Gamma's Game [ShadowPack #3]

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Chapter 8: The Beta

Xavier was looking at the port that he had last stepped in when he made his decision to get out of the island and never to come back. But then, everything changed when his sister was missing and he needed to track her down.

As well as Arthur Adamos, the Gamma of the pack. He saw that some of the familiar faces were waiting at the dock before he slid his hand on the lower back of his wife. His mother was standing beside him on the left.

"Well, they sure missed you," his mother said before the ferry was making its way to the port before the crew was taking the anchor and threw it into the water. Then, one of them was taking the rope and let the planks settled so that the passengers can walk onto the ground.

There was nothing much at the port, saved for the fishmongers and the other crew that was responsible for the cruise ships or rental boat. Xavier was ushering Stella to the plank as his mother walked down the ferry first and Caleb, the new Alpha of the Shadow Pack, was greeting her.

"How are you doing, Mrs. Marchand?" he said before his wife and Luna, Marina, was kissing her cheeks. She was whispering before his mother made her way to the awaiting cars ahead.

"So, I see that you have decided to get my invitation,"

"And here I thought the invitation had expired last month," Xavier said before Caleb was shaking his head. Then, he stepped ahead and hugged his best friend and Beta. Xavier laughed before he saw that Marina was kissing his wife's cheeks and welcomed her to the family.

"I missed you too, buddy," he said before Caleb was pulling away and he was smiling at Xavier before his facial expression changed.

"So, any news about my sister?"

"None but I think I know where they might be," Caleb said before Xavier was arching his eyebrow at him.

"They? What do you mean?" he asked as his best friend the Alpha was smirking at him.

"You're really blind to your sister, don't you?" he asked before Xavier was scowling at him.

"What am I blind to? Her sense of humor? My sister doesn't have that?"

"Well, that was for Damien anyway to entertain us but no. I was talking about her mate," the Alpha said before Xavier's brows were shot up to his hairline.

"Mate? Who is he? I'll kill him if he hurt her," Xavier growled before Stella, his wife was holding his hand into hers.

"Darling, I'm sure everything will be alright. Diana's a grown-up now. She can handle herself," Stella soothed him before his wolf was calming down. Then, Xavier was taking a deep breath as he was turning to look at the Alpha, a question that he needed the answer to.

"Who is he?"

"You would not believe it," Caleb replied before Xavier growled under his breath.

"Who. Is. He?" he snapped before Caleb was rubbing his nape. Luna Marina was looking at him and sighed.

"It's the Gamma, Arthur,"

And the world was silent as Xavier was looking at his leaders before he huffed in disbelief.


It has been—what? A few days?—since they were last seeing the hunters that were prowling in their territory. Arthur said that those humans never learned and most of them were foreigners. The Cypriots would not dare to come into their territory because they knew their history.

Not like the foreigners who liked to take and exploit the good stuff, as Arthur passionately despised about them.

Diana was sinking in the lake that was located at the end of the cave. She was naked and sated as Arthur has been indulging his—and hers—carnal desires and it was everything that she could ask for.

If not for more.

She was alone in the cave right now as Arthur was searching for their breakfast. Diana smiled at the fond gesture that her mate was doing. It was considered that the males should be able to showcase their strength to take care of their mates, physically and emotionally. And Diana was lucky enough to have both sated right now.

As if she was summoning him, Arthur came into the cave as she can sense his mind link in hers.

'Thinking about me, don't you?' he asked before Diana was turning as she was looking at the taunting muscles of his back and the buttocks that she loved so much. She smirked.

'And why do you think that I would always think about you? I have other stuff to be thinking about as well. such as my brother who might be finding this...mating to be hard to chew on,'

Arthur grimaced as he was preparing the fire before it burned against the woods. His face was grim.

'I can handle Xavier, no need to worry about it,'

"But I'm worried for you. Who knows what my brother will do if he finds out—"

"He will accept me as his brother-in-law, whether he liked it or not," Arthur said before he stood up as he was putting the rabbits to roast on the fire. Then, he was walking to the edge of the pool before Diana was meeting him there.

"I love you and there will be no obstacle that I cannot get through to have you by my side, and certainly not your brother," he said roughly before Diana smiled and pulled him closer so that she could kiss his tasty lips.

She cannot go on without kissing him every now and then.

"Come bath with me,"

"But the rabbits—"

"We'll be finished before you know it," Diana said with a smirk before she was pulling Arthur into the pool as the water splashed around them. Diana laughed before Arthur resurfaced and he was taking a deep breath.

"You will pay for that," he growled as Arthur was stalking toward her before her back was hitting the edge of the pool. She bit her lower lips.

"Do your worst, Adamos,"

Arthur smirked before he was gripping her thighs and wrapped them around his torso. Diana moaned as she was grinding her wet core—no thanks to the water—and his erection before she was breathing hard.

"You're terrible,"

"But you love me anyway,"

"Fuck me. Now!" Diana urged him before he was slipping inside her wet core and she was kissing him as their heaven was holding until someone was coming knocking on their love cave that evening.


Diana was sleeping against Arthur's hard chest before she felt the tension in his muscles. She opened her eyes and stared at her mate before Arthur was looking down on her.

"What is it?" she asked before Arthur's jaws clenched.

"Someone was inside our lands," he said before he was getting out of their love cocoon.

"Who is it?" she did not know that this was on his lands or anything remote that belonged to him. Perhaps Diana did not know everything about the Gamma after all.

"Stay here," he said as Arthur was making his way to the vine covering the entrance of the cave.

"No, I am coming with you," she said before Diana was running after him. Arthur hesitated before she scoffed and crossed her hands in front of her naked chest.

"Need I remind you that I beat you in that fight of ours?" she said before Arthur was gripping his hands into fists. She smirked as Diana knows that she had won the argument as Arthur sighed.

"Just...stay by my side,"

"No problem," she said before they were moving to the entrance as Arthur flapped the vines away and she was standing beside him.

And the sight in front of the entrance was nothing like she ever dreamed before.


"Shit," was the first thing that came out of his mouth as Arthur was looking at the three giant wolves that he knew belonged to his leaders and friends.

Except for Damien because he was a lower rank than him.

The big, brown wolves, unlike he was with black fur and green eyes, were looking at them. Diana was standing naked in front of them before Arthur growled and he blocked her from their views. No one will be looking at his mate that way.

'What are you doing?' Diana asked him before he replied to her in their mind links.

'Trying to save your dignity,' he said before he can feel that Diana was rolling her eyes at his behavior. Then, the wolves were changing as they were standing naked as well as he was in front of them.

"Well, this is a sight that I will never get my head out of my mind now," Damien said before Arthur was glaring at him. Have to give it to the Delta to make a joke out of everything. Damien smirked as he saluted at his mate. Arthur growled.

"Come on, Arthur. Don't be such dramatic. I was just saying hello," The Delta said before Xavier was stepping closer to him.

"Stay back,"

"And do what exactly? You cannot keep my sister alone here forever you know. You have to go back to your mother, Arthur. Think of her as well as Diana's welfare," Xavier was looking at his sister before Diana was rubbing his back with her small hand.

'He's right you know,' She said in their mind links. Arthur turned to look at Diana before he sighed and then turned to look at the leaders.

"Fine. I will go back with you but Diana will come with me,"

"I don't think—"

"Enough, Xavier. I am his mate and there is nothing you can change about it. I will go to his house and we will be together," Diana stepped up before her brother scowled then narrowed his eyes at Arthur.

'This is not over,' his future brother in law said before Arthur smirked.

'I never it was,' he said before they were changing back into wolves and raced back to their families in the tight community that they called home.

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