saw with black eyes was hanging about also doing some work in the library with them. The couple of friends she studied with had started obsessing and drooling over him, and she was so annoyed and done with it she went home, saying she’d never get studying done with them if their lives depended on it.

I sent a gif of an Olympic sprinter back with the text, did you look like? She responded with a laughing emoji and not quite adding she had to wait for Daz to come to get her. I chuckled before sending her a talk to you later message, then I got in the car with Eomma.

“So, take-out?” She asked and I nodded licking my lips with a grin feeling my stomach take over my mind. It was some good Mexican food we had that evening, chicken fajitas, but it made me feel like I was pregnant with a food baby and really tired while I was finishing my homework. I left some of it though, could do it at lunch or in homeroom before my teacher got in there.

Appa got the leftovers for the next day, as he had to drive to all the way to Seattle for a last-minute lunch meeting with his clients from Japan he worked for previously in California. He’d be back in the evening though, but had to leave early in the morning and didn’t have time for breakfast. He and Eomma had a bit of a fight about him eating cold leftovers for breakfast the next day. Appa was the type of guy that could burn water and he said he did not want to wake us or trouble Eomma with making breakfast early for him in the morning. Eomma disagreed until he told her he’d be getting up at 4 am. She hadn’t been up that early since Zack was a baby. Appa won the leftovers though, much to my disappointment.

Maybe next time I’d see Elsa I’d get some of that Polish cooking she talked about. I still needed to see her about that teacher, but I wasn’t sure when. Maybe tomorrow, if Eomma could drop me near the shop. It would be quicker than running like that runner in that gif.

She dropped me just near the start of the district where Elsa’s shop was. There was an incident with orange juice and Zack so we were a little later out of the house than she wanted. He was going to school smelling like he had been running through a field of orange trees like he was in some European hippy commercial for them as well as different clothes. I cringed at him licking the bits of sticky orange liquid left on his fingers Eomma missed while we rode in the car, but Eomma saw him as I got out because she scolded him for doing it. I waved to him with a grin but pouted as they drove away. I then began the walk to Elsa’s shop seeing it was open.

From the window, I saw that she was wiping down the counter with a cloth and cleaning product in a bottle. I knocked on the glass of the door before I opened it making her jump and aim the bottle at me.

“Uh, not sure what that’s gonna do to me other than make me smell like a furniture store,” I shrugged and she sighed putting it and the cloth down.

“Dzień dobry Ryder,” She greeted.

“Huh?” I frowned.

“Good morning,” She told me.

“Oh, Polish?” She nodded.

“How are you today? How was your meeting?” She asked picking up the cleaning stuff.

“Good, the doctor is gonna call back in a week hopefully with a date for another meeting,” I replied following her into the kitchen.

“That is good, so what brings you here this morning? Should you not be in school?” She asked me while putting them away in a cupboard.

“Soon, I err, wanted to talk to you about something else that I think I saw,” I replied resting up against the wall with my hands in my pockets.

“Okay, where? At school?” She asked and I nodded.

“One my of teachers I’ve seen change his eyes from normal to black a few times. And wherever he goes, it’s like almost everyone around him acts like a fangirl when they see the guy she’s obsessed with,” I replied. She hummed in thought and crossed her arms.

“That is odd, have you seen anything else at all?” She asked and I shook my head.

“I’ve kept away from him as best I can. He’s a little too friendly and it creeps me and Alisha out,” I explained cringing a little over how he was with Eleanor.

“Sounds like a potential Seducer and Deceiver. But he could also be a creepy person if your friend is not fawning over him,” She added.

“Alisha is smart and realises that being with a teacher is illegal and all kinds of wrong. She’d also think me playing Slenderman in the hospital is inappropriate,” I shrugged.

“Hmm, crushes on teachers happen, but the teacher doing things to encourage it is very questionable. Also messing with anything to do with Slenderman is not wise. He may not leave his forest but he is very dangerous,” She added then walked with me back into the shop after the phone started to ring. “Make notes on anything else you see and hear around him Ryder,” She added, referring to rule two, then stopped at the phone. “I must answer this. If you want to ask me anything else just call the shop phone,” She then handed me a business card and I nodded thanking her just before she answered the phone. I waved to her and left toying with the card in my hands while I thought more about that teacher.

