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‘Twin hearts, twin powers.’ ~~~ One day Urvi found herself covered in blood from the person she herself killed in self-defense. As a quick instinct she sat on a train and escaped from the scene to the North, unintentionally throwing herself amidst more profound problems. She found herself in the middle of a crisis where demons were waging war against shapeshifters to gain sovereignty amongst supernatural beings. And in between all these, she discovered her long-lost identity… of not being a human. Moreover, the illegal heir of the fae kingdom wanted her powers, which she didn’t know she possessed. Now the question was... why? ~~~ ©2020 All rights reserved.

Fantasy / Romance
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Foreword: I should say few words before you start reading this story.

This is a werewolf genre story, but in my story there is no shit like predestined mate finding with eye-to-eye contact & electric spark flying everywhere. No. I don’t do such teenage fantasies. In my story, you’ll find the importance of blood. Plus, in this story, you might find unheard names and cultures that you’re not acquainted with. Because I believe in diversity. My story doesn’t encase in a small/single territory/region.

So, you’ve been warned beforehand. Before picking this story keep these two point in your mind and don’t complain saying the names are hard to remember and all.

I hope you like my story, because this is one of a kind. Unusual than most of the werewolf genre stories. Thank you for understanding.


My hands trembled as I looked down at the crimson mess on them. The sight in front of me was appalling, and it caused a sickening churn in my stomach.

This didn’t happen! This could not happen!

I took a step back feeling my legs shaking beneath as the knife dropped with a clatter from my numbing hand.

I was still in denial of the recent crime I had committed. Repeating at myself for the hundredth time and trying to accept uselessly that I did not do it with a criminal intention, I sank to the ground, clutching my bared arms through my torn sleeves.

Why did it have to end like that? I rocked myself back and forth, looking at the lifeless man sprawling on the floor before me on his back. One of his hands was holding the bloody wound on his belly and the other hand was still holding the half-burnt cigarette he was smoking since he came into my room.

Actually, this was not my room. I was staying here, as Mr. Khanna’s granddaughter’s nanny. And this dead man in front of me was the toddler’s maternal uncle.

I sucked in a deep breath as a hopeless shudder swept over me.

So, this was how it was supposed to be? This was how I had to meet my catastrophic fate, which would probably end in jail?

My eyes darted towards the spiraling up smoke from the cigarette as I reminded myself for the umptieth time.

I ... killed him.

I stared at the corpse as my eyes burned with tears. I was a murderer. And no matter what, I had to accept it as the bitter truth. The pungent smell of blood was nauseating, however, I sensed an odd tingling in my gums.

And suddenly I had this feeling, more like an urge, to make a move and escape the scene as soon as possible. It was like, my inside was screaming at me to ... run.

I slowly arose on my feet staggering slightly at the dizzy feeling, then I made my way to the kitchen and scrubbed my hand furiously. The blood has tainted my skin, my hands. Looking at them, my skin crawled. I used soap and worked up a lather quickly. When I was satisfied enough after cleaning and scrubbing vigorously my hands for the fifth time, I shuddered and took the knife and put it under the running water. The blood in it mixed with the water ran down the sink as I sucked in a shaky breath.

There was a corpse in the next room and here I was trying to conceal my crime. My eyes burned as I tried to stop myself from shedding more tears. My throat ached to scream but I didn’t allow it as I turned off the tap then returned to my room.

From my peripheral vision, I saw the corpse was still there, in the same position. I didn’t give it a second look as I went and ducked low, reaching under my bed. Then pulled out my duffel and tucked the knife at the innermost compartment. A shiver ran down my spine as strangely enough, the smell of blood turned from appalling to titillating which caused my inner conscience to question the chances of my sanity going south.

I suddenly realized I had stopped crying a while ago. My cheeks were taut from the dried-out tear stains. I glanced at the corpse one last time before picking up my backpack from the bed and the duffle from the ground. Then I left the house in silence.

Later when I had taken the train to the North, perhaps that was my actual crime against that what happened in Mr. Khanna’s house. Because it turned my world upside down, I came undone in the middle of a whopping chaos.

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