Gamma's Game [ShadowPack #3]

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Chapter 6: The Rescue

Diana was looking around when she just realized that she was out of the territory that she used to play around. This was not one of them and right now, she was scared. She was in deep trouble as well.

"Oh look! A big wolf there. We have to get that for the fur. It must be a lot to catch the price for that fur," the hunter said before Diana saw that there were people that were coming at them. She was desperate to get out of here but she did not know where she was going.

"Come on! It was about to get away from us. Shoot to kill, shoot to kill!" one of the hunters was calling after the others before Diana was running for her life right now.

This is the worst nightmare that I ever lived in, she mused before she was going out of the territory. She was running on her four paws and she felt like she will not live to see another day. She just knows it.

No more seeing her brother and his new wife.

No more seeing of her future niece and nephew.

No more seeing her mother and share their jokes together.

No more Arthur Adamos.

The last one was hitting the hardest in her chest as she was running for her life. She did not know where she was going, just running around before she was trapped inside the trap that has been laid by the hunters.

Damn it, she mused before she was looking around for another escape route. Where was her strength when she wanted them the most right now?

"We got it! We got it now!" she heard one of the hunters said before she was looking around. The hunters were holding their guns toward her as if they were afraid that she was going to attack them. Maybe she would but she know that she would not live another day before she died and she did not do anything that she was going to remember it by.

'I love you,' she shouted out, focusing on one person before the hunters pulled their triggers as Diana heard the guns fired.


'I love you,'

Arthur heard the voice that he knew so well that he was going through the deep, murky forest. She was scared and in danger. He can hear the voice of his mate was calling out to him as if she was trying to tell the last thing in her mind.

She loved him. Diana Marchand loved him, Arthur Adamos that was not somebody. But he was somebody to her.

'I'm coming, Princess. Hold on!' he shouted out as Arthur was running through the forest and he was breathing hard when he was running on his four paws and searched for his mate's scent.

'There,' his wolf said before Arthur was going to the east before he heard the guns fired.

No, no, no! Arthur's fear was getting the best of him before he stopped at the edge of the territory. Arthur did not hesitate to get out of the territory before he was running and he smelled the scent of his mate.

'Diana!' he shouted in his mind link as his legs were carrying him to the north part of the forest. Then, he saw what was the worst nightmare that he did not want to think was true.

Diana's wolf, the brown fur was covered in blood and the humans were laughing and cheering as if she was their prize.

'I will rip them apart,' he shouted before his wolf was controlling his body. He did not know why he let him do it but he was going toward the hunters and their limbs apart. Arthur was going berserk and he was not having to regret it.

'Arthur?' a faint voice was coming at the back of his mind before the black wolf that was holding the limb of a hunter was turning toward the brown wolf.

His green eyes met her grey orbs.

'Diana?' he asked as he was walking toward the wolf before the hunters were running around, trying to save themselves. Arthur was coming to her as he was sniffing her fur for any more injuries.

'Are you alright?' he asked as Diana's wolf was sniffing and mewled.

'I am now for you are here, my love,' she said before she was closing her eyes. Arthur tried to get to her, asking her to shift back to human form but they were not doing anything. He did not have the courage to leave her here so he will be carrying her on his back.

If it was the last thing that Arthur would be doing.


Diana did not know what was happening. One thing she was on the ground and Arthur was killing the hunters, tearing them from limb to limb until she was closing her eyes. Then, she woke up again as she felt like she was walking. But she wasn't and she was looking at the purple, golden, red evening sky before she closed her eyes again.

And now, she was on the softest thing that she would ever imagine. Diana tried to open up her eyes but it was too heavy as if she was meant to be sleeping again, and right now, she felt cold.

Very cold as she shivered from it.

"Easy now. We have to make sure that you covered, princess," she heard the familiar voice that was coming into her eardrums before she felt something warm wrapped around her naked body. Another warm flesh that was similar to her.

If this is heaven, I don't want to leave, she thought before she snuggled even closer to it. The warm flesh chuckled before she felt the faintest kiss on her forehead.

"Sleep now. It will all be better later," Arthur said as Diana drifted to sleep and she was smiling for the first time as she had been dying and wanted to go crazy as her wolf was demanding her to get close to Arthur.

But right now, she was purring and Diana can finally have peace of her mind.

She tossed and turned before she felt that something was missing. Her hands stretched out and she did not find the warm flesh that she was snuggling before. Diana tried to open her eyes slowly before she was looking at the bonfire that was starting to warm up the cave, or was it something that she would not call a cave.

And Arthur Adamos was kneeling in front of it, roasting rabbits.

And utterly naked.

Diana was taking in the sight that was in front of her before she was realizing that she was staring and Arthur noticed that she woke up. He smiled at her before she turned away when he was making his way toward her.

"Are you feeling okay?" he asked before Diana nodded at him. Arthur was smelling of spice and smoke. It was so masculine.

And Diana wanted to lick it off his body.

"The dinner will be ready in a few minutes. Maybe you want to freshen up," he said before Arthur walked back to the dinner that he was cooking. Diana slowly turned to look at his bare backside and it was not a disappointment at all.

Such a nice ass, she thought before Arthur turned around as if he could read her mind. Diana looked at the ground before she was looking at the fur that covered her naked body.

"The pond was over there. You can go for a swim if you're up to it," he said before she nodded and get out of the softest bed that she ever laid on.

It was made of leaves but she never felt anything like this before. Maybe it was the company that I am keeping at the moment, Diana thought before her eyes shifted to Arthur, whose facial expression was as deadly as he can be for he wanted to cook the rabbit.

Diana smiled before she was making her way to the edge of the water. She was leaning against the cave walls before she reached her destination. The water was clear and she felt a cool sensation as she dipped her hands into it before she cupped it and washed her face. She was looking at her reflection and she was a total mess.

It can be worse, she mused as she wiped out the dried blood from her naked skin with the cool water. Maybe she will have a bath later and perhaps insisted Arthur come with her. She smiled with wickedness that she did not know she possessed.

"Dinner's ready!" Arthur shouted before she was turning around and walked toward him. It was pretty dark in the cave but the bonfire was big enough to keep the whole cave warm. And not to mention that they were programmed to see better in the dark.

It was the werewolves' genes in their blood.

Diana walked to him before Arthur was pulling the roasted rabbits from the fire and set it aside to cool. She was focusing on the meal before she sat down in front of the fire, tried to cover herself as a decent woman would do.

But she knows that she did not want to do it. Not when it was Arthur that was in the same room.

"Eat, then get some rest. Perhaps later you can wash up and take a bath. I keep watch," Arthur said before he was giving her one of the rabbits and they ate in silence. Until Diana mumbled.

"Perhaps you would join me as well,"

It was simply a jest but Diana knows the impact of the words for she was looking at the dangerous glint of his eyes, wanting to take her underneath him right now.

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