Gamma's Game [ShadowPack #3]

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Chapter 11: The Wedding

The day that Diana was waiting for has finally come. Everyone was busy doing their stuff as Diana was looking at herself in the mirror back in the old house where her mother lived alone now.

Since Xavier got Stella a new house and away from their mother.

Diana was looking at the final alteration that she asked the seamstress did. There were some tiny emeralds that were attached to her bodice that reflexed the lights when she moved. Diana smiled as the emeralds were the representation of Arthur's green eyes.

If he did not get it, then it was a secret for her to keep.

Someone rapped at the door before Sam's brunette head was pushing through it. She was smiling as Diana turned to look at her maid of honor.

"Oh, you look stunning. I did not know that this alteration was better than fur," Sam gasped as her mouth was flying to her mouth. Diana laughed.

"At least I would not provoke anyone with it," she said before she was patting on her hair. It was set as a coronet on the top of her head as Diana was looking at the bouquet of flowers that she will be holding when walking down the aisle.

"Are you ready?" Sam asked before she was smiling at her best friend. This is the day that I will swear my love to Arthur, oh how exciting! Diana mused before she was walking out of the room.

"As I would ever be," she said before they were making their way to the backyard of their house for the wedding was garden-themed and what a better way to use their new house's backyard for anything?

Their wedding, of course!


Zack was tying the necktie around his brother's neck as Arthur was looking a little bit nervous before he was sighing. Zack turned his eyes on his face before he arched an eyebrow.

"Are you sure you're okay? You don't want to vomit or anything?" his brother asked before Arthur was smiling at him.

"Yes, I am sure,"

"I just don't want you to ruin my masterpiece, that's all," Zack said before he was dusting invisible lint on the suit that Arthur wore. It was a black Armani suit, courtesy of Caleb, and it was the best piece that Arthur ever wore.

Not that he could not buy it, it was just that the Gamma would always be in black pants and sweating when he has to train another batch of new recruits and seasoned warriors. It would seem inappropriate to wear something fine to work.

"Okay, let's get going then. The guests have arrived," Zack said as he was looking outside the window of the master bedroom. Arthur sighed before shaking his body to get these jitters out of the way.

Then, someone rapped the door.

"Can I talk to you for a sec?" Xavier asked before Arthur was looking at him. His brother was arching his eyebrow at Arthur before Zack slipped away.

"Sure, Beta. Whatever you say," Zack replied before he warned Arthur again not to mess with his masterpiece. He waved his hand at his brother and told him that he will be careful.

"I mean it. and I find something amiss—"

"You will kick my ass, yes, yes. We all know of your threat, Zack," Arthur replied before Zack smiled at Xavier and went out of the room. The Beta and the Gamma were staring at each other before Xavier was the one that cleared his throat first.

"So, the day has come for you to take my sister as your wife,"

"It would seem so, yes,"

Then, there was a pregnant silence.

"I will kill you if you break her heart,"

"I will kill myself first for not making my mate happy with me," Arthur replied before Xavier was tilting his head. Then, he shook his head and he went to hug his soon to be brother in law.

"Welcome to the family, Arthur. Sorry if you think that I will not accept you when you're my sister's mate. It was just—"

"Your father would not approve at the time. I understand but we don't have to live in the past, Xavier. Let bygone be bygone and keep moving forward. We can start over," Arthur said before the Beta was smiling at him.

"I know you would make my sister happy,"

"I know. It would seem that your sister cannot keep her hands—"

"Ew, too much information. I don't need to know my sister's sex life," Xavier said as he was making a disgusted face. Arthur just laughed.

"Let get going then before Zack kicks your ass," Xavier said as he was shoving the coat to Arthur. He smiled.

"Let's. but I think he would be the first to yield if he was to chase me,"

The laughter from Xavier's mouth was the only thing that kept them going to the backyard of the house.


Diana was taking a deep breath as she was standing inside the house. Sam was rearranging her hair and make sure that no makeup stain anywhere else. Then, she smiled as she was looking at her.

"You are perfect. Oh, I cannot think of anything else right now. This ceremony is so gorgeous," Sam said before Diana chuckled at her enthusiasm. Then, she wondered about her best friend. Does Sam have met her own true mate?

"Well, you can always plan for your wedding a little early as well," she jested before Sam was looking at her, horrified at the thought.

"Who? Me? No, no, no. You don't understand, Diana. I cannot be tamed and I will not surely be contained by a male that he thinks he will be the boss me," Sam flipped her brunette hair to the side.

"Besides, it would be a tragedy if he ever did," Sam said before she was smirking at her. Diana was arching her eyebrow before Sam was ushering her to get ready as the Wedding March played and the door opened to reveal her mate waiting at the end of the altar.

Diana was gripping the bouquet before she was stepping forward. One, two...then she was looking around as the crowd of the families and friends that she knew her whole life.

Caleb and his true mate were smiling at her.

Her brother and sister in law were sighing as she was the Moon Goddess herself.

Her mother and mother in law were gripping each other's hands.

Then, there the Delta, Damien, who was smirking at her before he turned to look at her mate.

Then, Diana was focusing her vision on Arthur as she slowly walked toward him. Everything faded as she focused on the green orbs that were shining under the morning sunlight before she was breathing hard as she stepped in front of him and the piano ended.

Sebastian was looking at the both of them before he cleared his throat and he was addressing the crowd with his booming voice.

"Dearly beloved, we gather here today to see the union of two souls into one holy matrimony that will bind them together forever. We thank the Moon Goddess for Arthur Adamos and Diana Marchand to be true mates to each other and may they will cherish it forever in their long lives," Sebastian said before he explained the importance of the exchanged vows and all that. Diana can hardly contain her happiness before someone was brushing against her mind link. She opened to it.

'You look beautiful today,' Arthur purred before she smiled shyly.

'I bet you say that to all of the women here,'

'No, only the one that will be my wife today,'

"Now, the rings," Sebastian said before she cut the mind link and Zack was providing the rings. Sebastian urged them to exchange their vows as Arthur took the ring and sighed.

"Diana, I have been waiting for so long that I cannot think I would live without another day if you're not in it. Therefore, I bid myself to thee for eternity because I love you so much that I am willing to die for you. I will cherish you and no other for my heart belongs to you," Arthur said before he slipped the ring. Then, it was Diana's turn.

"Arthur, I did not know that I will have the opportunity to get to know you. Of course, I defeat you in a fight—"

Some were laughing, including Arthur.

"But no matter what, my heart belongs to you and I will cherish you till the end of my life and I will not look at anyone else for you are mine and I am yours, forever," she put the ring onto his hand before she was smiling as Arthur's eyes were focusing on her face.

"And with the power rested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride," the Ultima said before Arthur pulled Diana by the nape and kissed her as the crowd cheered and applauded for their union.

It was the best day in Diana's life with her mate by her side, forever.
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