Gamma's Game [ShadowPack #3]

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Chapter 7: The Cave

Was I dreaming? Perhaps I was, Arthur thought as he was tilting his head to the side as he was looking at Diana. She blushed as the warm glow from the fire was heating her face.

"I will keep watch and you can bathe then," Arthur said, finishing the rabbit that they ate before he was about to get up. Then, Diana was tossing the rabbit aside as well. She pulled Arthur by the hand as he turned to look at it.

Their hands intertwined before his green eyes were focusing on Diana's lovely face. She was looking at him and his wolf was roaring inside him at the touch.

'Take her,'

'Claim her,'

'Make her ours,' it purred before Adam was reigning the control that was being torn apart inside him, even when his facial expression said nothing.

"Thank you," Diana said softly as if she was afraid to say out loud as they were in the cave. The echo can be noisy and attracted another predator inside their cave. Not on my watch, Arthur made a snarl inside his head before he was blinking his eyes as he was looking at Diana.

"For what?"

"For saving me. And I know that I have been utter...bitch to you these past months and I hope that you will forgive me, Arthur," Diana said as her grip tightened around his hand. Arthur gulped.

Control, Adamos, control, he reminded himself before his wolf was purring at the contact, wanting for more.

'What are you waiting about? She confessed her love, didn't she? It is time to take what was ours,' it said before Arthur nodded.

"And I understand if you think I was rejecting you because—"

Arthur did not let her finish for he claimed Diana's lips as he was pushing her against the wall of the cave. She gasped as it was a sudden assault on her lips but Diana moaned before she was putting her hands on his hard chest.

It was the most glorious, simple touch he ever received from her.

She moaned into their kiss as Diana snaked her hands around his nape before pulling him closer. They were naked and he can feel the hardened nipples of her grazing across his naked chest. Arthur broke the kiss before he was staring into her grey orbs.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked, panting for he knew that if they cross this bridge together, there will no turning back from there now.

"Yes, I have suffered enough in two months without you, Arthur. And I cannot take it any longer. My wolf was going crazy without you. I am going crazy without you in my life," Diana said before she was pulling him against her. They were kissing again before Arthur hauled her into his arms and went to the makeshift bed that he made for her.

Now, it was time to use it for its purpose, for once and all.


Glorious, utter glorious as she was kissing her mate. Arthur Adamos, her true mate. Diana was done playing to ignore the sensation and the bond that snapped when they were imprinting each other months before that.

It is time to tie those knots together with no separation anymore.

Diana was moaning into the kiss that they shared as Arthur laid her on the makeshift bed as she was roaming his naked body.

Those muscles were taunting her fingertips as she was gripping his biceps before Arthur broke the kiss and he was looking at her with his green eyes that were glowing like emeralds in the dim light coming from the fire.

"I love you, Diana Marchand. I always have even before the imprint was done between us," he whispered before Diana was coming closer to claim his lips once more.

"And I love you even when I tried to deny it. There has always no one else but you, Arthur Adamos. You're the one for me and will always be the one," she whispered before she was pulling him by the nape as Arthur groaned inside her mouth. Diana smiled before she was roaming his back and his rough, calloused hands were touching her inner thighs.

Sensual touches made her core tingled and her breaths heaved.

"Open for me," he said before Diana obliged. Arthur was smirking at her before he was kissing his way down her throat, neck, and chest before he was putting one of her nipples into his mouth. She moaned before he was licking and making a circular motion on it.

Diana arched her back even more as Arthur was touching her core with his fingers.


"Yes, oh, indeed," he said after he released the nipple with a pop and then took the other, making it glistened like the one that he had left for her to look at. Diana was writhing underneath his big, muscular body before he slid his finger into her.

"God, you're so tight, my love," he said before he was kissing his way down on her flat stomach and he was smirking as he was going down and down to the final destination that Diana has no doubt in her mind.

Her core.

Arthur was looking at her before he was spreading her even more, licking his lower lips as Diana felt her wet nectar was oozing off from her nether mouth.

Torture, this is torture. Absolute, lovely, and sweet torture, Diana thought as she was biting her lower lips before Arthur was lapping on her. she gasped before she was arching her back and she was pulling him by the hair as she was guiding her mate where she wanted him to be on her.

"There...oh yes...Ah!" she was moaning as Arthur was sucking and licking her clit. She felt a finger inside her, moving in and out as he was sucking her nerves. Diana was being a wanton as she was pushing her core even more to Arthur's mouth before they were moving in sync.

Diana felt the sensation that she knew on that night, in the forest where he was going down on her for the first time. And then, she gasped as she was looking at the ceiling of the cave before Arthur was upon her once again.

"You are beautiful, my love. So beautiful and you belong to me,"

"I'm yours, Arthur. Forever," she said before she felt his tip at the entrance of her core. She was gripping his shoulders before he was moving inside him an inch and pulled back. Then, he added another inch before they both felt the maidenhead.

Arthur was looking at her before she nodded and pulled him to kiss his sensual lips before he pushed through her as they were one and true mates.

It was the most marvelous thing that she ever felt. Her wolf howled as she can sense that Arthur's wolf was doing the same. They were moaning before Arthur was still inside her, making sure that she was getting used to his size.

After all, she was a virgin and Arthur was her first lover.

Then, after a moment, she was feeling used to the size and urged him to move. Arthur did not so she took the liberty to clench her muscles around him. he hissed.

"Seriously, you will be the death of me,"

"And you will be mine, Arthur Adamos," Diana giggled before Arthur pulled out and slammed into her. Diana gasped before she was nuzzling his neck as she wanted to smell him. imprinting his scent against hers.

She licked his neck before she was biting down on the hollow space between his shoulder blade and neck. Arthur moaned.

'Again,' he whispered against their established mind link as a mated couple. Diana repeated it, this time harder as she was feeling the canine was coming out from her mouth. Arthur was thrusting in and out of her core as she can sense that the tempo was increasing. Arthur moaned before he was gripping her buttocks into his hands and he was moving her in sync with her tempo.

The sensation was building inside her.

Diana panted as the sweats were accumulated on her forehead as well as Arthur's. They were clinging to each other as Arthur was looking into her eyes, telling her against the mind link that they now shared forever and will never be disturbed by anyone else.

'You're mine, Diana and I love you forever,'

'And I love you, Arthur. You're mine,'

Then, the explosion of their orgasms was as one as they were moaning their names on each other's mouth before Arthur kissed Diana and they were true mates forever.

And Diana could not be happier than that for Arthur was what she has been missing all this time.

Not her father.

Not Caleb or Xavier.

But for him, Arthur. Her mate and the father of her future children. Forever.

After their first joining, Diana was caressing his chest as Arthur was still inside Diana before she can sense that he was hard and her core was tingling. She giggled before Arthur was looking at her, intense green eyes that she loved so much.

"It would seem that you will never be done with me, Arthur Adamos," she said as Arthur smirked at her.

"How can I when my mate was so beautiful and I cannot wait to have our pups in there," he said before Diana's heart swelled at his declaration of wanting pups with her.

'And you have to care for them as I will,'

'Of course, my love,'

And then, they were at it again, and again, and again, until the sun was upon them but they did not care for they were cocooned in their love nest.

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