Gamma's Game [ShadowPack #3]

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Chapter 9: The Explanation

'So,' her brother said in their mind link which Diana was sure that Arthur was hearing on the other side of their bond, 'When are you going to tell me that you're mated to one of my best friends?' Xavier asked before she sighed as she was looking at her brother.

They have gone home as Xavier and his wife, Stella, went to their respective home as well as Caleb and Damien.

And Diana went to Arthur's house that he had furnished for her.

It was so gorgeous that she fell in love instantly and they made love to christen the bed before her brother and the others came.

There was Caleb and his wife, Marina. Xavier and Stella as well as their mother and Arthur's Mother, Mrs. Adamos.

Zack, Arthur's brother, was nowhere to be found. Probably on Beta's duty that her brother was supposed to. But he refused to do it until this misunderstanding was settled.

Diana put the saucer down before she was replying to him, 'Because I know that you will react like this. That's why I refuse to tell you,'

'You think that I would forbid you to be with him?'

'No. But I think you will be doing the same thing along those lines,' she said. Xavier grimaced before Stella, bless her heart, was complimenting on the house to Arthur.

"This is very nice. How much it will cost you to build this?" she said before Diana felt her mate's eyes on her.

"Nothing will cost me if it makes my mate happy," Arthur replied before Diana smiled as Xavier scowled even more.

"Alright, enough of it. Why don't you start from the start of this...misunderstanding. Surely we can come to a conclusion that satisfies everyone," Caleb said as Marina was holding his hand. Their love was shining from their gesture.

Diana ached for the same.

And so, she started, telling about how they knew that they were meant for each other at the Alpha's wedding—leaving the personal details out—and how Diana tried to resist the mating call until she nearly went crazy.

Xavier sucked his breaths as he did not know that Diana was in so much pain.

"And that is why I decide that enough is enough. I want Arthur to be my mate in truth, not because he saved me but I know that deep in my heart that I was meant to be with him. no matter what people say," Diana held her gaze on her brother before Xavier was looking at Arthur and then at her.

Then, he sighed.

"Well, that was quite a story. I wonder if I can use it as an inspiration for my new novel," Stella said before Xavier scowled at his wife.

"It is not worth to be written down, love,"

"Oh, but the tragedy in them! It was so romantic," Stella said before Diana chuckled lowly. She knew that her brother will be stuck with a wife that will never submit to him. Stella was the perfect choice that Moon Goddess ever gave to Xavier.

Like Arthur for her.

"If you ever finished it, I cannot wait to read it," Diana said, supporting her sister in law before her brother was scowling at her. Stella smiled before she nodded as Caleb was clearing his throat.

"And so? What now? Will you make it official?" Caleb asked when Arthur was standing straight before he was addressing her mother. His mother was looking at Diana before she was smiling as an encouragement for Arthur.

If anything was to be read from her expression.

"Mrs. Marchand, I am sorry to steal away your daughter from you and did not tell you the real intention of my pursuit for her. Now that she has agreed to be my true mate, I have no other intention to make it more clear than ever."

Arthur turned to Diana before he knelt on one knee and presented a small red box. The females gasped as Diana's eyes widened at the sight.

'Don't tell me that you are not expecting this,' he said teasingly before Diana was glaring murderously at him.

'If I have known, I would school my expression even more. Making sure that my brother knows that I will be pinning myself to you forever,' Diana said down the link before Arthur chuckled as he was clearing his throat.

"Miss Diana Marchand, I know that we have our differences when we're younger but I cannot say that I'm thankful for Moon Goddess to pair me up with you as my mate. You are everything that a man could ask for and with that in mind, I just have to as you one more time. Not because of the bond and the promise that we were for each other, but for the love that I felt for you and what I want for it to bloom more than just a promised destiny. So, Diana, will you give me the honor of being your husband for the rest of our lives together?" Arthur asked before Diana was looking at the man that was baring his soul to her right now.

She sobbed as she did not know when the tears were coming down her cheeks before Diana tried to speak again. There was nothing coming out from her mouth before she just nodded as she slid to be in front of Arthur. Her mate opened the box and it was the perfect engagement ring that she ever saw.

"I assume the nod was a yes?"

Diana nodded again, laughter was filling the room before Arthur was sliding the ring onto her left finger before he captured her face and leaned down to kiss her.

'I'll have you know that I will never let you be away from me. Not your brother, nor your mother. You are mine, Diana, Mine,' he growled down their links before Diana laughed as they were kissing and she was caressing his nape.

'And you will never be away from me or look at another woman again. If you are, you know what I can do,'

'Give me satisfaction sex that I cannot think about anything?'

'Perhaps but you know what my hands and body can do more damage than that,'

Arthur smirked before the witnesses were clapping and they were saying congratulations to the couple.


The next day, Samantha Lykos came to visit Diana at her new house. Arthur was out and Diana was trying to plan for her wedding in the next week as Arthur said that he cannot wait another month to settle down with her.

Diana smiled when he showed her last night why.

"Why are you smiling like an idiot?" Sam asked her before Diana was looking up from the pamphlet that the human town can provide for their wedding. Sam was sipping on the tea before she was turning her red eyes on her. Diana smiled.

"Oh you know, just thinking about my fiancé and how we will be married next week," Diana said before Sam was flipping through the catalog to look at the cakes that will be provided during the wedding.

"I don't get it. this mating stuff. Why would you be so...happy to tie down the knots with them?" Sam said before she was grimaced a lemon cake before her eyes lightened up when she was spotting the delicious cake.

Diana wanted that cake right now.


"Huh?" she snapped out of the trance as she was tasting the molten chocolate cake on her mouth as she was eating with abandon,

"You're drooling. Are you sure you're okay? Should I call for Arthur?" Sam said before Diana was dabbing her mouth. Oh, Goddess! She was drooling. How humiliating!

"No, no. I was just thinking about the cake that we will have at the wedding. And don't disturb Arthur when he was training. He barely left the house thinking that I will do harm on my own," Diana said.

"Even though I beat him once in a fight, he still thinks that I am a fragile woman. That bastard," she added before Sam snapped her eyes toward her. they glistened.

"No way! Do you defeat the Gamma? The leader of our pack?" she asked, wonder was in her voice. Diana grinned.

"It was too easy," she shrugged before Sam was clapping her hands together before she was grabbing hers.

"Teach me," she asked before Diana hesitated to answer.

"Please," Sam whined before Diana sighed. She cannot turn down her best friend now, can she?

"Fine, I will train you but you have to keep it as a secret between us, okay? I don't want Arthur to be worried more than he should," she said before Sam was grinning.

"You know me, my lips are as tight as it can be," Sam said, gesturing that she closed her lips to not spill any secret.

Until Diana learned how much her best friend was the little birdie that told half the female pack to train with her.

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