Howling at Our Moon

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{Dedicated to Reikai, my forever best friend.} Kenya has always been a tough girl and a fierce wolf. Belonging to the Firelight Pack, she was always striving to become better. Romance and feelings have never been her strong suit, but soon she will realize that to be the strongest wolf, she will first have to learn how to be the weakest one. {Fun fact: this book was started in 2016-2017 & finished in March of 2018. It's one of the first books I ever finished on my old Wattpad account.} {In this story, werewolves' clothing doesn't survive their transformation. There is a lot of torn clothing and awkward naked moments, though they're not focused on during the story, they're just something that always occurs to me afterwards.} {This is just a repost! I'm not going to edit this beyond what it is. The story will not change... So be prepared for something worse than my usual - or possibly better, who knows.}

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Chapter 1; Our Luna

Jane and I were walking, this time on two legs. Our 'chen mawon' -- which meant wolves in Haitian Creole -- remained silent. A werewolf's wolf was their wolf side, or form, spiritually connected to their souls. Singular wolves were known as a 'bèt nan bwa', which was just wolf in Haitian Creole. Most wolf packs used the traditionally voodoo language for old terms, and the younger generations are taught to keep it going. Jane and I were two wolves in training, though we were starting our last year in three days and would soon be given our rank in the pack. Alpha Dean, a middle-aged man, rather liked Jane and tolerated me. Luna Sarah, Dean's petite wife, liked the both of us. Most of the pack labelled us as over-achievers or workaholics. Jane is usually the former because she actually succeeds easily. I'm usually the latter because it takes a lot of my willpower and effort to get the best results.

Where we were headed was a different story. There were two pack houses on our large territory, one for the higher ranks and one for the lower ranks. Families with wolves-in-training had their own nice houses. Everything was of decent quality and we had Lily Phoenix, who graduated three years ago, watching over the homes. Lily's wolf was mentally damaged after a traumatic accident with another pack, and so Lily herself couldn't do much other then monitor the few houses we had. She lived in a condo-slash-makeshift-watchtower all alone, but never complained. I heard that she wrote stories and painted in her free time, and she constantly took in critters from the forest that took up most of our territory. I never met her personally, so I wouldn't know.

Jane and I were actually headed towards the main pack house. Luna Sarah, our Alpha female, called on us to have lunch with her. She wanted to see how we were doing before we got too caught up with school. All of the higher ranked pack members lived inside the large house, and they gave us strange looks as we passed. Since there were no actual children in the pack, we were considered pups. No one stopped us though, and by twelve fifteen we were sitting down with our Luna.

Sarah smiled warmly at us. She was a gentle werewolf, and much more motherly than most mothers in the pack. The Alpha and Luna had yet to have a child, and for some reason, Luna Sarah started mothering Jane and I. We watched as she brushed a light orange lock away from her face before pouring us both cups of tea. Once they were full, she added sugar and milk to both. Jane's had extra sugar, and we both drank greedily. Half an hour before this, we'd been sparring as humans during training.

As I drank, I admired Luna Sarah. She was petite, with a small waist and modest curves. Her actual height was just below average, but she made up for it during battle. As a wolf she was quite fierce when defending pack and family. In the presence of enemies she had a quick tongue, while in the presence of us she had a warm expression. Her smile was wide and her teeth showed. Crinkles grew around her eyes when she smiled, and it made Jane giggle frequently. Sarah also had long light orange hair, paired with dark stormy blue eyes.

Jane on the other hand had a blond bob that framed her oval shaped face. Her cheekbones were high and defined, and her eyebrows were kept under control. She was pale and her eyes were the color of oak trees. Her personality leaned toward princess-like, but she was respectful in the presence of superiors. When it came to me, Jane learned to keep it fair between us. Our friendship meant a lot on both sides.

Now, when it came to my looks, they weren't all that special. My full name is Kenya Rose Hearth. I'm on the taller side of the average height for a seventeen year-old female, and I have a lean build, or so says my mother. When it comes to my hair I have thick chestnut locks which have a light wave to them. My skin tone is darker than Jane's and I have a smooth tan. The color of my eyes is the only thing relatively different about me. I have large emerald colored eyes that supposedly twinkle when I'm determined. My birthday is November 28th, and werewolf classes start September 10th every year. I live with my mother and father in our personal home. We don't get a lot of visitors besides Luna Sarah and Jane, and we mostly just live a quiet life. Except for the fact that I truly am a workaholic.

Our Luna cleared her throat as Jane and I both placed our teacups down on porcelain saucers. Two guards stood by the only door, remaining still and stoic throughout lunch. Alpha Dean was increasingly worrying about Sarah's safety, and the two guards travelled with her. Besides the door, the walls were mostly bare. One wall was made completely out of windows and faced the rest of pack territory. Sarah often had lunch with us here so that she could talk with us but still watch over the land. My gaze fell on Lily's lonely tower in the distance, and I felt sadness wash over me.

Pack members were sensitive to each other's emotions. I could feel Sarah, Jane and the two guards tune into me. The guards weren't exactly welcome, but I didn't fight their presences. I let my guard down and they all recieved the feeling of sadness that I had. Letting people in wasn't something I did usually, even with my pack. The people that I usually let tune in without a fight were my parents, Jane, and the Alpha and Luna. Otherwise, I mostly kept to myself. I was extremely good at receiving, but the Alpha and my teachers couldn't tell how good I was at projecting. Instinct was for me to fight off those who tune in, and during classes I couldn't project emotions without worrying about others tuning in.

As the four pack members recieved my emotions, Jane gave me a sad look. Luna Sarah sighed, and the guards kept their gazes down. The memory of the attack that led to Lily's troubles was years old, but it stung for the older pack members. It was even possible that the guards had fought in it. The Luna at the time had in fact been Sarah, and Alpha Dean had also been leading. Many wolves were harmed in the battle where Firelight Pack was ambushed by the Red Wolves Pack. Red Wolves was ruled by a Luna named Yendra. Yendra's husband and Alpha male counterpart had died of moonsickness a year before. Ever since their Alpha died, Red Wolves Pack has been a ferocious and dangerous enemy to all other werewolves.

I did my best to shake the sadness off. Sensing the passing emotion, the others let the connection go, and we all stared downwards. The tea in my cup was still, and I stirred it numbly. All wolves hated upsetting their pack. Some Alphas would even punish a member for upsetting a Luna. I was lucky that our pack did not support that law. Jane sighed loudly and cleared her throat. Everyone was distracted momentarily, and I reeled my emotions back in, hiding them from the others.

"How have you been, Luna?"

Sarah seemed happy to accept the casual chit chat. She smiled at us both before answering.

"Very good, thank you. My husband has been running himself ragged, but I'm going to be helping him today and getting things in order."

Jane nodded, seeming satisfied with the response. This time, I spoke up.

"Will you be teaching a class this year?"

Sarah smiled widely at me. The previous year, she'd been teaching us wolves about pack history. It had been one of the best classes I'd ever taken.

"It depends, Kenya. Your Alpha may need my help."

Jane and I giggled at that. Luna Sarah constantly referred to Dean as 'Your Alpha'. She said it was because he always tried to boss her around and she refused to let him because she was, after all, the Alpha female. Alpha females just had prettier names, which was also what Sarah said. Most wolves in the pack got a kick out of that, saying that no matter how many people bowed to Dean, Sarah would always remain the more dominant one. Jane secretly agreed, while I never took sides when it came to the two Alphas. They had the type of love that involved lots of bickering and teasing. I just left them to it.

But as we kept chatting with our Luna, I couldn't help but wonder which side I would take.

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