Gamma's Game [ShadowPack #3]

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Chapter 2: The Fight

Arthur chuckled, even more, when Diana was speechless as she was trying so hard to get turned on by his mere presence. If anything she could do right now was to kick his butt, she would but not without telling everyone that she was in the bushes with the Gamma as well.

"Why are you here, princess? I thought you were on the house seating for weeks now," Arthur asked her before Diana was trying not to lean against his hard chest. Must...resist...she reminded herself before she was slipping out of his grasp.

She did it but only if Arthur wanted her to.

Diana turned to look at him before he was arching his eyebrow at her and crossed his arms in front of his chest. His wide, hard chest made her eyes wandered to them. Arthur smirked at her.

"Liking what you see, princess?" he asked before Diana snapped her eyes to his. They were vivid green orbs under the moonlight as she was trying so hard to stare at his handsome face. Curse his perfect genetics! She mused before she was clearing her throat to get her sense under check.

'Mine,' her wolf whispered but Diana ignored it.

"What happened back there?" she asked him as if she had the authority to know everything. Arthur chuckled before he started to turn away.

"Are you not going to answer the question?"

"I don't have to answer to you considering that you are not the one in charge here," Arthur said that made Diana gripped her hands into fists. She was glaring at the man that made her screamed his name 2 months ago.

Now, it fueled with anger for him.

"So, I cannot know what was going on in my pack now? What if Xavier asked about it when he returned and I don't have anything to tell him?" Diana said as she was stepping closer to Arthur, seeing that he was about to leave. But he stopped and turned back to look at Diana as if she was speaking a foreign language.

"Have you taken something before coming here?" he asked before Diana scoffed at him. She crossed her arms at him before she was glaring at him, pushing her chin up.

"Well, that would not be any of your business now, wasn't it? Considering that you are not related to me and all,"

Take that you loser, she mused before Arthur was coming closer to her. Diana stepped back as if she was afraid for him to strike her down.

Or make her scream his name again. she did not know which one would be worse.

"Hmm," was the only answer that she got as she was narrowing her eyes at Arthur. The Gamma has the nerve to smirk at her when she was trying to control her anger at him right now.

"Ah yes. Of course, you still denied that we are mates, true mates that is. In fact, I heard that you refused to tell your own brother and mother that I am your mate," he said confidently before Diana was arching her eyebrow at him.

"So, what about it?" she asked him as if she was not impressed by anything at all.

"Well, I must say, how would your family react when they know that I am your mate, hmm? Would that be a shame to you when you have been downgraded from an Alpha to a Gamma as your partner, princess?" Arthur asked but there was some edge to his voice. As if he was not pleased that Diana did not tell the world that they mates.

Diana tilted her head as if she was looking at something that was bizarre. Perhaps she was as she was looking at the Gamma who was clenching his jaws and trying to control the wolf that was about to come out as his green orbs were dangerously shining under the moonlight.

"And if I am ashamed of my mate, what will you do, Gamma? Surely you would not fight me, would you? It would be a shame since you are a Gamma after all and the trainer of the warriors of the pack that would be defeated by a woman, his mate nonetheless," Diana said as she was taunting Arthur. She knew that she was getting under his skin as she saw that he was trying to reign his wolf inside him.

"You would not win, I will assure you that, princess," he said. His voice has changed. It was not the baritone, deep voice that she loved to hear when he was going down on her 2 months ago. No, this was more dangerous, deeper, and held a sense of danger to it.

Diana liked it.

She smirked before she was tilting her head to the other side again. she was looking at the naked Arthur that was standing in front of her without any shame. She was naked as well as she was ready to fight this man if she had to.

"Well, shall we put that theory to the test then? We'll see who is the winner between us," she said as she was circling him. Arthur did the same as he was cracking some bones and Diana was smirking at him.

"Don't say that I don't warn you, princess. I don't want you to feel sorry for yourself later on," he said as he was stretching. Diana was enjoying the view when she was smiling wickedly at him again.

"I try not to cry later," she said before she was loosening her limbs for easy movements. Her father has taught everything that she needed to know to win a fight, using the Ancient techniques from the Old Council as well. it was not something that you find in any tome these days.

Diana has always wondered if her father has conspired with the old man that lived in the neutral territory for the martial arts secret as he will cripple the Alpha. She would never know the truth for her father was dead now. As well as the old geezer after Caleb killed him.

"I hope you will not blame me for this," Arthur said, snapping her to the reality as he was coming forward to her, gripping his hand into a fist and charged at her. Diana has learned that pain was nothing compared to what she had endured the last few years when she was trained by her father with her brother.

It was horrible, it was a desperate need, and it was something that she had long forgotten. But the training kicked in as she was dodging the punch as she stepped to the side and Arthur was looking at her face.

Diana smirked before she punched at his stomach and she was striking his thighs before she stepped back and she was walking in a circle again. Arthur staggered back before he was looking at Diana with such ferocity in his eyes.

It was his wolf now, no more Arthur the Gamma.

"Come on, big boy. Do not tell me you're afraid to attack a woman," she teased him before Arthur roared and attacked her. Diana blocked his advances with gracious movement. She had anything worse and this was like taking a piece of candy from a baby. Arthur staggered back as she was kicking him under his stomach before he launched to the tree trunk nearby.

Diana was arching her eyebrow before she was coming closer to Arthur as he was sliding down to the ground, trying to get some air as he breathed heavily.

"Ready to yield, big guy?" Diana asked him as she crouched in front of him, smirking widely as she knew she was winning this fight between them. But of course, Arthur had another idea for he was chuckling lowly under his breaths. Diana furrowed her eyebrows.

"Oh, Diana Marchand, you are easily gullible, I must say. Not that I don't know you are," Arthur said before he was holding her hands and she cannot get away from him. He brought her close before she was staring at his handsome face with such darkness that should make her cower.

But instead, she was turn on. VERY turned on.

"But I guess that made the game even more fun," he said before he was pulling her closer and they were kissing again for the second time after 2 months of separation.

Diana did not know what to think less likely to do anything in that situation right now. She was laying on the ground, on her naked back, as a naked Arthur Adamos was on top of her. she should be pushing him away from her body but instead, she was pulling him by the shoulders before she wrapped her legs around his torso.

Arthur groaned into that kiss before she was kissing him back. It was magnificent and it was something that she had never done with all her heart, pouring everything that she felt for the last 2 months in that kiss.

"You're such a bad princess, Diana Marchand," Arthur whispered to her lips before she was wounding her hands and pulled him by the nape.

"Shut the fuck up," she said before they were kissing again. Diana was moaning his name as Arthur was trailing his wet, hot kisses on her throat before she was arching her back. Her hardened nipples were grazing against his naked, hard chest. Arthur was gripping her backside before she was feeling something hard yet soft hitting her stomach.

"This is what you're doing to me, princess. Remember that," Arthur whispered before he was biting her earlobe. Diana moaned again before she heard someone was coming. She tried to warn Arthur but he was deep in his seduction that when someone was clearing their throats, he did not hear. Diana has to warn him again.

"Arthur, let go," she hissed at him before Arthur snapped his green eyes in front of her face before he turned to look behind him. Sebastian was looking elsewhere but clearly, the Ultima was having the life of his life right now, capturing Diana with the Gamma in the bushes.

"I can come back later if you like to—"

"No!" she screamed before she was getting away from Arthur and ran into the dark forest, her face was heated for she was discovered to be getting dirty with the Gamma. Fuck my life, Diana mused before she shifted and she went home on her four paws.

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