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** NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON ** After a failed attempt to end her own life, Alia Carter leaves her childhood home to move to Ash City. Traumatized after her mother’s death, she silently grapples with her pain until she saves the life of a mysterious man with ocean eyes who reveals to her a world of true magic, and terrifying danger. Eric Wynter may be a vampire ward in the Ash City territory, but after centuries of sameness, life no longer holds any real meaning, and he is ready to end his existence. For Eric, there isn’t much worth living for anymore. When fate brings them together, Alia is irresistibly drawn into Eric’s world, where witches and vampires are more than innocent bedtime stories. Together, they discover she too has an incredible power that runs through her veins. A power so irresistible, every creature in the city will kill to get their share of it… Will Alia allow Eric into her life, and into her heart? Will Eric be able to defy destiny and keep those he loves safe? The Eos Key is a dark and magical story that will keep you spellbound long after the last page.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Eos Key

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains graphic deceptions of suicide and self-harm, and is intended for mature audiences only.

Welcome to The Eos Key. A story about love, the supernatural, and accepting who and what you are no matter what.

The Eos Key is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

The chapters you see here, are 1st draft, unedited chapters. There has been no editing, and things will inevitably change. I may change characters, plots may change, dialogue will most definitely change.

But the base of the story will remain the same. Eric and Alia against the world.

I am posting the 1st draft of this story for free.

All I ask, is that you leave a quick review of the book when you’ve finished reading.

What did you like most?

What did you like least?

Can you relate with the characters / scenarios?

Are you ready for book 2 in the Wynter Blood Series?

Give it to me, I’m ready to hear any and all comments and constructive criticism.

Please review and comment any where you like.

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