I didn’t know what would be worse to deal with, a creature in my school or a pervert in my school. How would I deal with it? I would rather deal with either instead of Slenderman. He couldn’t be real, right? Surely Elsa was just talking about the game, maybe she heard about it somewhere from someone. Either way, I’m staying out of forests. I put the card in my pocket then began the walk to school.

Alisha was sat at her desk reading, and there were a few others in the class but it was only half full. Mr De Santis was there, lucky for me which was not sarcastic this time. Remembering what Elsa said, I took out one of my notebooks opening it up to the very back as well as a pen.

“Hey, you leave some homework?” Alisha asked me resting her face on her hand.

“Uh, yeah. But I’ll do it later,” I replied watching Mr De Santis speaking to one of the girls, Connie Kostov, about some work on his desk. He was looking at her with a smirk, every so often she giggled, and once again I saw his eyes go black. A few of the others who liked him towards the front of the class all then started to watch him, and Leon Russo got up with some work of his own. Huh, they both going over work with him.

“You know we have that homework for Mr De Santis’ class, right?” Alisha told me.

“Shit!” I hissed. “The one bit I left! And we have it right after homeroom today!” I then picked up my bag and began digging through it to get my science homework out.

“I don’t like him either but doing his homework on the human heart is better than having to be in detention with him,” She stated as I began to frantically fill out the couple of papers. “Wanna copy mine?” She asked and I shook my head labelling the parts of the heart.

“No, I don’t want to get in trouble,” I said shaking my head.

“Thanks. Y’know three students from other homerooms came here specially to ask about it right after he got here. It’s like they’re drawn to him,” She huffed going back to her book. I stopped realising that was something that I did not know was happening. Could it be that he had powers to do that? It would make sense if he was a creature in the deceiver and seducer category, or whatever Elsa said it was called.

“Really?” I muttered frowning at him. His eyes were still dark, but every so often they seemed to ripple, like a drop of ink in an endless ocean of darkness. “Did he say anything else about our homeroom teacher?”

“No, but I caught him talking to Mrs Javid, my history teacher this morning in the car park, and he was totally leaning in closer to her but stopped when he saw me,” She hissed.

“What did he do then?!” I asked frowning at her. Whatever he was he was not gonna do anything to my friend!

“He,” She stuttered sounding like she was reluctant to speak. “He did something to his eyes, and it made me get really anxious like I had to get away from him,” She eventually told me. That, really made my mind do cartwheels trying to get over what she just told me. Alisha was straight, and up until now, I thought she just had the common sense to realise that a student and teacher being flirty was all kinds of wrong. But, if he tried to use his powers on her and they made her do the opposite of others, that had to mean something. “Rumours are going around that he hooked up with our homeroom teacher and dumped her right afterwards and that’s why she’s not here,”

“The principal must not care that much for her going off how she was with him yesterday,” I replied trying to focus on my work again.

“Yeah, but rumours are rumours, I guess. How would anyone find out about that in the first place?” I frowned.

“No idea,” The bell then rang signalling the end of homeroom and the start of the school day and I hadn’t even got through half of the homework. With a bit of luck, Mr De Santis would be generous and let me off after I told him why I didn’t do the homework. On the way to the science labs, he decided to walk with us.

“How was the homework? You two know the ins and outs of the human heart now?” He asked looking from me to false-grinning Alisha.

“Yeah. Now I know how to literally break it and not just romantically,” I stated smiling at him innocently. He found it funny though and turned to Alisha.

“He’s funny this friend of yours Alisha,” He said to her. “But what is even funnier is you doing homework for my class in homeroom,” my eyes went bigger than soup bowls and my blood ran cold.

“H-How?” I stuttered.

“You really should pay more attention son. I hope you were just finishing it off,” He told me and I was about to begin to tell him about what happened but he turned to Alisha.

“Tell me, have you done my homework, Alisha?” He asked tilting his head with a warmer smile.

“Yes, sir,” Alisha muttered.

“What was that?” He asked pretending to not have heard her.

“Yes, sir I did my work,” Alisha replied louder as we got to the lab door seeing a line of eager students stood waiting.

