Gamma's Game [ShadowPack #3]

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Chapter 1: The Memory

Diana woke up in the middle of the night as she was looking around the room. She was in her room and she was alone. The sweats were making her clothes wet as she was wiping the sweats on her forehead as she was looking outside the window.

It was midnight, maybe I should go for a walk, she thought before her heart was giving some tug as if it has another idea at the moment.

Stupid memory, she mused before she threw the blankets away as she was getting up from the bed. She took the robe and put it around her nightgown that was see-through as if there will be someone to look at it.

There is but I don't think he would be coming in here, she thought before Diana shook her head. It will never do her any good if she was remembering the moment of that night from 2 months ago when she was having a tryst with Arthur Adamos, the Gamma of the pack.

Maybe I was having too much drink that night, she justified but she knew the truth of what was happening that night.

She was sober and so was he. She cannot push the memory away as she was feeling the ache between her thighs of the licking and sucking of that wonderful tongue and mouth to get her to feel the pleasure that she never knew she wanted.

After that night, everything has changed.

Her heart was yearning for him every day and every night but Diana did not tell anyone, even her mother, that she had found someone. Her true mate.

Well, they all knew now but they did not know who was the one for her.

Diana hugged herself before she was opening the balcony of her window and stared into the dark forest that was spreading out on the horizon. She had known all these forests since she was a little girl and right now, she was feeling alone. Distant from anything else.

I wished Arthur would be here with me, she mused before Diana realized that she had not been thinking about Arthur in that way ever since that night. It must be the time of the month for her to be in heat.

Diana sighed before she was about to retreat to the safety of her room. then, she saw something moving inside the forest as her super sensitive ears were listening to it. She cannot make out the figure who was in that forest but she knew one thing for sure.

Someone was watching her.

Without thinking anything else, Diana jumped from her window to the ground before she was shifting in midair. She landed on her four paws before she was shaking her brown fur as her wolf was talking to her.

'It has been a long time since you let me out,' her wolf purred before Diana was rolling her eyes.

'I have been...busy,'

'Uh-huh. Like anyone will believe that honey,' her wolf said before Diana was snapping her jaws before she was snarling at the dark.

'Can we just move already? I am being restless now,' her wolf complained before Diana was letting her control her body as she was maneuvering through the dark, thick forest before she was catching the scent of the trespasser.

Sandalwood, huh.

She shook her head before she was sniffing on the ground, trying to locate the direction of the scent in the forest.

'South,' her wolf said before Diana was running in the southern part of the forest to catch the intruder and perhaps have a little chat with them.


Arthur was looking at the beautiful princess that was trapped inside the cottage as he was walking along with the dark bushes. It has been 2 months since he has tasted his mate and right now, he was getting anxious as his wolf wanted to claim Diana to be his. Forever.

'Arthur?' the mind link that was connected to the patrol of tonight's shifts were brushing against his mind before Arthur opened the link to talk with them.

'Yes?' he asked them before they were informed that there has been an attack in the southern part of the forest. He listened before he was looking back at the window of Diana's room. she was opening them and the smell of apple in the summer was hitting him hard.

Damn it, he cursed under his breaths before he was informing his warriors to hold on as he will be coming their way. He was looking at the beautiful princess, his princess before he was changing the direction of his run before he was running toward the incident that has been reported to him.

It has been a long time since there was an incident around the Shadow Pack community for they were protected by the UN and the government of Cyprus Island. He was running on his four paws before he was sniffing around for the scent of blood but his wolf would only focus on the scent of apple right now.

'Would you focus?' he snarled at his wolf before it picked up the scent that he was looking for and ran toward it.

'We should have her underneath us by now. Why are you wasting time to get to her?' his wolf asked as they were running through the dark, murky forest in the middle of the night. Arthur sighed for he was wondering himself of this question.

Why he, Arthur Adamos, was waiting for the right time to claim his mate, Diana Marchand as if there will be something coming their way to separate them? Perhaps there was an obstacle. Her brother, Xavier, was the Beta of the Shadow Pack and Arthur doesn't want any trouble with him.

Xavier can be scary if his sister was in threat.

Arthur shook that question away before there was a commotion and a crowd was drawing up as he was approaching the incident. He saw the warriors that were on duty that night before he shifted to his human form before walking into the crime scene.

"What happened?" he asked them before they were filling him in. He was hearing the explanation before he saw the man that was being attacked by the rogues. There hasn't been a sighting of the rogues on Paphos as far as he knew and this one might be one of them.

"Step aside," Sebastian, acting as the doctor for the pack, was trying to get to the injured man. It was a young man around his early 20s as Arthur was coming up behind Sebastian to look at the situation better.

"Was he alright, Ian?" he asked Sebastian before the man was taking his stethoscope and checking the vitals of the unconscious young man on the ground. Sebastian was looking at the injured man before he was pulling the stethoscope and looked at Arthur.

"I think he should be fine but we have to take him into the infirmary for further scanning," Sebastian said before Arthur was asking some of his warriors to get the injured man to the place that Sebastian wanted them.

"How is this all happened?" Sebastian asked him before Arthur was crossing his arms over his chest. He was naked but he was not having shame or anything. He has been doing this since he was a kid, looking up to his father for he was the descendant of Gamma as well.

"Well, I don't have all the details but I will try to get the full details on this accident. There might be more," he said before he sensed her even before he was looking at her. he smirked before he was walking away from the crime scene, knowing that he was drawing Diana to be following him around later.

If only she was brave enough to do so.


Diana followed the scent as she was running through the forest. She did not know where her trespasser was going but she knew that the one that she was following right now was her trespasser.

I've got you, little sucker, she mused to herself before her trespasser was coming to a stop as he was shifting back to his human form. Diana was blinking her eyes before she was looking at the most gorgeous backside she ever laid her eyes upon. Then, he turned around and Diana sucked a deep breath.

Sweet Suffering.

It was Arthur Adamos, the Gamma of her pack, the only man that ever tasted her when she wanted him and her trespasser.

She should have known.

Diana sneaked among the bushes before she was looking at the commotion and a crowd was gathering when Arthur was approaching then. She could hear what they were saying before Sebastian was in the scene. He was talking to Arthur before the Gamma was asking some of the warriors to get the injured man to follow Sebastian.

Arthur was looking around, sniffing in the air before he was looking in her direction but then moved away. She cannot see the facial expression that he was having for his backside was on her view.

Diana gritted her teeth before the crowd was disappearing and she was walking away from them, keeping herself to the shadows before she was looking at the man that she was following. He was gone.

Diana shifted as she was lurking around in her human form, naked and the bushes were itching her skin.

"Damn it," she cursed under breaths before something was coming from behind her. Or rather someone when she caught the scent of sandalwood and the hands that were wrapping around her waist and covering her mouth.

"What do we have here? A little mouse playing hide and seek was it?" Arthur's hot breaths were hitting her cheeks before she sensed that her nipples hardened and her clitoris was aching.

Sweet Lord, she thought she was the one that has the upper hand. But she was wrong for Diana was walking inside the trap of one and only Gamma's game for 2 months now.

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