Gamma's Game [ShadowPack #3]

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***EDITED VERSION*** AN ARRANGEMENT, A CLAIM, A FATE... Diana Marchand knows that her father wanted her to be the future Luna by arranging a marriage to the future Alpha. But it all went down the drain when the Alpha found his true mate. Now, a free woman to make her own choices, she did not count for a man with black hair and green eyes to stumble her way instead. Arthur Adamos felt like he was an outsider among the wolves of Shadow Pack with his unusual black hair and green eyes. He wanted to belong so badly that when he found out he has a brother, Arthur felt his world was complete. But there was a void that needed to be filled inside and that someone with brunette hair and grey eyes was determined to run away from him. Will he catch her in the end or will something else happen instead?

Fantasy / Romance
Nikki Larousse
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Prologue: The Announcement

Diana Marchand has always known that her fate was at the end of her father's hands. She had always remembered the time when he announced that she will be married to her brother's best friend, the future Alpha of the Shadow Pack, her fate has been sealed.

Well, that was always the worst part of her life.

Diana had been 21 when her father announced that she was engaged to Caleb Andino. Being the girl that she was, naïve and doesn't go against her father's wishes, Diana obeyed like a good daughter. She would smile and nodded as her father was telling her the good news.

But, was it really good news?
Diana has always known that her father wanted to overthrow the current Alpha, Caleb's father, and make the pact for himself. But thankfully, those ideals were not being fulfilled as her father was dead when he threatened to kill Caleb's true mate.

Marina Kasun, a descendant from the Old Council and the worthy mate for Caleb.

Diana attended their wedding and she was happy to see them together. Even when her heart yearned to have something like their love. Then, it all happened so suddenly that Diana was thrown back as she was turning to see someone was staring at her.

Someone with green eyes and black hair.

She clapped for the lovely couple before she was excusing herself to get away from Arthur Adamos, the warrior pack and their leader, who was the third strongest in their pack. Do not panic, do not panic, he would not hurt you, Diana reminded herself before she was running away from the ceremony where Sebastian was officiating the mating ceremony.

Diana was wearing a simple green dress that showed off her tan skin and brown hair with grey eyes. She was just like the other werewolves in this pack.

Tan skin.

Grey eyes.

Brown hair.

It was nothing special really. She has always prayed that her mate would be different and they would have beautiful children together. Diana wasn't expecting this.

Arthur Adamos, the fearsome warrior.

She was running through the woods as she was trying to get away from the attraction that she was feeling for Arthur. It was not a good sign. Her wolf has already scented it.

'Mine,' she purred before Diana was pushing the thought away. She had to get away and she had to be safe before—

"You're early to leave when your ex-fiancé is getting married," said the deep baritone of the man that she was trying to get away from. Arthur was in front of her, leaning against the tree as if he was born to do as much. Diana crossed her arms before she was arching her eyebrow at him, trying to show that she was not intimidated by him.

"And why is that any of your problem, Adamos? If I remember correctly, you should be in that wedding as well, not in this forsaken forest with someone that you despise," she said before Arthur chuckled slowly.

"Despise? Is that what you thought I was thinking when I was staring at you?" he asked before Diana was looking at him.

Like really looked at him and saw that his eyes were intense and he was clenching his jaws as Arthur Adamos was staring at her.

She gulped for Diana just realized what his stare meant, meeting her eyes. She just refused to acknowledge it and just forget about the Gamma that was playing games with her heart. She scoffed before she was turning to look away from his gaze.

"Well, it was always the same. The brooding Arthur Adamos that thought he was better than anyone else. Maybe I am right and you just don't want to realize that," Diana said before she was making a move to get away from him. Arthur moved as well, toward her. She stopped.

"Why don't you go back and enjoy the wedding reception? I am sure there will be a lot of women to throw themselves at you," Diana said as she was trying to control the beating of her heart. Then, Arthur smirked at her before he was stepping forward. She stepped back.

"And what? Do you think that I wanted any of them? Perhaps I am pursuing the one that I wish to have her attention on me," he said so smoothly that Diana gulped at his confession.

Stop beating, you stupid heart, she mused to herself as she was stepping back and Arthur was advancing on her. She has to gain the upper ground here. Damn it!

"And if the woman refused your attention? What would you do? Force yourself on her?" she asked before Arthur stopped in his track and furrowed his eyebrows. Then, he was staring at her before tilting his head.