“Excellent,” He smiled at her, and I saw again his eyes go black, but Alisha was looking away probably hoping for this class to zoom by, so she didn’t see. “Good morning class,” He greeted with that same smirk that seemed to have seductive powers itself. Were there creatures that could do that? I wondered as he opened the door into the labs. I rushed to my seat hoping that his thirsty fans would keep him distracted giving me enough time to finish my homework. Or at least get more than half of it done.

The next question was about diseases that affected the heart, and I cupped my chin frowning in thought. My eyes wandered about as I wracked my brain for the answer before jumping back to Mr De Santis to see what that creep was doing. He was talking to three students, and I could now see his eyes were still black as night, and that they now had a thin mist that was swirling around the students. They were inhaling it, and after they did, they started doing little things that showed they were getting, as gross as it was, turned on. I wanted to throw up and looked away cringing.

The mist I saw begin to creep around the lab. It had to be him using his powers! And it was clear that he was seducing people. This was all kinds of levels of fucked, but now that I saw him using powers, I had more stuff to tell Elsa. I looked at Alisha seeing the mist go toward her, but a window Mitchell Kan had opened made it and the few people sat near here who were seduced by him was stopping it from getting to her. Good thing too.

I looked back at Mr De Santis now seeing he was just with a girl, Connie, and he was whispering in her ear over the sound of the class while she was grinning like I was when I beat the hardest level on a video game I’d been stuck on for weeks. She nodded and he grinned again, the smoke then disappeared into nothing and he watched her take her seat. His eyes were way lower than they should have been. Once again, I felt like throwing up, and this time I decided I needed to get out of there. And that I needed to talk to Elsa about what I just witnessed.

“Mr De Santis?” I called and he frowned at me with annoyance.

“What Ryder?” He demanded; his eyes no longer completely black.

“I don’t feel so good. Can I go to the restroom?” I asked and he huffed rolling his eyes.

“Be quick about it,” He said waving a hand dismissing me. I was outta there like it was a room full of hellish demons then rushed down the hall towards the boys’ room. Well, I would have got Alisha out with me if there were demons in there. I locked myself in the end stall after seeing it was empty, and from the pockets of my jeans I took out the card for the shop and my cell phone.

“Hello Lenek Corner Shop,” Elsa answered after three rings.

“Elsa it’s me, Ryder,” I replied speaking with a quiet voice. “I have just seen something crazy with that teacher I told you about,”

“That Mr De Santis?” She replied.

“Yeah. He made mist come out of his eyes, and it made some of the students in my class get thirsty,” I told her sitting with my knees bent and feet on the toilet seat.

“Thirsty? They need water?” She asked and I tutted.

“No, I mean all hot and bothered, turned on, horny,” I explained, and she cringed down the phone.

“That is vile. But many seducers and deceivers are,” She added.

“That’s not all. There are rumours he slept with my homeroom teacher, dumped her and that she’s dealing with a massive broken heart because of it,” I told her.

“Those are rumours Ryder, but they do say there is no smoke without flames,” She told me.

“Yeah. My friend Alisha still doesn’t seem to be affected by him, whatever he is,” I shrugged.

“Well, if he is what I think he is, he is going to pay more attention to those who are easier to seduce. Young naïve girls especially are easy to do, it is not their fault though,” She told me. I’d probably be the same over a hot woman teacher coming onto me, but I would also be like Alisha and not do anything because it would lead to jail.

“What do you think he could be?” I asked.

“Well, there are a few. But because of its power and behaviour, I think he could be a type of demon. And, if he shows fear to a cross or another sacred symbol in Christianity, he is probably an Incubus,” She told me. A demon. Shit…now I really wish I didn’t leave Alisha there.

“ sure?” I asked.

“Yes. The fear of a cross would confirm it. But I have found some things out that point to that, Ryder. There have been reports online and in the local newspaper of young girls in the area speaking of this strange man who appears in their dreams and does unspeakable things to them before leaving, and some had also been sexually assaulted by the same stranger. There was an eighteen-year-old girl found dead in her bed, and the investigation found evidence that she was intimate with someone before dying of what seemed to be exhaustion. Like their hearts were working at ten-times the usual rate. And this girl according to her family had never had a boyfriend which matches with an Incubus. They target virgins,” She explained. As she did, my mind began to put things together. I then told her about what happened with Connie and she gasped. “We need to move quickly Ryder. We need to figure out what he is now,” She stressed.

