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Sequel to The Devil’s Soul Proper description coming soon

Fantasy / Romance
Rein Berro
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Chapter 1

The kids saw an opportunity and took it; they raced to the open field, dying for a chance to get to play outside. There weren't a few seconds before their fathers found them.

"William! Jackson! What did we tell you about going outside alone?! Come on, inside to your mothers before anyone finds you". The men carried their children over their shoulders and hurried to their hiding places. William and Jackson looked over at each other sadly, knowing fully well they won't be going outside anytime soon.

"Where are you, Mel?" Alastair cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled. "You know I'm going to find you either way so just come out and make it easier for me."

Melody giggled and hid herself further between the branches of the tree she had climbed on. Even when they're both almost eighteen, their childish antics never cease to rid their boredom.

She peeped down to make sure he was gone, but just as she leaned in, there was a swoosh of air behind her and she was swooped into the air. Melody screamed over her best friend's laughing as she was safely placed on the ground. As soon as her feet landed on the floor, she punched Alastair's chest.

"You jerk! You know I get scared when you do that!" She fixed her ruffled hair and picked up the flower she had in her hair.

Alastair chuckled. "I can't believe you still get scared when you literally fly a hundred feet over the ground." He tucked his wings behind him. "Anyways, I won, as usual. What do I get?"

"Nothing because you cheated." Melody placed her hands in her pockets and started on the track home.

Alastair caught up to her. "It's not my fault you didnt get your wings yet."

"Well, for next time, using your wings is forbidden." Melody handed him the ruined the flower she found in her pocket.

"You could've said that in the first place." He stuck the flower in his hair.

"That means I won. Also, lastonehomeisarottenegg." Melody ran the rest of the way home, leaving behind a confused Alastair.

"I swear I'm dealing with kids." Shalom said as she pulled a twig from her son's hair.

Alastair winked at Melody from across the dinner table who only smiled in response.

"At least they don't behave like other reckless teenagers their age," said Marcus.

"Yeah, mom, at least Mel and I don't go out drinking and partying and return late at night with her pregnant." Alastair backfires.

Melody instantly blushes. She's had a crush on her best friend for as long as she could remember, and his words didn't help her case.

Markus pointed his knife at Alastair. "Dont even think of coming any close to my daughter."

Alastair chuckled and saluted him jokingly.

Melody put on her pajamas and robe, waiting for the regular knock on her window. Once she heard it, she checked her appearance on the mirror before carefully sliding out her window, making sure to be as quiet as possible.

Alastair greeted her with a big smile on his smile, turning his back to her so she could hop on. Melody closed her window, placing a tiny log at the corner so it wouldn't shut and trap her outside. She jumped onto Alastairs back, securing herself tightly before he took off into the night sky.

"I wish I had my wings already," she admitted as she admired his beautiful black wings and wondered how her white ones would look like.

Alastair tightened his hold onto her thighs. "Don't worry, your eighteenth birthday is soon, you'll get them then."

"So is yours, you'll finally find your mate. Arent you excited for that?" She rested her chin on his shoulder.

Alastair cleared his throat. "Yeah, of course I am." Little did his best friend know, he was dreading the day he would find his mate as long as it wasn't her.

Melody felt a pang in her chest. She wants to be happy for her best friend and put her feelings for him aside. Especially since love between an angel and a demon is forbidden. In the meantime, she enjoyed being close to Alastair while enjoying the view of the stars above her.

Oh, if only.

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