"Oh, don't worry. I think the female knows that she wanted me to capture her attention. She just doesn't want to say it," Arthur said and before Diana can say anything, her back was hitting the tree trunk before she was gasping as Arthur was trapping her in his arms.

"Because she knew that I will be the one to dominant this relationship," he said and with that. Arthur Adamos was sealing his advances on Diana with a kiss so deep that she craved for more.

The first time their lips touched each other. It was giving some electricity on her skin that she was gripping the tree trunk. It broke under her fingers before she was holding herself up as she was putting her hands on his shoulders.

Diana wanted to push him away, wanted to get away from a dangerous unmated male but she did the opposite of what was the rational solution to their sticky situation right now. She pulled him closer as Arthur moaned in their kiss before she was snaking her hands around his nape, grazing her erected nipples under her thin dress against his hard chest.

"You are a torture, princess," he whispered before she was biting his lower lips. Arthur grinds himself to her hips before Diana gasped. This is better than anything I ever imagine, she thought before Arthur was kissing her throat and neck. It was something to be remembered by when she would go away from this island for good this time.

"Let me taste you," Arthur said before Diana was furrowing her eyebrows, not knowing what he meant. Taste her? Taste her where? Arthur smirked as if he can read her mind before he knelt to the ground and pushed her skirts up against her skin. The cold air was hitting her heated skin before she was gripping his shoulders.

"What are you doing?" Diana asked before his green orbs were flashing in the moonlight. Arthur smirked before he was sniffing her.

Sniffing her core!

Diana wanted to shout before his calloused, big hand came up to her mouth before she was staring at him. Arthur was looking at her as if he was asking for permission to do what she thought he was doing. Then, Diana licked his palm before he groaned.

"Seriously, you are testing my self-control, love," Arthur said before he was pulling his hand away and pulled her leg to put it on his shoulder. He sniffed her core again before his green orbs were staring into her grey ones. Diana cannot hold it in. She just wanted his sinful lips on her.

"Please," she pleaded before Arthur was smirking at her before kissing her inner thigh as his eyes locked with hers.

"Do not worry, I will make it your worthwhile, princess," he said before Arthur was ripping her panties apart. She moaned as her wet, moist sweet cunt was exposed to his sight. Arthur took a deep sniff before he groaned against her skin.

"So wet, so plush, so inviting, so mine," he said before Diana was looking at him as Arthur dove to get what he wanted from her. She leaned against the tree trunk and let him savor her taste since Diana will never have this again.



Arthur was looking at the most exquisite sight that he ever saw in his life. The female core, specifically his true mate's core. Diana was leaning against the tree trunk as she was gripping his hair before he was licking her slit. She moaned his name before he did again.

And again. and again. and again until Diana forget about their reality, just his name.

"Arthur," she moaned before she was pushing her core to his mouth even more. Arthur was licking and nuzzling the core before he was plunging his tongue inside the core as she was moaning his name again.

Arthur liked his name on Diana's mouth. It was...exquisite.

Then, he was sucking on the clitoris that was showing itself to the attention so that Arthur can have a taste of her. he sucked and licked it with his tongue in a circular motion. Diana moaned louder before he did the same thing again, over and over until he was sensing that she was ready to get over the peak of pleasure.

"Come for me," he said as he was finding the hole to put his finger inside her. one finger, then two fingers. It was a tight sheath, knowing that Diana has never given her virginity to anyone else was making his heart beat faster.

'Mine,' his wolf claimed inside him before Arthur was pushing the fingers in and out of her core, to build the momentum of pleasure as Diana was rocking to his rhythm.

"Come for me," he said before he was sucking hard on her clit and pushed his fingers in and out with increasing tempo. Diana moaned before she was shouting his name as she crossed over to the peak of her pleasure. It was an expression that Arthur will treasure for his life as Diana came for him.

"Good girl, princess," he said before he was lapping her nectar as if he was thirsty and never had a drink that was so addictive as this. Arthur wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before he stood up and was staring at the woman that he will be pursuing forever.

Even if she did not want him, he will show her what she was missing out on.

"And now you know what I can give the woman that I am chasing. Heaven, Diana, Heaven," he said before he sealed one last time with a kiss as he knew tomorrow, she will be a different woman that he had to face.
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