“How do we do that?” I asked.

“We need to show a sign of the cross to him. If he reacts and recoils from it, it is clear he is a Christian demon and most probably an Incubus. I will need to see him for myself to confirm though. You are still a young Seer Ryder and cannot properly say what a creature is for sure yet,” She told me.

“How are we gonna do that?” I huffed rubbing my forehead.

“We will work that after you show him a cross and go from there,” Elsa explained. “Just try to act as normal as you can dear, and if you can get a video or picture of his reaction,” She added and I nodded, then we said goodbye and ended the call. I then left the stall, took some calming breaths, and splashed some cold water on my face before I left rushing back to my class.

“Better now Mr Park?” Mr De Santis questioned while he looked over some homework brought to him by a student who stood nearby.

“Uh, yeah,” I muttered then went back to my seat.

“Excellent. You can bring me your homework then,” He added, then I remembered what Elsa said. I quickly scribbled in the top right-hand corner a single clear cross. It wasn’t too big, but it wasn’t completely unnoticeable. Just as I got up, Alisha did too. She smiled at me and I pulled a funny face pretending to be dead. She knew I wanted to be anywhere else, even dead, instead of this class and it made her laugh. I then quickly gave my half-finished homework to him and turned back to my seat. I snuck my phone out of my pocket, went to the camera as Alisha stepped up to give him her homework. They were beginning to have a chat; Alisha was stood arm’s length from him which was different to the students that were seduced by him. They were nearly sitting in his lap.

I then started to record him from just under the high table angling it so that it was aimed at him and Alisha. I could see through the phone his eyes go black again, the ripples were rapid showing him trying to use his powers on Alisha, but she was looking away with her lips pressed together in a line. He took Alisha’s work in one hand, smiling as he read it briefly then he put it down and picked up mine. The distinct sideways crumples on the corners gave it away, and I saw his smile change to a frown as he saw it was only half-done. I fidgeted in my seat worrying about him not seeing the cross.

I was wrong though. His eyes went to the corner where the cross was, and I saw small fires being to burn in them as well as rage covered his face. He jumped up from his chair, body shaking and chest heaving as he took deep furious breaths in. He then frantically began covering up my homework with loads of other sheets.

“Ryder!” when he said my name, I hid my phone under the table. His voice sounded deeper and like it was echoing around in my head making me flinch. “Your work was only half done, and an absolute mess. You can stay behind after school to do it again along with the homework from today’s lesson,” A good chunk of the class then groaned at us getting even more homework. “Don’t gimme that, this is to help you learn more about some of the most important parts of your bodies, which brings me to the start of our lesson,” He then reached up to the overhead projector, his untucked, black-buttoned up shirt lifted up a little showing the start of abs and some dark body hair. I heard a few giggles and scoffed rolling my eyes feeling my self-esteem drop to the place he came from. Not only was he taller than me, better looking, but he was ripped too. It could be demon magic was making him look like that, I guess. Still made me feel like shit.

When he turned on the projector, we saw a red presentation with and black coloured text reading ‘Module 2: Reproduction’. There were some hoots and laughs from the class. Alisha I saw groan and shake her head.

“Shit…” I muttered. I had a hunch he was doing this to figure out who were the virgins of the class. I had no idea, but there were a lot of rumours going around about that, and we were all sixteen so sex would happen. Not for me though.

“Now, now, let’s be mature about this,” Mr De Santis began crossing his arms and frowning in disapproval at those who laughed at it. “Reproduction, sex, love-making, whatever you wanna call it, it’s important to know how it works, and it is important to know that it’s okay to be open about this,” His tone changed to a warmer one, very different from the demon one. It was making me feel nasty. “It is okay to be curious, it is okay to ask questions, and it is okay to experiment,” I saw him once again use his powers with the mist thing again as well as his eyes aimed specifically at Alisha. She looked uncomfortable and was blushing. “But safety is also important. Now let’s begin,” He then started teaching all about the organs, puberty, how a baby is made. It made me want to shrivel up with embarrassment.

