Kasun's Kisses [ShadowPack #1]

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Marina Kasun was being misunderstood but she did get away from everything that was holding her back. Her past, her archenemy, her lover. All was gone and now she was out in the woods, all alone. She tried to get away from everything until she met a handsome stranger at a folk festival. Will she find out who he really was or did the stranger has the same secret as she does? A new Novelette for your personal enjoyment!

Fantasy / Romance
Nikki Larousse
4.2 8 reviews
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Chapter 1

Marina Kasun’s POV

“Huh, huh, huh,” I was running through the woods in the Highlands that I was barely escaping now. I need to get away and by that I mean I have to get out of this country. Mia Duncan and Liam Hunt knew that I was alive, I will be thrown into prison.

“I cannot let them win, never,” I hissed as my body was going to be tired right now. I have to get away from here. They might be closing in with the blood that I was dripping all over the forest and ground.

“Oh, come on,” I said as I was trying to get the service of my transportation. It has been arranged that I will be leaving Scotland at midnight. And now that I was fucking out in the woods, I don’t know if I ever survive this cruel world.

“So much for my revenge,” I whispered as I was looking at the light that was coming out of the sky. The helicopter blades were buzzing my ears as I was closing my eyes.

“We got you now. You will be safe,” the shadow said as I was closing my eyes and I was claimed by the darkness.

Not to brag but my name was Marina Kasun. You might know me from the story where I was the bad guy. But you never knew what I went through after that. I might be considered dead but I was just laying low.

Planning for my next strike on Mia Duncan and Liam Hunt.

But before I can do that, I have to make sure that I survived this fucking mess and chaos that they have caused in my life. So, heed my words, I will come back to exact my revenge on them.

The sun was blinding as I was trying to open my eyes. I don’t know what happened last night but I know that everything was out of my sight. I do not care if I was dying or maybe even dead for fuck sake.

Maybe it will be better that way.

I was sighing before I turned and tossed on the ground. But it was so soft that I cannot let my hands wandered all over it. I opened my eyes suddenly and it hurt the back of my head. I need to control this urges to open my eyes before the lights were blinding me.

“Ugh!” I said as I was getting up from the bed. I looked around and it was not what I imagined it will be. It was a room, much luxurious than the room that I ever owned and now, I was sitting on the most comfortable bed that I think I was in heaven.

Maybe I was.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” a voice startled me as I turned to look at my grandfather who was staring at me like I was a crazy person.

“Where are we?” I asked him as I tried to move but I winced. I turned to look at my side and frowned. It was bandaged and I think I might feel some stitches on my sides.

“Well, we are out, off the grid,” my grandpa said as he was taking his seat beside my bed. He was drinking his tea before he gestured some to me. I shook my head as I was thirsty for some water.

“Can you pass me the water, please?” I asked him and I can see the shock that was on his face. He never expects me to be good but hey, after I was almost dying on the Highlands, I think I will appreciate more of my life for now.

Starting with grandpa.

“You’re strange today. Have you been eating something wrong?” He asked me as he arched his eyebrow at me. I laughed at him before I shook my head.

“Well, you’re the only one that I have left. Might as well appreciate you while you were here,” I said before I took the glass of water and drained it in seconds. My grandpa was studying me as if I was an alien to him.

“What?” I asked him before he shook his head.

“Nothing, I thought you might break your head or something,” he said before I punched him lightly on his arms. He laughed at me and I smiled. I missed him so much that I forgot about him when I was so consumed by my revenge.

Maybe I should let it go forever. Nothing good will ever happen if I kept holding on.

“Gran?” I asked him as he was looking at me.


“Where are we, exactly? And don’t try to lie. You know I hate liars,” I said as I was crossing my arms at him. He chuckled before he went to the windows to open the curtains.

“Well, Marina dear, I think you have to see where we are so that I won’t have to lie to you,” he said as he was shoving the curtains aside. It was blinding at first but after that, all I can see was tress.

Lots and lots of pine trees.

“Holy smokes! Are we in the middle of the woods?” I asked him as I was standing in front of the window. I did not care about my stitches anymore and I think I might tear one or two while I was moving from bed just now.

“Well, yes technically but still, it’s all yours,” he said as he was looking at me.

“What do you mean it’s all mine? I don’t get it,” I asked him as he was looking at me, amused that I don’t know anything about this.

“Well, your parents have a deed on this land and now that they were gone, may they rest in peace, it’s all yours,” he said as it was as simple as ABC.

“Well, I certainly cannot live here alone. What if anything came to attack me?” I asked him as I was getting soft, afraid of anything in the woods. Call me superstitious but my parents were huge on that kind of stuff. As well as their daughter.

“Do not fret, my girl. You are safe as long as I am alive. Now, about that meal you should be having after you woke up, shall we get to it?” He asked me but he was halfway through the door. I blinked my eyes because how can Gran moved so quickly.

Must be my eyes were deceiving me.

“Gran, wait for it, it’s my meal, not yours,” I said as I was trying to walk the fastest that I can after I broke some ribs and all that.

Maybe I need more than stitches to cover up my past.

I was walking down the stairs as I was looking at the long hallway. It was exquisite and they were full of relics. Relics that I don’t know what it was for. Maybe I can ask Gran after this about them.

The smell of the meal was getting to me as I was hurrying down the steps. I don’t know what was it but I think I might be eating it a lot and like a pig.

“Eat up, child. We need all the strength that we can get to fight,” he said as he was looking at me when I was half my meal.

“Fight? What kind of fight? You know you can count on me,” I said as I was smiling at my grandpa. He smiled before he gestured me to eat more. I might press on him for the details of the fight. I have been waiting for so long to get my muscles moving.

I missed the adrenaline rush.

“He will not see you coming. He will not see it at all,” my grandpa said as I tilted my head at him before shrugging.

Maybe it’s one of his chants that I care less about.

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