Gamma's Game [ShadowPack #3]

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Chapter 4: The Favor

Diana was looking around the ground of the warriors that were training in the field. It was midnight for the wolves were active at night and it was the best time for them to show their strength and no restraints required when the humans were awake.

They would not dare to come to the forest in the middle of the night unless they wanted to die.

She was looking for the familiar black hair and green eyes that she would see from a distance amongst the brunette and grey orbs. He stood out like the leader he was for the warriors. Arthur Adamos was certainly fitted for the title of the Gamma of the pack.

Diana sighed before she was walking down the field as she was trying to conceal her presence from the warriors. It was hard enough that she was unmated and there were thousands of unmated males on the field. She just doesn't want to get into any trouble in that case.

Except, perhaps, with the Gamma. She shivered at the thought.

Diana knows that she was asking for trouble when she headed out to find Arthur in the middle of the training field. But he usually is here. Where is he? She thought before she was moving along the shadows as her father taught her. it was useful in a time like this.

"And what are, exactly, are you trying to do here?" someone asked when Diana froze against the walls as she sensed the presence of the familiar body heat.

Arthur, he's here.

She closed her eyes as her wolf was calling out for the Gamma's touch. Stop it, she reminded her wolf before she snarled at her as Diana was rolling her eyes at her. She turned around to see the vivid green eyes that were shining in the dark before Diana smiled at him.

"Well, you know. Sightseeing. Wanting to learn about the warriors and all that stuff," she said as she was backing away from Arthur who was advancing on her.

"Is that so? And what have you learned so far, princess?" he asked as Diana was trying to find the escape route from him. Her mind was turning like wheels at the moment.

"That we don't have an efficient way to make sure that everything will be smooth and correlated with the attacks that have been sighting from last week," she babbling as if she knew what she was talking about.

She was not.

Arthur arched his eyebrow at Diana before he chuckled slowly. She was looking at the escape route that she managed to get as she was distracting the Gamma. This is my chance, take it now, she mused before she was trying to make a move that would not be alerting the male in front of her right now.

"I would not do that if I were you. I have placed some guards alongside the fields to make sure that no one, including, can get pass through if we were trying to rehearse the defenses," Arthur said before Diana froze as he trapped her inside his arms.

She shivered, and it was not from fear.

Diana turned her face to look up to Arthur. They were inches away as their hot breaths mingled before she noticed that his eyes were shining dangerously in the dim moonlight.

"Why are you truly here, Diana? Are you here to torture me with your presence? Is this what it's all about?" he asked her as if Arthur was trying to control the wolf that was trying to get out from him. Diana looked at her before she was shaking her head, wanting to tell him the truth about her visit.

"Then what? You would never grace your presence here," Arthur smirked before he was looking into her eyes, "unless you wanted to. Are you trying to find your mate then?" he added before the Gamma was staring into her eyes even more, like looking into her soul.

Yes, the thought immediately came to her mind as Diana was trying to keep her gaze on his eyes but it moved to look at his lips. She wanted to taste it so badly that she shifted forward to close the gap between them.

But Arthur has another idea when he moved out of the way and turned his back to her. She sighed. The Gamma glanced back at her over his shoulder before their eyes met. He was sending a message before he was about to step forward that Diana has to tell him why she was there.

"I need a favor," she said as Arthur stopped before he turned around to look at her, furrowing his eyebrows together.

"A favor? What do you mean?" he asked before Diana was taking a deep breath. I am strong enough to do this. I just have to tell him, yeah. That would be easy enough, she toughened herself up before she looked at Arthur in the eyes and spoke her mind.

"I want you to reject me," she said as Arthur blinked at her.


"You heard me. I know that you hated me and you don't want to accept me as your mate and we might be miserable if we continue like this. I want to save you some time so that you can be with the person that you love. There must be someone out there that you wanted to be with for the rest of your life with," she said before Arthur was wiping his face with his hand.

"Sweet Lord," he said before he was looking at Diana. She was looking at him.

"You really don't understand, do you?" he asked her before it was her turn to furrow her eyebrows.

"About what?" she asked before Arthur was laughing slowly as he was looking at the ground. Then, he turned to look at Diana again.

"That I rather have you stuck as my mate than ever let you go. You think I just tasted you because I just curious about you, Diana?" he asked her before Diana tilted her head to the side.

"Well, aren't you? Since you will never have sex with anyone else until you rejected me, so yes. I think you just wanted to have some experience of tasting a female, I suppose," she said before the heat was coming to her face. Why am I blushing right now, for God's sake?! She asked herself before Arthur was looking at her with his vivid green orbs that she loved so much.

Wait, what?

"Well then. I see that you are just as curious as I was, screaming my name and came for me as I was lapping your nectar as if it was the best thing that I ever tasted in the world," Arthur said as she realized that he was approaching her.

Diana backed away from him before she was hitting the tree trunk on her back as she was trapped again in his arms.

His strong, warm arms.

"Then, I must show you what I truly meant on that night again, shall we?" he said with a cocky smile that made Diana wanted to slap it away.

Or kiss it, she was confusing that way.

"You would not dare," she said before she was looking at him. Arthur smirked before he was tracing her cheeks with his fingers before she was shivering from his touch.

"Perhaps I will let you wonder why I tasted you that night, Princess, for it will have remained in your mind as long as you can remember and I am the walking memory that you will wish to reignite it later," Arthur said before he stepped back and walked away as he turned his back to her and disappeared in the forest.

"Fucking males," she cursed before she was controlling her breathing. She was affected and she hated that Arthur barely affected by her presence.

Damn it all!


Arthur walked into the forest as his wolf was trying to get out under his skin. The closeness of himself to Diana was making his wolf going crazy for she was the wolfbane of his existence.

"Fucking hell," he cursed before he was stepping into the forest before he was shedding all his clothes and turned into the black wolf-like his father. He ran away from the training ground and went to his mother's house as Zack would be home now. He informed him to come home that evening as he was excited to have his brother under the same roof.

"Mom, Zack? Are you guys home?" Arthur called when he shifted back as he changed into the clothing that he carried in his jaws, the clothes that he shed earlier. There was no answer until he was coming into the house and he saw that his mother was talking to Zack in the motherly way that he knew so well.

"Ah, you're back. How was training?" his mother asked before she ushered him to get some food and eat with Zack on the table. He turned to look at his little brother. Some coloring has come to his face for he was out of the packhouse where food is sacred. But here, his mother will make sure that he will be fat in no time.

"It was great. The warriors were learning just fine," he said before Zack was looking at him. He arched his eyebrow before he shook his head. Apparently, Zack knew something that he doesn't. Was Diana's scent was on him? That made his wolf purred in delight.

"Well, tomorrow is the Folk Festival. Do you want to come?" Arthur asked Zack before he shrugged.

"Perhaps. I have some delivery tomorrow and I was hoping that I could stop by if I was early for the delivery," he said before Arthur smiled at him.

"Then, we better dress in our best clothes," he teased before his younger brother smiled and continued to eat his food silently as Arthur did the same.

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