Throughout he was seeing how the class reacted and kept telling us not to hesitate to ask questions. Some did, and they were a little dirty. He also would look at Alisha every so often; she was trying to focus on learning, but she wasn’t happy. Please, please don’t seduce my best friend! I was already afraid about what he may do to her after he does, and I begging for time to go faster somehow.

When the class finally ended, I was out of there and into the hall leaning against the wall taking a deep breath. I watched my classmate flood out into the hall talking and saw other classes empty too keeping an eye out for Alisha. I didn’t see her leave so looked back into the class to see he was talking to her about something.

“I won’t keep you too long Alisha, going over these things you said you feel uncomfortable with is not a bad thing, and it will help you get the best grade you can,” He told her kindly, but when he saw me at the door he frowned.

“Shouldn’t you be going to your next class, Mr Park?!” He snapped. I stuttered but Alisha spoke saving me.

“He has a book I need to borrow for my next class, sir,” She said to him then he glanced at her again. “And I need to get it and get my next class,” She added. He did soon nod saying goodbye to her and we left. We walked down the hall then turned left and stopped resting against some lockers amongst all the people.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Never mind me, are you okay? He was such an asshole to you! If he wasn’t a teacher, I would’ve told him to shut his mouth!” She exclaimed crossing her arms with a huff.

“Thanks. Hopefully, he’ll let me off the hook if I tell him about my appointment yesterday,” I replied crossing my fingers on my left hand.

“I doubt it…” She muttered rubbing he shoulders and arms. “Did you get a bad feeling from him today? Not, creepy, just bad like I feel like I need to get the hell out of this room away from him feeling,” She asked frowning.

“Why do you think I went to the restroom?” I asked then pretended to vomit.

“I’m serious Ryder. He’s being way too inappropriate with us and is making me feel horrible. I’m gonna go to the principal’s office at break and talk to her about it,” She insisted. I nodded and said okay then we both waved goodbye and went our separate ways to our separate classes.

When break came, I decided to go outside to the garden near the cafeteria to talk to Elsa again. I sat on a secluded bench by a tree and pulled out the card and my phone. It took her a little longer to answer but that was probably because her shop was getting busy at this time.

“Hello Lenek Corner Shop,” She answered in the same welcoming and warm way.

“Hey, me again, I have good news and two bits bad news,” I began.

“Oh, give me good news first,” She replied.

“I managed to get a recording of him and boy did he react big style to the cross I drew on my homework. He looked like I put a dead baby or something on his desk,” I told her.

“Good. What is bad news?” She asked while I heard her moving around.

“I have detention after school so I can’t come over and show you the footage, and my best friend Alisha has to stay behind after school, and I think he likes her because he keeps trying to use his powers on her, I think. And that was three lots of bad news, not two, sorry,” I rambled.

“It is okay. You can send the video to my mobile. I will give you my number, but first I also found something that adds to your teacher being an Incubus. In the last few weeks, there have been reports of four different men being found in hotel or motel rooms after one-night stands either dead or drained close to it. These are things the female version of an Incubus does, a form they can change into so they can seduce men for a horrible purpose,” Elsa told me.

“Why?” I asked.

“To steal their sperm. Incubi cannot make their own, they steal human sperm as a Succubus then they use their dark evil magic to change it so it is demonic. Then, as an Incubus, they seduce virgin women and young girls, to either drain them of energy killing them, or to create a half-demon half-human child known as a Cambion,” She explained, and I felt my face become more and more twisted with shock.

“What are we gonna do?!” I exclaimed and began pacing about.

“Ryder, you need to send me the footage first okay?” I nodded at her words then she told me her number I typed it onto a note on my phone. I then sent the video.

“Can, can we see creatures in videos?” I asked as it sent.

“And pictures yes, but it depends on how good of a Seer you are,” She told me while she watched the video on her phone. “And my thoughts were right. He is an Incubus. You see the way his eyes change? That is him trying to put people into a trance,”

“He was trying to do that to Alisha a lot but I don’t think it worked. I think it worked on another girl called Connie though in our class,” I told her.

“Some are easier to seduce than others. But he could still try to go for your friend. Keep her away from him as best you can, and when it gets to the end of the day we will act. Here is the plan,”

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