Kasun's Kisses [ShadowPack #1]

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Chapter 10: The Truth

Marina Kasun’s POV

So, it seems like Caleb’s family and the pack have been accepting me as their own. I will be their next Luna for Christ’s sake, and I don’t know that fact until I went to visit my future in-laws and they were talking about it.

Caleb groaned most of the time because he said that he did not want to burden me with that. It was too soon and he was not having much fun yet with me. Let alone to let me in on that running the business show.

I was happy to say that I was not alone anymore. I was not viewed as someone vile and cold-stoned. I have a heart, turned out, and I just need to find the perfect person to fill that void inside me.

I was glad to meet Caleb and I have been happy to know that I will be with him for the rest of our lives and we will be together forever.

Well, that’s what I thought until I learned the truth that he killed my grandpa.

I was slamming the door opening of the house as Caleb has come to collect me. All the stuff has been moving to his room back in the packhouse but we still leave some furniture in case we need to get some privacy here.

But I think that idea just burned out in my head.

I was pacing back and forth in the backyard as I was trying to control my anger. Caleb was trying to calm me down inside by explaining but I was laughing bitterly at him that I cannot be in the same room with him right now.

“Marina, you know I don’t enjoy killing your grandpa,” Caleb said as he was standing at the door. He did not dare to come near me as he can sense I will kill him if he did. I laughed bitterly at his statement.

“Really? Then, how am I supposed to trust you? You killed my grandpa because you don’t enjoy it? Tell me the reason why?!” I demanded from him as he will not tell me the reason why. I needed to know. Not that I loved my grandpa but he was the only family I have.

“He was the one that crippled my father,” Caleb said as he was looking at me. I was confused with his confession before he sighed and wanted to come closer. I shook my head as I stepped back before he stared at me.

“When I was 18 years old, I was running along this woods. I came across your house but I did not know any better. Your grandpa has set up traps and traps around the woods to catch us. He drained our blood and made some kind of shit with it. I think he called it The Elixir of Life. It was sickening and I was about to be his next target if not for my father, I would be long dead,” he said as he was looking to the side, refused to look at me in the face.

“You mean the bloody red thingy in the small vials that he had was werewolf blood?” I asked him as I felt sick all of a sudden with this truth right now. He nodded.

“And when my father thought that he would be better off gone, we know something else as well,” Caleb said as he looked at me. I urged him to continue to tell me the truth as I wanted to know what was it.

“What is it? What was the truth?” I asked him. He sighed.

“He was one of the oldest werewolves on this island. He was considered an Elder and we were forbidden to kill an Elder,” he said as he was rubbing his face with his hand.

“So, why you kill him then? Why now?” I asked him. He turned to look at me before he closed his eyes and focused on me.

“He was from the old Council and this Council did not acknowledge him as an Elder. Hence, I can kill him,” he said as he was taking a seat at the stairs. His shoulders were stomped before he was raking his fingers through his hair.

I never know that my father was a werewolf. Maybe my family was werewolves but they never seem to change into a werewolf whenever there was a full moon. Caleb, as always, sensed my thoughts and answered my question for me.

“Why do you think they build this house in the middle of the woods?” He asked me and honestly, I never know. I know that my parents loved to go hunting in the woods whenever there was a full moon and maybe…

Then it hit me.

They have been coming here to run free and wild. I have not been a part of this hunting trip because my grandpa trained me to be something else. He always wanted more for me but right now, I can see all the reasons that were coming together.

I was left to my training because they thought I was not a werewolf.

“When was the first time should a werewolf started to shift?” I asked him as he was coming closer and closer to me now. He took my hand into his as he was kissing my knuckles.

“The first time should be around 16-18 years old. But I heard that your parents said that you were never shifted at that time. Until now,” he said as he was smirking at me. I narrowed my eyes at him before he hauled me up onto his torso. I wrapped my legs around him as he was carrying me inside the house again.

“What are you doing?” I asked him as he was looking at me smugly.

“Oh, you know the usual,” he said as he kicked the door opened and dumped me on the bed.

“But I don’t have any clothes here anymore. And do not rip my panties,” I said as I was warning him. He laughed at my statement before he was taking off his shirt and pulled down his sweatpants.

On second thought, I don’t mind him taking off everything.

“Now, strip for me, love,” he said as he was taking the hem of my shirt and pulled it out. I was shrugging it off before he went to my pants. I kicked it off my legs as he was kissing my jaws and neck before he went to my mark. He kissed and licked it. I shivered.

“Sure you mad at me again, love? You might be missing all of this,” he said as he was caressing his length that was in front of my stomach. I did not know what to say but gulped as his well-endowed cock was teasing me.

“Enough chit chat, just fuck me already,” I said as I was gripping his neck and pulled him down. I kissed him passionately before he broke the kiss.

“Not fucking, love, but making love,”

“Then, make love to me. Hurry!” I said before he aligned his dick with my core. I gasped as he thrust into my hole. I was moaning before I gripped him tighter.

“Yes, oh my God,” I said as I was moving in and out. Caleb hissed at me before he took my wrists and pinned me down. I was being held down as he was moving in and out of my feminine core. It was delicious and I think I loved it even more.

“Come with me, my love,” Caleb said as he was playing with my clit before he pinched it and I was moaning loudly and screamed his name.


My walls clenched around his length and I was on the wave of pleasure. I was happy and I think I have to tell him the good news.

“I’m pregnant,”

“I know,” he said before he kissed me again. I pushed him as I was looking at him.


“Your scent. You’re more alluring than usual and I think you want more sex as well,”

“Oh my God, you’re insane,”

“Only for you, my love,” he said before he made love to me again and again.

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