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Tyler was happy beyond words because for the first time he had met his mate. Shane his wolf was pacing in his mind jumping with joy. He wanted to get out and greet her but Tyler told him he will scare her since she was a human . "My name is Meg, Megan Williams."

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I always hate waking up early in the morning to go to school. I got up and dragged my lazy bones to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and brush my teeth. I went to my room and got dressed then took my bag and my old laptop and went downstairs.
I found my mom as usual preparing breakfast. She turned around when she heard footsteps with pancakes on her hand.
“Morning sweetheart,” my mum greeted me.
“Morning mum, how was your night.” I asked her.
“It was lovely sweetheart. Do you want pancakes or eggs for breakfast?”
I went to the fridge and got myself some orange juice "Thanks mum I will just grab something later from the cafeteria at school I am running late bye.” I said while heading for the door.
“Aren’t you forgetting something?”
I always hate it when she does that. I went to her and kissed her cheek “Love you mum.”
“Love you too baby.” she said while putting the pancakes back to the fridge
I heard a car outside and I knew that that was Abby who is my best friend. Abby usually picks me up every day for school because for some reason my mum refused to buy me a car and I don’t like it when she drives me to school. She always embarrasses me by giving me hugs and kisses like a small baby in front of my friends.
Abby and I have been friends since we were toddlers. We went to the same school from day care until now we are in college both of us taking a catering course.
I’ve loved to cook from the day that my grandmother thought me to bake a cake.
“Meg why are you always late?” Abby asked while opening the passenger door for me.
“Morning to you too, I am sorry, you know how it is with me and the mornings. I hate waking up like shit.” Abby just laughed like usually. She started to drive to school which was only a thirty minute drive.
When we reached the school we went to our lockers ready for the lectures. Abby usually hates all the lectures. "Thank God will be finishing school this semester, I am so tired of school." She said closing her locker.
"Just tell me anything that you like doing, you hate lectures you hate house chores," she was already frowning at me for telling her the truth "You only like shopping and parting which will never really help you." I regretted my words before I even finished saying them.
She looked at me and started "I am not like you Mother Teresa always happy to help others" and I knew she was talking about the work that I had volunteered at a local fast food restaurant “I can't waste all my evening for something that I will not be paid for."
"Hey the owner always gives me a few bucks and also I get pretty good tips" I knew when it came to money she always gets a little jealous.
She just frowned "Let's just go to class I am tired of your bragging."
The day went on swiftly and at the end of the day Abby drove me to the restaurant. When we reached there she again started to talk to me as if she care "I am sorry I wish I wasn't busy I could have stayed with you until you are finished with your shift."
"I know you are lying to me how you are busy and you never do anything?"
"Oh please. I have a date with-.” she murmured.
I was shocked because after Abby broke up with her last boyfriend she had vowed that she will never have a boyfriend again. "You have a new boyfriend and you've never care to mention him to your best friend or in other words a sister from another mother?"
"I am sorry I saw what you were going through with your mother so I decided not to burden you with my boyfriend issues."
I felt tear blinding my eyes and I refused to cry in front of her I didn't want her to feel sorry for me "Just go to your date then you will tell me all the juicy stuff tomorrow" I said forcing a smile on my face.
We said our good bye and she left. I stood there for a while and cried silently. My mum had just been fired from her work and my dad left us when I was eleven years ago and marry a rich woman. Life has always been difficult for her bringing me up alone but she always tells me that the most important gift that we have is that we love each other.
I pushed the thought away and changed to my uniform so I could start my shift. The day was a busy one but since this was always my dream job, I really never mind.
Later at around half past eight I was ready to leave when two guys walked in to the restaurant. I was so taken by one of them because he was the most handsome guy have ever seen. He was tall, had black short hair, a masculine body and a smile that made my knees to be weak that I had to lean on the counter or I could have embarrassed myself by falling down in front of him. It was every girl dream to date a man like that but I knew that will never be me because I was not that pretty. He was approaching me with a smile "Hello, can I please ask you something?" He said politely.
"Yes yes please" Shit I couldn’t form a proper sentence.
"I am Tyler, what's your name?" I just stared at him as he shook my hand. I felt a jolt of electricity as his fingers touched mine.
"I am-am" I said as I was removing my hand from his hold so as to stop the shiver in my body that his hand was causing.

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