Kasun's Kisses [ShadowPack #1]

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Epilogue: Alone Time

5 years later

Marina Kasun’s POV

“Mummy, Ted is being mean to me,”

“No, I’m not,”

“Yes, you do,”

“No, I’m not,”

“Yes, you are,”

“Guys, if you don’t makeup before your dad is home, I will confiscate every technology in this house,” I said as I was doing something with the spatula. It has been 5 years since the triplets; Ted, Tony, and Tania have come to fill our house with joy.

We did not live at the packhouse anymore as my husband has been doing his Alpha duties and his father has stepped down last year. It was insane to think that I was a werewolf and I was living to the fullest of my life.

I also have forgotten my revenge and all that shit in the past as I have found my happiness. And that was Caleb and our triplets.

“Mommy, Tania has a crush on a boy,” Tony said as they were spatting at each other.

“Well, you like that girl, Danielle, Aunt Diana’s daughter,” Tania retaliated as she was sticking her tongue out at Tony. He growled before they were at it again. I wanted to facepalm but when the door opened, they stopped their bickering as they went to greet their dad.

“And just like that, they were angels again,” I mumbled before I was putting a smile on my face as Caleb was hugging his three musketeers.

“Hello, everyone. Have you been doing good with mummy today?” He asked as he was ruffling their hairs. They never let me do it.

“Yes, we have,” they said simultaneously.

“Good, now this is for you guys. Share it. And do not fight,” he said before the triplets were out of the living room to go to their game room.

“You bought another game for their PS4, did you?” I asked him as Caleb just shrugged at me. He has been in town to do some business with the locals and has not been home for the last two days.

“Come here to your man,”

“And what exactly that he bought me?” I asked as he was handing me a bag. I arched my eyebrow at him before I looked inside, I blushed. Caleb was smirking at me. I cleared my throat before I put the bag away.

“Do you like it?” He asked me as he drew me into his arms.

“Well, if I have to say so myself, you already know the answer did you not?” I said as I was playing with his chest. He laughed before he kissed me and I was snaking my hands around his neck to deepen the kiss but the kids were coming at us that I have to break it.

“Daddy, it did not work. Help us, help us,” Tania said as she was pulling Caleb to the gaming room.

“You go ahead, I will put this away then,” I said as I was slipping away from them. Let them have their fun with their daddy and tonight I will be having mine.

I was humming and doing some cooking as my in-laws will be coming for dinner. It was a tradition for us to have one night of the week for the big family reunion. Caleb’s parents have been living at their house that was not far from us but they loved to visit and play with their grandchildren.

Even though they were like the devils.

I was setting the table for dinner as well as the children. They loved to help out during that dinner since Caleb asked them to help me. They obeyed him but not when I was in charge.

“So, how’s the meeting went, son?” Dad asked Caleb as he was dabbing the napkin to his mouth.

“Well, everything runs smoothly. The other elders were considering joining all the pack under one council but they stick to their Alphas as usual. And I think Shadow pack will be the next leader for next year’s meeting,” Caleb said as I was helping the kids to eat properly. They were being messy but I guess that just kids being kids.

“And what about you, Marina? Got anything plans for the weekends?” Mum asked me as I was looking at Caleb. He smirked at me.

“Well, if you have, we will take care of the kids if you like. You know some ‘me time’ with your husband,” Mum said as she was smiling innocently at me but I know that woman was planning something wicked.

“I…I don’t—”

“Well, that was a great idea. Kids, what would you say to stay at Grandpa and Grandma’s house tonight until Sunday?” Dad asked my kids as they were cheering happily. I closed my eyes before they went with their grandparents to pack for their stay.

“Now, isn’t it nice? Just two of us, washing and drying the plates together,” Caleb said as he was bumping his ass at me. I sighed as I know exactly what he wanted me to do with him and now the kids were gone, we have the whole house to ourselves.

“Honey,” I said as I dried my hands on the towel before I turned to look at him seductively.

“Yes, dear?” He asked as his eyes darkened with desire. I smirked at him before I was biting my lower lips.

“Do you think it’s wise to let them go away?” I asked him as I was batting my eyelashes at him.


“And what will do about it if I missed them?” I said as I was pouting at him. He smirked before he pulled my wrist and kissed the palm of my hand.

“I have a few suggestions to make you forget,” he said wickedly.

“Such as?” I baited him as I was tilting my head, showing him his mark, his claim, his mate.

“Why are you being such a tease, Mrs. Andino?”

“I don’t know, maybe because you haven’t fulfilled your promise yet,” I said as I batted my eyelashes at him again. He growled before he pulled me closer and kissed me hard on the lips.

“Now, you will pay for that,”

“Oh, I bet you wanted to,” I said as he hauled me up and I was wrapping my legs around his torso. His erection was tight against his sweatpants.

“Living room or bedroom?”

“You don’t think the neighbor will hear us if we do it downstairs?”

“Good point, a bedroom it is,” he said as he was stepping on the stairs, two steps at a time.

He dumped me on the mattress as he was straddling me onto the top of his. He took off his clothes and I was being released from my clothes as well.

“I love you, you know that?” He said as he was kissing my neck as he aligned himself with my core.

“I always have, now fu—no I mean, make love to me,”

“With pleasure,” he said as he thrust into me and we both on the wave of ecstasy.


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