Gamma's Game [ShadowPack #3]

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Chapter 3: The Hafl-Brother

"Well, that was a sight to see," Sebastian said before Arthur was glaring at him. The Ultima just smirked at him before they were walking into the infirmary as the injured young man was thrashing in his sleep.

"Let me go. Let me go!" he screamed before the warriors were calming him down as they were holding them to the bed. Arthur was about to say something before he locked his eyes with the injured man and everything was playing like a movie in his eyes.

The tan skin.

The green eyes of his father.

The blue eyes of a woman that he did not know.

A baby with blue eyes and his father's mane.

The young boy was injured by an attack.

Arthur closed his eyes before he was staggering back as he was blinking eyes. What the hell! Arthur thought before he was turning to look at the young man. He stopped struggling before the warriors were looking at each other as the young boy stopped struggling against their holds.

"Who are you?" Arthur and the young man said as they were looking at each other. The Gamma sensed that the Ultima was looking rather amused with the whole thing before Sebastian was asking them to have the room for themselves.

"Well, Arthur, meet your brother. I should have told you before we step in here but the facial expression on your face was priceless that I cannot feel guilty for not telling you. If anything, I was glad that I withheld that information," Sebastian said before the Ultima was chuckling slowly. Arthur glared at him.

"I am glad that we provide some entertainment for you then," Arthur said before someone walked into the room. It was Damien Laskaris, the fourth-strongest of Shadow Pack but he refused to be a warrior.

Such a wasted talent I would say, Arthur, mused before Damien was looking at the situation.

"Wow, who died and made you guys brooding so much?" he asked before he was walking toward Sebastian as he was smirking at Arthur and the young man. He was grunting before Sebastian, the doctor instinct in him was coming to help him to rest and reassured that everything was fine after this. after that, the Ultima was looking at Damien before he nodded.

"Well, I did find something rather interesting about the Gamma of our pack," he said before Arthur was looking at the Delta. He furrowed his eyebrows.

"What do you mean?" he asked before Damien was taking a file that contained some papers in it and slapped it on the table as Sebastian was looking through it.

"Interestingly, your father had a rather quite interesting story to tell us. But of course, it was none of my business to tell you so I will just leave this here and get out," Damien said before he smirked at Arthur on the way out of the infirmary.

Great, another mystery that I don't want to know about, Arthur mused before he went to Sebastian as he was looking at the file.

"What is it?" he asked before the doctor's red orbs was looking at him. Arthur used to be afraid of his eyes but ever since they grew up, it did not bother him as much anymore. If anything, it was some sort of comfort to see his friend's red eyes as a reminder of where he belonged.

"I think you should be the one to read it. But I tell you, do not hold it against your father," Sebastian said as he gave him the file and told him to come to visit tomorrow. The young man needed his rest and perhaps tomorrow they can talk to him to ask about himself.


Diana arrived at her house as she saw from the bushes that her brother has brought someone with him. She was a beauty and it was the young woman that Sam told her about, where her brother asked her on a date to the café where Sam worked.

I think my brother has lost his fuse, Diana thought before she was jumping from the ground to her balcony as she shifted to her human form and took a towel to cover her up. She went into the bathroom before she showered and get out of the bathroom when she saw a rare car was parked in front of her house.

She never thought that someone would be visiting their house with a car. Usually, they would come here by foot or running in wolf form. This must be a stranger, she concluded before she was shrugging and then went to bed for she was exhausted to do anything at all.

The next day, she was surprised to see that her mother was inside the room and served her breakfast. She smiled at her mother before she told her that her brother will be leaving for Italy. It was a nerve-wracking thing to see her mother worried over her brother but Diana did not respond to any of it. She was still in shock with the kiss that she shared with Arthur last night that she was shivering whenever she was thinking about it.

"Are you alright, dear?" her mother asked her before she just nodded and her mother let her sleep again. She sighed when it has been a couple of weeks ago when Sebastian checked her up and told her family that she was going crazy without a mate. Her mate to be exact and asked her brother to find him.

Last night proved that Arthur was her mate after all. Diana wanted to shit herself right now.

"I am going to the shop. Do you want anything, my dear?" her mother asked as she was opening the door to her room. Diana smiled at her mother before she was shaking her head. Her mother blessed her kind soul, nodded before she was telling Diana not to do anything harsh while she's gone. Diana sighed before she was looking at the sunlight that was streaming into her room as her tired eyes were sleepy again.

