Gamma's Game [ShadowPack #3]

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Chapter 10: The Training

The next day, Diana was stunned to see that Sam did not keep her mouth shut however when her front yard was full of excited females that were chatting about as she appeared from the entrance.

"So," Diana said as she was pinching her nose bridge, "you're telling me that you will not have a word about it and suddenly, all these females were training with us?" she asked before Sam was shrugging at her.

Seriously, I will skin this woman, sacred Ultima or not, Diana mused before the females were chatting over and the laughter was filling the air. Some of them were too young to be trained but of course, everyone was welcomed to train if they wanted to.


And now, her mate was here.

"Shit," Sam mumbled under her breaths before Diana sighed. So much for training in secret, she mused as she was looking at the angry-looking Gamma that was coming their way. Some of the warriors were looking at the females before some of them were walking toward their family members.

Oh how I wanted the ground to eat me right now, Diana wished before she was smiling as Arthur was standing in front of her and she was smiling charmingly at her mate.

"Arthur! I did not know that you will be coming home early. How's the training?" she asked before Arthur was narrowing his eyes at her. she gulped.

"How's the training? How about you explain that you stole my female warriors and why they were doing in front of our front yard?" he said before his green eyes snapped to my left side. Sam was staring at him.

"Well, we were going to train, with Diana," Sam replied before Diana could say anything. Arthur arched his eyebrow.

"And why is that?" the Gamma asked before the Ultima's sister was smirking at him.

"We all heard that Diana beat you in a fight. So, we don't want to be trained by a loser that loses to a female warrior," Sam before Diana stepped in Arthur was flaring his nostrils.

"I did not mean it like that. I was just wanting to help Sam out but apparently, she," Diana glared at Sam before continued, " told everyone about it and I don't know if I wanted to train them anymore. There was so much to be done before the wedding and I cannot have more of this on my plate,"

She was pouting at her mate before the Gamma was looking at the female warriors. They were listening to the talk before he barked at them.

"Get to the training ground, Now!"

Everyone was scrambling out of the front yard except for Sam because she was not afraid of Arthur. She was too proud to be succumbing to his comment. Arthur was looking murderously at her right now.

"I said," he said with gritted teeth, "get back to the training ground if you want to train,"

"No, I will not be going to train like any other warrior. If Diana is not going to teach me, then I am out as well as the others," Sam said before some of the warriors were bellowing at her statement.

'This has become a problem now,' Arthur said through their bond before she apologized to him.

'Show me tonight that you are sincere,' Arthur said before Diana was rolling her eyes at him. Males, always taking advantage of the situation.

'Only with you, my love,'

"Fine, if you want to train with Diana," Arthur said as his green eyes were staring into her grey orbs, "then, she had to be the instructor at the training ground, not our front yard," Arthur said with finale before Diana's stomach churned.

So much for begging him to get her out of the bargain. Arthur only made it worse.


"Remind me to never going back against you," Diana said as she was sore from her head to toes. She had been given the new title among the pack. Even Caleb was approved of it, even Xavier was scowling at her.

"And that is why I will make up for you, love. I'm sorry for dragging you into becoming a trainer," Arthur said as he was shedding her clothes before she returned the gesture. They were inside their bathroom as the water was filling in the bathtub that they will be soaking together tonight.

And Diana has another promise that she needed to fulfill as well.

She got into the warm water before Arthur was slipping behind her. She was leaning against Arthur before they settled in the bathtub as her mate was taking the soap and slathered it onto her back. She moaned before he was kissing her naked shoulders.

"Thank you for your work today, love. It means a lot to me," Arthur whispered before Diana was leaning against his neck. She was kissing his throat before his hands were making their way to her legs, spreading her out as the water was slouching against her core.

Then, his fingers were there.

"Oh," Diana moaned before Arthur was rubbing her clit. It was sensual after hard work and she was playing with his hair, gripping it as she was riding her fingers.

"Oh Arthur," she said before she was pulling his face and kissed him. Arthur groaned in their kiss before his fingers were entering her core. Diana moaned even more as she bit on his lower lips before she was breaking the kiss and she pulled away before Diana was straddling his laps.

"I think we can skip the foreplay today," she whispered with a smirk before she was gripping Arthur in her hand and pulling at his length. He growled before Diana was lining it up with her core and he slammed into her.



They were hugging each other as the water was splashing around the bathtub. She was kissing his hard chest before she was kissing his jaws and throat, splaying her hand on top of where his heart would be.

"I love you," she said as she was moving up and down before she was gripping Arthur's shoulders. He steadied Diana as he was gripping her waist before the sensation was building inside them. Diana bit his lower lips and with one last push against her clit, she cried out as the wave of pleasure was coming over her as Arthur was spewing his hot load into her.

"And that's how we end our day now," her mate said before Diana was laughing as Arthur was drowning her again with his kisses.


The training days went on and the wedding was coming closer and closer. Samantha has the honor of being the maid of honor since it was a punishment as well as an honor by Diana for spreading the vulnerability about Arthur, Sam was not having any complaints at all.

Diana was overlooking the last part of her wedding before she was going into town to get into the wedding dress and perhaps have some last alteration that the seamstress has to do. Sam accompanied her as well.

"Oh, that color really looks good on you, Dee," Sam said before Diana was looking at the gown that she ordered. At first glance, she knew that she was going to love it but right now, she felt like any ordinary bride that would come and go with this dress in their hands.

She needed something to stand her out in her own wedding.

"I don't know. Do you think it was too simple?" Diana turned as the skirts were rustled against her feet. She was displaying the final gown to Sam as she was accessing it. Sam always tapped her finger to her chin if she was thinking about something.

"So?" she asked before Sam snapped her red eyes to her face and then she smiled.

"I think I know what you're missing," Sam said as Diana was arching her eyebrow at her.

"And what is it?" she asked before Sam was smirking.

"Fur," she said before Diana blinked at her. Was she serious?


"Yes, fur. Don't you think it would complement your color even more? And not just any fur, it has to be black one to say your love to your mate of course," Sam said before Diana was smiling at her. Then, she scowled.

"But we can't have fur. It would be untruly of us to get it,"

"Why not?"

"Because—" Diana said before she was making a mind link with her best friend, not wanting the town folks to know about their tight community.

'Because we're wolves and it would be an insult to put fur. Not to mention in this weather,' she gestured at the sun glaring down from the sky as the island of Cyprus was always sunny all year round.

Sam sighed before she shrugged then Diana got a perfect idea.

"Wait, I know what was missing and I think we don't have to use your idea of fur after all," Diana said before she was calling after the seamstress and she said what she had in mind for the final alteration.

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