At least I will be sleeping for the rest of her day now, she thought before her eyes were closed and Diana was drifted to the dreamland.


It has been a few days since Arthur was talking to the young man. He has been reading the file that Sebastian gave to him and he was in deep thoughts lately. There was so much thing to be uncovered but the most important thing was this.

His father cheated on his mother.

Arthur was gripping the edge of the island in the kitchen when his mother, Mrs. Adamos, was coming inside the kitchen after her shopping spree in the town square. Their community still goes to the town to get some supplies and doing some business and right now, Zack, the young man that was claimed to be his brother—half-brother really—was making a progress after Xavier has trusted him to do his bidding in the lumber delivery.

It was fun and everything but still Arthur wanted to ask his mother the truth. Zack still lived at the packhouse since he did not tell his mother yet about his existence and today, Arthur pledged that he will confront his mother for the truth.

"Have you not go on to train the warriors yet?" his sweet mother, with grey eyes and brunette hair, was smiling at him before Arthur was giving her a cup of coffee.

"Oh thank you so much, I have been meaning to get one of these when I am home. You always read my mind, son," she said before Arthur was holding her elbow. His mother smiled before her expression changed as she was looking at him.

"Arthur, is there something wrong?" his mother said as he was closing his eyes before sighing. Here goes nothing.

"Can I ask you about something?" he asked before his mother smiled.


"Do I have a brother?" he asked before she was blinking her eyes. Then, she gasped before she stepped back. He was correct. He cannot go on with this, not when his mother was acting like it was a taboo question.

"Where did you learn about it?" she asked before Arthur was showing the file and put it on the island. His mother looked at it before she turned to look at him. Then, he saw some glistening tears in her eyes. He cannot go on if his mother was crying about it.

Arthur just can see his mother cried. It wounded him.

"Oh Lord, I thought I don't have to tell you anything about this," she mumbled before Arthur was looking at his mother. He furrowed his eyebrows at her.

"Why? Why can't you tell me anything about it?" he asked before his mother turned to look at him. Then, she smiled but the tears told him that the smile was a sad one. His mother was sad to think about his father.

He never knew that fact until now.

"What do you know about my marriage to your father, son?" his mother asked before Arthur furrowed his eyebrows.

"I know that my father was traveling to Turkey to sell some merchandise when he was younger when he met you. It was love at first sight and then you guys were married and had me," he said before his mother was touching his cheek. It was warm and Arthur knew that there was more to the story now.

"Well, that was the beginning of our marriage. One day, your father traveled to France to do some business with them and that's where he met his true mate, my son," his mother said as her voice was sad.

"True mate? I thought you guys are—"

"No, we are arranged to marry when we were younger and I was in Turkey when my father was settling some business there. His family asked him to come and meet me since it will be a few days before the marriage took place. I always thought that your father loved me, that I am his mate but of course, that was just my part. It was never the same for him," his mother said before Arthur was clearing his throat.

"What happened?" he asked quietly before his mother sighed.

"They met in Paris and your father, who was known for his impulsiveness, make love to her, and then they were exchanging vows after that. They had a child, as far as I know, and his name is Zack, after your father's brother that died in a battle," his mother said before she smiled at Arthur. He squeezed her hands.

"Oh, I wish I have told you earlier when it was not this complicated but I think it is never the time. Not when he was alive. After all, you do love him and admired him as much." His mother said before Arthur was taking a deep breath. It was his turn now.

"What if I told you that their child was here in Paphos? He was attacked and he was lodging at the packhouse. Would you consider to have him here than there?" he asked, hoping that his mother would not throw him away. Her answer surprised Arthur.

"Well, his mother died after your father came back to me, couldn't bear the thought of being far away from him. So, she had a heart attack and the child was never to be heard of. I think he was given to the orphanage for he was never considered as family," his mother said then she turned to look at him and smiled.

"Perhaps it is time for us to be his family then," she said before Arthur smiled at his brave, courageous mother.

"My thought exactly," he said before Arthur hugged her mother, thanking her for the kindness that she showed to his half-brother.

Half-brother. I have a half-brother, he mused before he planned that tomorrow he will be asking Zack to be living with them and be a part of his family forever.

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